Tuesday, September 20, 2016

IN&Out Day

One more look back - 39 weeks ago, Ms. Mack was at 39weeks gestation and was ready to come into the world!

Today is Ms. Mack's In&Out Day!!!

(In&Out Day, which makes me think of burgers, mmmmm, is the day that Ms. Mack has been "on the outside" for as long as she was "on the inside" - check out Ben's here!)

Friday, September 16, 2016


My grandparents were here last weekend for two nights, on their way through as they drove from Texas to Maine... (yes, DROVE... they are 81 and 79, and because my grandfather spent decades as a pilot for a commercial airlines, he hates refuses to fly as a passenger, and so - they. drive.)

They had such a good time with the kiddos (first time meeting Ms. Mack!) and it was the first quiet night (E was out of town watching the rocket launch in Florida) and the kids had just gone to bed - so we sat on the couch with a few glasses a bottle of wine, and talked - about my sister and her pending divorce (OMG have I told you guys about that?!) and about breastfeeding (my mom, her daughter, breastfed 3 babies - my grandmother breastfed a bit here and there amongst 5 babies...) and then (somehow) we talked about E's aunt who works in obstetrics, and told me recently that she had a patient come Thursday before Labor Day and had "fetal demise" - had to deliver her baby stillborn...

And then my grandmother, an only child, told me that her mother (forever and always formally called "Mother," as her generation was raised so...) - she told me that my great-grandmother had a stillborn before delivering her baby daughter... a little boy born silently into this world...

It was my first time in 31 years hearing that my grandmother was not an only child... and hearing it now as a mother myself, my heart broke for a loss that happened decades ago, the same as it broke when the ultrasound tech at The Appointment shared with me about her 5-month-pregnancy loss, that happened 20+ years ago...

These women (and soooo many others) carry their losses with them for life - and I am so grateful for the women I've met who so graciously shared their stories, mostly, I think, as reassurance and empathy after my miscarriage... as a "you are not alone" arm around the shoulders:

A hug from our across-the-street-neighbor, a woman with three grown boys, who had a miscarriage between each and every pregnancy...

A comforting squeeze from a friend of my SIL - who I can even remember seeing with her husband at a summer party just a few days/weeks after their miscarriage (also around 12 weeks, if I remember correctly) wondering, not having any idea, how they could feel, and be at a party... how I wondered what to say - act is if it never happened? - I know now... (hopefully I gave her a good squeeze, and stuck to the I'm so sorry...)

So much love from my MIL, who had a miscarriage, followed by her third child, a sweet baby boy, who didn't see his first birthday, after a fight with childhood leukemia (I still find I remind myself of that - this woman, who can sometimes seem so ditsy and loopy, has suffered through burying her child YEARS before someone "should" be buried...)

I don't always remember to remember dates from my first ill-fated pregnancy - the date of loss passing quickly in a blur of calendar days crossed off work-week by work-week... or the due date that, should "everything have gone to plan," we could expect to head off to the hospital and meet our new little...

This November 30th will mark the 4th year that the date came and went... the first year I was so grateful, but fraught with nerves as I marked "34 weeks left!",  to be expecting a new little sweet pea. The next year, life didn't even pause, as we traveled cross-country with our adorable 4-month-old Button... and the third year? even busier - in fact, too busy to blog, so Halloween (daycare parties to bake for, costumes to shop for, pumpkins to carve) wasn't posted on until December!
(I guess it's another look-back post... lol)

All that to say, this year will most likely be similar - we'll be just past a flurry of Thanksgiving festivities: fighting with homemade lattice-work crusts for the in-high-demand-by-FIL apple-pie, trying to keep over-zealous in-laws from feeding Ms. Mack food in sizes/chunks she's not ready for yet (but might be soon! First tooth breaking through any hour now!) and glutton-ing ourselves until we're too full to do anything but loll in front of the TV...

some famous quote - If you are constantly looking back, you're going to miss what's right in front of you... (or something like that! you get the sentiment!)
I guess I've been doing a decent job of looking forward, and not back...

Just like the women who shared with me, I will be busy with life, and my living children, the day-to-day banality of work, dogs, chores and hobbies; yet every once in awhile, I'll give myself a squeeze, think of the ultrasound picture tucked away in my nightstand, and toss up an I'll love you forever! to the sky, letting it float off my finger tips, before I turn and help Button wipe his tush once more... (ha!)

Thursday, September 15, 2016

copy-cat look-back

Because I'm bored at work (boss is out today and tomorrow...) and should not, under any circumstances be buying more LuLaRoe (it starts with staying off the BuySellTrade page!!! and - well, I bought another Cassie and a pair of leggings last night.... -_- ) I'm instead blogging...

