Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Catching Up... Kind of

There was this nice and neat list of stuff to post about, all ready in a drafted post... but since blogger just decided to DELETE that list.. (THANKS BLOGGER!!!!!!) it's going to have to be mostly by memory, triggered by the pictures I had queued up!
(but seriously, EFF YOU blogger...)

So here goes, the last few weeks (months?!) in a nutshell:

We found Ben's costume (despite all wishy-washy day dreams of making a costume from scratch, one worth of a Pinterest-home-Page-Pin!) at Walmart!

(Ben had lots of fun shopping, and in fact tried loading half the toy aisle into his cart...)

We spent weekends with cousins at our favorite play gym - and it's our favorite because they serve Starbucks!!!

We prepared for Halloween WAY early... (like, I started buying candy the end of September - no it didn't last - and we carved on only the second weekend of October... I'll spare you images of the sad sacks our pumpkins turned into after the gorgeous late summer weather we had that wilted our leering Jack-O-Lanterns...)
Mickey pumpkin for Button!

I road-raged my ass off to get to Ben's daycare in time for his Halloween parade (I made it to the middle of the parking lot, discovered the first batch of Infant 2 kids had gone - started to cry when I thought I'd missed him ((seriously Kate? It's just a Halloween parade!)) then jumped for joy when E mouthed to me from his spot on the parade route (around the little enclosed playground...) "He's in the second group from Infant Two - haven't come out yet!")

 (cutest thing, his hesitancy at the whole she-bang, and then the shy smile when he realized we were there watching..... #meltingheart)

I cooked some awesome Food.  On Fridays.  (and also throughout the week...)
yummy Pasta Carbonara! (E hates peas, remember?! and so his looked really plain and not colorful...)
I had a half can of condensed (evaporated? I confused the two...) milk left over from the cream carbonara sauce, so I'd decided to make caramel sauce out of for some caramel corn! Well, the only microwave popcorn we had was kettle corn, so I had to even pop corn the old fashioned way...
I horribly burnt the first batch (see pic) as the oil was WAY too hot... but you can see (pic 2) I finally got the hang of it!  (I ended up eating just a few pieces, bagged the rest - and promptly threw it all away a week later...)
Some ground beef, Italian-seasoned bread crumbs, and spinach made for some yummy stuffed shells - Button couldn't get enough!

Also -
I wore clothes.  
On Wednesdays.. (and also throughout the week!)
My new favorite outfit:
(The plaid shirt is actually E's couin's... borrowed. I'm probably going to just offer to buy it from her at this point... lol)

I started making some really cool shit.  (and still haven't finished it... But I totally lay that blame on E - he said he didn't trust the hanging hooks that were currently on the shelf and insists they be replaced! I'm still waiting for him, weeks later...)

And you remember the groom whose Montreal Bachelor Party ended up with just one attendee and his bro-in-law?
Well we dropped Ben off (for the night!) at Grandma's, and went to the wedding where we made friends with our table-mates: laughed about kids eating poop (theirs!) and kids getting tongued by dogs (ours!) and got deliciously toasted.

It was fun.


You're caught up.

See you next month!!! =P

((just kidding... I was serious about the whole I'm going to try to stop sucking at blogging! thing on Friday!!))

((and I also just remembered/found pictures from our Pumpkin Patch visit! I'll have to continue with Halloween 2014 next post, cuz I also just found pictures from the KICK-ASS cookies I made for Button's party...))

Friday, November 14, 2014

The Power of Word...

not really in the biblical sense, or in the Microsoft Office sense, but in the "Get Free Shit" way!

I hope you readers are around the right age (or at least in the same age RANGE as me) that you remember this movie??
(OMG I just aged myself. lol)
If you do know the movie, you'll remember the scene where someone's sunglasses broke, and so as a writing project the entire class wrote letters of complaint - and because they were well written (I use that term loosely!) they received a large box of free sunglasses from the manufacturer!

Well - I get a BirchBox monthly.  And when you leave a quick review for any or all of the 5 products you receive, you get 10 BirchPoints.  Every 100 points you earn equals $10 off a purchase.  And once you hit 500 for the calendar year, you become a member of the Aces Program!

I got an email recently with a subject line of "November UnBoxed" - which contains, according to the subject line, all the November products and the links to leave reviews (for points!) So I avoided opening until my November box showed up - I hate spoilers and love the surprise of opening the box!
Well I opened the email this morning - it was for the OCTOBER products, and the time frame to leave reviews FOR POINTS has passed. BOO!

Queue up the Well-Written Customer Service email...

AAAAAAND I got my 50 Birch Points! =P

the power of Word!

(I suck at blogging, this I know.  work was crazy, psycho assistant left (thank god!) and new person started - who is AWESOME SO FAR!)  Week days are Lather,RinseRepeat with Ben, daycare, work, daycare, home... I live for the weekends, not to sleep in, but to party with this animal:
(Wacky Wednesday at daycare!)

All this to say, I'll do my best to stop avoiding posting because it's been too long - because then it just gets to be longer, and then I feel even worse and avoid it more - it's a vicious cycle!