Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A laugh at last...

After a crappy morning - where it was just one thing after another - I finally got a really good smile, and a laugh, out of this:

So - the turquoise is officially BUH-BYE from the nursery, and we are painting bathroom tonight!

REAALLY funny convo E and I just had about paint today (backstory is the paint store royally screwed up one color... Like, we wanted THIS:
And instead we got this:
 So I asked E if he was able to get to the store today and what happened...

ME: you go back to the paint store today?
E**:  yea
the guy was pissed
but gave me the paint
and i cock slapped him
and ran out laughing hysterically
until i rem i forgot the paint and had to go back and get it

...aaaand I said how embarassed he must have been. lol

It feels like this will never all be done... we've turned into this guy when it comes to finishing up the bathroom and nursery...
Progress pictures to come soon...

(and speaking of pictures - We took our what-was-supposed-to-be-weekly-but-is-now-monthly bump shots over the weekend, and I had so much fun looking back at the 20-24week pictures and remember thinking at the time how "Big" the bump was getting... ha!)

Some silly shots from 17weeks and 31w2d...

P.S. ((OH YEA! and Happy 1 year Blogversary to me last Thursday!!!!))

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Rain, Rain - I guess you can stay...

...because otherwise, all I'd do today is attend BBQs and sit and suntan.

But because its raining and BBQs are no fun in the rain, I set my to-do list for today:

1. Get out and buy mom's bday gift
2. Get to post office (by noon) and mail mom's bday gift
3. Tape (a tedious first step when painting) the nursery
4. Get in about 1-2 hours of work (booo -I have a big audit due Monday - yes Monday, don't they know its Memorial Day?!)
5. Get in a 30-min session of prenatal yoga with the awesome DVD my SIL gave me

Aaaaand here's what I've done so far today:

** Had a leisurely breakfast followed by a cup of tea while reading my current NookBook (and browsing through a Benjamin Moore paint palette trying to find nursery colors...)

** Moved some small stuff away from the walls in the nursery and taped - until I ran out of tape (got about half the room done)
(we started to prime parts that didn't need taping the other night, when we had the primer and brush already out from bathroom work...)
And speaking of bathroom: (respectively - the view from the hallway, the future location for our double vanity, and the water-proof red stuf needed for the shower... whatever it's called. E knows all this crap lol)

((tile is ordered and tile installer-people will be here next Friday, so painting WILL be done by then!  We even decided - FOR SURE, because I'm the type to reconsider, and reconsider again - on our colors last night! Then "all that's left" - ha - will be getting the vanity + countertop delivered and installed, having the custom (i.e. $$$) glass shower doors delivered and installed, install toilet, order and install sink faucets + shower head, install light fixtures, and the final touches - towels and accessories! Gee - that's all that's left?! whew...))

**Something else I also got done today - a decision was made to procrastinate on the MomBday tasks... (Her birthday isn't for another week, plenty of time for a very small package to be mailed on Tuesday, right??)
Plus I just don't want to shower and put on real clothes, i.e. not my PJs, right now... You can't quite call it lazy because, hello - I just spent an hour working in the nursery! and will continue taping (E text me from a repair-day at our shore-house in Seaside Heights to tell me we have more tape in the bathroom!)
And maybe yoga, if I feel like it later - And I have a hot date tonight with my bff Dani!

Signing off (otherwise I'll sit and waste hours on the internet and there goes my semi-productive Saturday...) at 31w2d: (*and OMG don't mind the hot mess on, and in front of, my dresser... lol)

((((AAAAND GO Pregnancy brain.  I just remembered the post office trip had a dual purpose... I am getting two of E's fire department shirts made into onesies as a Father's Day gift, and I was supposed to mail them to the E.tsy vendor today.... and the post office closed 3 minutes ago.  F*$!%#))))

Monday, May 20, 2013

I blacked out, what just happened?

Item - Just got back (yesterday) from an AWESOME weekend at Lake George:
Sign of a great weekend - flip flop tans!
Another good sign - pooped doggies (see Rocco way up top?)
*I'll do a L.G. post later, filled with good pics from my GOOD camera (i.e. not my cell phone)

Item - After getting home yesterday, we rocked it: I got 3 loads of laundry done, and we primed (first coat) the bathroom (pics to follow...)

Item - I feel like I had a bunch of things to post this a.m. and now my brain's farting. 

So that's kind of it - got a crazy week at work coming up, but mostly free (so far) evenings that I'm sure will quickly fill up with things like glass-shower-door-guy coming to spec out, and painting (bathroom and nursery) and getting invites mailed out for a bridal shower that I'm a bridesmaid for (shower is just two weeks before EDD - we'll see how THAT goes... lol)

ok, one last item - how trippy is this?!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

a Pictorial...