A cool look back, at this time one year ago (to be exact, September 14, 2015) when I was 25 weeks pregnant with little Ms. Mack, wondering if she would, like her big brother, also make her entrance to the world with no regard to schedules and appointments (yup!)

And then, at this time two years ago (September 15, 2014) when I was enjoying what I thought was a crazy- and fun-filled life (oh past-K, wait til you have two kids!) with a 14-month-old, saying/hearing things I never thought I'd say/hear (like "Button, get your fingers out of the dog's eyeballs!")

Even farther back, three years ago - I apparently was too crazy in September of 2013 to post anything - I guess having a 2 month old can do that to you... my return to blogger-existence finally came on October 3, 2013 when I word-vomited how I became an Exclusive Pumper and told tales of our trip into NYC to visit a neurologist to make sure Button's funny-little egg-head was just that, a funny shape, and not anything more serious that may require a helmet (it wasn't - no helmet, and a fabulous dome now on top of Button's shoulders!)

And whole four years ago (holy cow... FOUR YEARS?! I've been revealing details of my life (like when E learned about menstrual cycles?!) for over four years?!) - a whole four years ago, I was two months into TTCAL (and one cycle away from Button's conception, little did I know) and was desperate for a peek into the future...

I couldn't even have dreamed back then where I'd be in four years - yet here I am, September 15, 2016 one day away from a weekend with no plans - a weekend to spend all day(s) with my two babies...

Happy almost-Friday!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Balancing Mom Hacks...

Listen - you've gotten find balance in life... and I feel like I've finally found/accepted that in the last few weeks...

like Monday evening after I got home with the kiddos and we were waiting for Daddy to get home from work - some nights I would plop Ms. Mack in the highchair with some puffs, and Button would get into all kinds of crap play in the living room while I cleaned up the kitchen a little and got dinner going...

instead, that night, we had a rocking dance party...
the play list?
"I Like to Move It (Move It)" 

and "Everybody Dance Now" by C&C Music factory

 and "Who Let the Dogs Out"

let's just say my white girl moves totally came out...

and I totally attempted this...

(and boy, Button went down for bed later like a DREAM... we were all worn out!)

But really - I've accepted that clean clothes will sit in folded piles (eventually I go through them and they're all in the hamper again anyways!) in favor of reading the second Outlander book (or watching another episode!)

Or the dishes in the sink will sit for one more day in favor of crocheting another square for Ms. Mack's blanket (my goal is to have it finished by Christmas... with over 2 seasons of Outlander to watch, it shouldn't be hard!)

Balance - work hard (from the hours of 9-5 and then some (at home), of course) and play hard!

Some other Mom Hacks that can help you find balance (or just help you do the fun stuff and skip the work part!):

1. If you're like me and become a whirling tasmanian devil during the get-ready-for-work/daycare morning craziness, a good time-saving tip was to send Ms. Mack to daycare in her PJs... hear me out - the night before, just dress baby in a clean onesie and pants that can pass for clothes...
The next morning, you can go straight to daycare after a diaper change!

2. (stealing from the internet) trying to get the house cleaned in the 5 minutes you have before family comes over??

3. speaking of baskets... BUY ALL THE BASKETS (like when Michaels has a sale!!) It makes the tornado-clean-up so much easier... we have a basket for little boy toys, a basket for little girl toys, a basket for big Daddy shoes, a basket for Mommy shoes, a basket for - you get the idea, right?

4. A recently discovered one: scrub your tub while giving baths - you're already in there on your hands and knees - have Daddy take the clean kiddos and do a really quick scrub!

Friday, September 9, 2016

Wardrobe update...

because, well .... I bought some more LLR...

like, 5 more pieces... yes. in one week...

This is it though... no more... (I already feel the "BUY BUY BUY" urge dying away, accepting that when someone else snagged the $10 EUC leggings (TEN FRIGGIN DOLLARS... biotch) just 1 minute before I posted, that it wasn't meant to be - a sign from the LLR Gods that I have BOUGHT.. E.. NUFF.

So, what did I buy?

Well... I spotted these really cute XOXO Valentine leggings, but they had been sold via private message on (TheFacePage) and I was all, "I officially have a unicorn*!"
(*a unicorn is a LLR term for someone's GOTTA-HAVE-THAT item, whether leggings, dress or shirt, in a certain pattern)
So I posted in the B/S/T group about it, and within minutes someone had told me they have the XOXO leggings - and who would it be but the girl I bought my Madison from! She sold them to me for just $22 shipped - they're BrandNewWithTags as you can see!
These pretty gals should be arriving in the mail today!

