Friday, June 15, 2012

Repeat offender...

So even though I'm doubling up on Buggy Items I've already done once, I'm still counting them as more checked off!!

Hot yoga last night was awesome, as always.  And by always, I mean the first time I went and this time.

Had to skip a few poses that weren't too kosher for an injured tendon...
No bueno for a thigh/groin tendon injury!

Same cool yoga instructor, same cool young crowd (bit of whiplash from the granny-populated aqua cardio!)

Same cool words coming from said yoga instructor:

"You are your own healer."

"No one else can do this for you."

No, it didn't make me feel alone in this struggle.  It made me feel empowered. 
It made me realize that while NOTHING ELSE is really in my control, this at least is.

Every week I feel so refreshed walking out of there - not just sweating out all that crap and toxins, but cleaning out my mind, too.

So I was all well and ready to attack sushi and cocktails. 
With a friend who has a 1.5 month old who dominates her every waking minute and spoken word (and who can blame her??)

My Muffin* was there too, all the way from NYC!  And apperently, we picked a good night to hit up this joint - it was...

$6 Martinis made it VERRRRY easy to fulfill another Buggy Item - new martinis I've never tried!

I acknowledge, it was a very risky decision, and I was very unsure if it would payoff - a Strawberry & BASIL Martini.

OH.. EM... GEE.  It was soooo good, I decided to make it my second "new" martini too, and just pretended I had something else to drink first...

Mommy friend pulled me aside as we were leaving, and apologized for only being able to talk about her newborn baby (which of course, wasn't even true! We had great conversation all night long!)

But I thought it was very sensitive of her, and told her I'd definitely feel comfortable telling her to shut her pie hole if it ever got on my nerves.

We're good like that.

**In other news!! E and I are starting a serious search for a little girl dog to adopt!  I've filled out a few applications for foster organizations with specific dogs I've already fallen in love with, of course.  And this weekend (our first *gasp* FREE weekend?!) we're hopefully hitting up a few local shelters (ok not so local, 30+ minutes away) to check out some rescues!

Our doggy's gonna have a girlfriend!!

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  1. A few things:
    1. Hot yoga scares me but I'm so glad you're loving it!
    2. Martini + delish = where do I sign up?
    3. I hope you find a dog that you love this weekend! I'm trying to talk B into letting us get pets but I think he's poo-pooing the idea for now. *pouts*