I'd like to present my photo-essay of a 3hr GTT:

Blood draw #1

The First Hour
Click Click Click

Blood draw #2

The Second Hour 
Blood Draw #3

The Third Hour


And baby is all:

At laaaaaast: Blood Draw #4
and yes, I think I did make this face...see why:
"Bloody hell!"


(Translation - I nailed the 3hr GTT test today - was told results would be in by Monday...)

Oh.  And today marks exactly one year from The Appointment.  I've been very occupied with work, occupied with bathroom remodel, getting ready for upcoming vaca (Lake George for four days!), excited to see baby boy (in 3D again!) at a last-minute elective u/s tomorrow - which all means I've been too busy to dwell, which I am ok with.
I am so grateful to be where I am, one year later.
And I probably won't get a chance to blog/stop-and-think tomorrow, but it will mark exactly one year from the d&c:

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Spoke too soon.

So the whole NoNews thing with my doctor's office?

apparently it actually equals Nurse-Is-Too-Lazy-to-Call/Test-Results-REALLY-took-that-long?!

Due to "slightly elevated levels" from the 1hr test, I have to do the 3hr GTT tomorrow morning at 8:15am...


Although, yes I know -  just because I failed the 1hr does not mean GD.  I'm just bitching...

and running off to PotteryBarnKids to check out some cribs.

C'est tous.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Post-Mother's Day Musings...

After spending yesterday rolling my eyes at the (unintentionally) cruel FBook statuses of "You don't know true love until you're a mother!"** followed by - "I became a mother when I looked into my babies' eyes" and "Happy Mother's day to all my moms out there!" I've decided I'm still not sold on this day, another Hallmark payday...
**I see these throughout the year, they are the worst thing ever written and are complete and total bullshit and I will never, ever post anything as cruel as this. (If I do, slap me upside the head and ask, seriously?!)

You see, last year - Mother's Day was the last day I was blissfully unaware that my body no longer held two beating hearts.  Literally the last day.

Monday morning I called out of work, and called into the doctor, freaked out by brown spotting and the drop of symptoms I finally found myself acknowledging.
24 hours after I sat and opened up a "Mother-to-be" card with family, I sat on a table with cold u/s gel running down my side, and warm tears running down my face. 

This Wednesday will mark exactly one year... 
So this Mother's Day, I was (and am) especially and acutely aware of fellow loss-moms: whether they have outside rainbow babies, or whether they're daring to dream for an EDD that's around the corner, or whether they're ticking down days until a big milestone - halfbaked, 2nd/3rd tri, or biggest yet - a previous loss milestone...
Or whether they're staring in shock (exuberance, hope, can't-breathe-ness) at two pink lines...
Or whether they're reading friends' Fbook statuses and cringing, crying and wondering WHEN THE HELL IS IT MY TURN?!

It's now - a mother is created not at a delivery, and not when she peers into her offspring's eyes - but the instant when she begins to love, even more than herself, another being- an idea, a dream. 
When she sees two pink lines...
When she stays up late with a sick dog (here's to my fur-mommas!) and worries HERSELF sick...
When she loves and cares for someone else's children as if they were her own...

(I feel like this sounds like one of those Budlight commercials - "Here's to you, guy-who-changes-the-score-board, without you - we wouldn't know what the score was!")

But - here's to my mommas who know that, despite the stupid things people post, they already know true love. 

Saturday, May 11, 2013

More Items than a shopping list...

Item - my older dog, the lovely just-turned-seven white terror, is PISSING ME OFF by pissing all over the house.  Like on my vaccuum.

Item - I went to... perform some tweezer maintenance, if you will, on a small mole I have on my chin to keep myself from looking like my grandmother...
...when I discovered a blonde hair... at LEAST 2 inches long.

Item - I played it safe last night, eating vodka sauce wearing a *gasp* white tank top, and wore a towel as a bib.  Except the one square centimeter I didn't get covered, OF COURSE, got slopped with sauce.  f*ck me, right?

Item - My lovely OB/GYN office is a "NoNews=GoodNews" kind of office, so I'm assuming, having not heard a peep since the 1hr GTT over a week ago, that I passed... Except I still have the lovely bruise from the second blood draw:

Item - going to see my lovely Muffin in NYC today and it's raining, so no sun-bathing in Central Park - BOOOOO

Item - Shade.com had (still has??) 50% off maternity and I got the following LOOT (for all under $50):
Click Click Click
Click Click Click

Item - Yesterday finally started to calm down at work: new assistant is showing alot of long-run potential and I actually walked out of work before 6! Aaaand then I spent all night dreaming about work.  In particular, that I came in the day after firing Old Assistant and she was back and I yelled at her and was like, GTFO!

So, it's Saturday - life is crazy as always.  The spackler is here (for day two of) bathroom spackling.  We're placing our tile order today and are waiting for quotes from tile-people (professionals to actually tile the bathroom because 1- E is ready to hang up his tool belt after 10+ weeks of doing it all himself, and 2- we don't want to mess around with tiling things that need to be waterproof like our shower...)
We'll probably hit Home Depot soon for paint... (maybe Lowes - "maybe both, I don't know - I don't know if we'll have enough time..." **10 pts to who can guess the movie quote**)

And one last item - my SIL's friends have two boys (6ish and 3ish) and they just gave us BAGFULS of 18mo-3T clothes... so much that I don't think I'll ever have to buy pants or shorts for baby boy until he's 5!

(and here's a peek at baby boy, 29weeks...)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

*pant Pant* I'm here!

bullets - because it's MAD CRAZY in life right now...

Item - I fired my assistant Friday (had been building  up) so, the replacement started yesterday (hence craziness in training, AND trying to get my stuff done during a busy time of the month)

Item - bathroom is coming along nicely (I will post pictures soon, promise) it's time to tile (going tomorrow night to pick it all out) and install new windows (installer is coming Friday night) and to clean out the nursery (E started the other day, all his tools are officially back in the man cave work bench in the basement).  We still need to pick out paint (for both bathroom and nursery...)
We.  Will.  GET IT DONE!

Item - Found a crib we both liked from BRU.  It's discontinued.  There's not a model to be found at any BRU's....

Item - we found a different crib we liked (a very close second anyways) from BRU.   It's ALSO DISCONTINUED.... mother f*#$cker

Item - After being reminded by a friend that her friend works at Pottery Barn Kids and gets 40% off, we found a THIRD crib (fingers crossed) that we like (ok that I like, E probably doesn't care at this point...) I just need to go in person next Tuesday to pick between the oyster (antique) white and natural pine...

Item - E is insisting on the Baby Basics class... so a "professional" (what the hell gives them that status?!) will tell us their opinions on how/when to do this/that... (Can you tell I don't think we need this class?) And it's not pride getting in the way - I definitely think there's alot to learn, but while the "professional" is telling you it's best to say, let them cry it out  - maybe your baby has colic or something that needs treatment!  (Off to class we go tonight...)

Item - I'm a bridesmaid in a friend's wedding, and the fBFF is one as well - and she's insisting on doing everything tacky and cheap-as-possible (ugh) and is complaining about the price of things (like $50 for shower invitations, and then chipping in for the bridal party gift of an iPad - split between 8 girls...) seriously?! 

So, we're doing good - me and baby boy... busy, but we're here and still good.  Just being a horrible blog-commenter... Hopefully things (at work at least) will calm down soon and I can catch up on blogs when I should be working (as usual.)

OH - also, 7 years ago today I played doggie-midwife to my parents' Jack Russel Terrier, and was introduced to this fellow - HAPPY 7th BIRTHDAY ROCCO! (My true "first born." lol)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

hey, Snuffle-snores-alot!!

Poor E - has some kind of sinus infection (he thinks it's from the bathroom work, getting something up his nose/in his eyes... lol)

but it makes him SNORE. EVERY. MORNING. (he might snore through the night too, but if he does, I'm thankfully too asleep to hear it...)

I feel bad that he's congested, he's on a Z-pack (antibiotic) for it now (and on top of it all, has to get a root canal in the next week, so there's a tooth ache WITH the congestion) but - OMFG, I CAN'T. STAND.  SNORING!!!

(My last boyfriend before E was a snorer, but only when on his side (like, when we spooned/cuddled) so I sacrificed that quickly for a good night's sleep...)

I just hope this Z-pack knocks it out soon so I can have my alarm-snoozing mornings back...

So tomorrow's 28weeks, where, should baby boy come way before we're ready, March of Dimes has the survival rate at 90-95%...
I know Viability (24weeks) is a big milestone that alot of PgALers can't wait to pass, it's crazy to realize that while it is such a big milestone, the survival rate was still not great... like 90% great...

But baby - keep on baking!
yesterday at 27w5d
(I think I've crossed over to the constantly-over-heated phase...)

 Tomorrow morning (at 8am!) is my 1 hr GTT, followed by my 28w checkup (it's actually DURING the 1hour wait for the blood draw) but it's my first appointment in a while that is during u/s hours so I might beg & plead nicely ask mention the possibility of getting an u/s...
Fasting starts tonight at midnight (ugh!)
Wish me luck tomorrow!