And then there was a cute Aztec-sleeved Randy (baseball-T) that I snagged about two weeks ago, that there was a miscommunication/misspelling for invoicing/paypal payment that finally got squared away (no picture, it was too long ago that I commented sold, I couldn't find the post!) and that, too, should be arriving any day (oh boy, I can only imagine the mail waiting at the house... lol) I got this for only $17 shipped!

And speaking of fun fall Aztec prints, I found EUC (excellent used condition) leggings for only $12 shipped!

Couldn't pass those up at all!!

I can already picture these with over-the-knee light brown boots, and a big oversize cream cable knit sweater...

too bad it's still in the 90's this week!!!

During another clearance sale somewhere I snagged a solid teal Cassie for only $14 shipped!!
will go with everything! 
ooo but I just envisioned a tucked-in chambray... 

and another one I'm excited for this fall: a solid burgundy Azure (for just $19 shipped!) that I could tell was getting close to selling (three others quickly posted "next" after I claimed it!)
The Azure is a great light cotton A-line twirly-swirly skirt with a fold over waist that can totally be pulled up high over a tank and belted with boots, or worn low and over the knee

And really, I only bought all this (after I said I was done) because I sold a bunch:
my teal with yellow arrows Cassie, the black lacy Cassie went in a package deal with the large Julia... I got an offer and sold the B&W polka dot Cassie I had been debating on (made $7 on it!) and am also awaiting the exchanged Irma-for-ClassicT!

I also sold (last night!) the royal blue Nicole - except, lost $4 in the deal - I just ran out at lunch to the post office and shipped it, damn the textured Nicole weights alot... cost over $9 to ship!!! UGH

So, that's it... no more buying unless it's CHEAP - like, wholesale prices - and something I already have matching accessories/articles and can make multiple outfits with!

I also bagged up a huge amount of regular and maternity clothes to try to sell to thredUP... I figured it's stuff I was getting rid of anyways, even if it gets me $30 for the whole bag (there's alot there!) hey, why not?

I've also sold about $60 worth of maternity clothes, and have someone coming this weekend to check out a set lot of Ms. Mack's 3-6M clothes (a momma who is due this winter! maybe we can make the season sales a regular thing as the babes both grow! lol)

Now - I was up late last night (1am!!!) cleaning house because my grandparents are rolling into town to stay two nights with us - E has been in FL since Wednesday to catch last night's rocket launch with his dad, and will return tomorrow midday...
so I'm a bit tired, and need to snap to it and hopefully leave work a little early today to have just a bit of a breather before the G'rents arrive (my grandfather is very punctual, having been a commercial airline pilot for years and will no doubt have his arrival timed to the minute, pulling up in front of my house at the 5:30 time I mentioned to them two weeks ago as the time I get home from wrok...)

Happy Friday!!

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Wednesday Wardrobe Upheaval!

yea, that new fad that's going around?

where people are spending $100+ on pair of LEGGINGS?

I've been knocked upside the head with it - and now own, wait for it please... 27 pieces of LuLaRoe clothing...

And now that I have nearly one of every item they make (except the guy stuff), I am finally able to try and remind myself to keep it relative - while I might spot a LLR Amelia dress (or Irma/ClassicT) for only $50 ($15 off retail!!!) and think, ZOMG I MUST BUY THAT! I remember that, were I to see the same dress on the rack at a store that I might frequent such as TJMaxx, I totally would be like - meh, not worth it....

with that said, here's my most recent wardrobe revamp (and, I guess, the money I spent on it... lol)

it all started (innocently enough - and I can't even remember at all how I first heard of it, or found the two local consultants I first bought from) with a pair of leggings and two skirts...
In fact, I was so new to it all - I had NO IDEA there were THOUSANDS of other consultants out there with different inventory... so I settled for the classic striped pencil skirt (STILL LOVE!) and floral leggings (trying to sell, if they don't sell I guess I'll keep, I've worn once or twice...) and floral pencil skirt (seen above as a shirt!) which I've sold... (I bought based on the small inventory from one consultant... lol boy have my horizons broadened...)

My next piece was a pair of leggings that a friend of mine got for free at a group meeting and then gave to me... (which I've honestly sold... weren't quite my type...)

My blinders were still on at this point, and I was unaware of the vast sea of LLR to choose from, so my next Cassie skirt was from a BuySellTrade group within a Parenting/PregnancyLoss/EverythingBaby message forum I'm on...
I like this skirt alot, I haven't worn it yet - and have listed it a few times to sell (just under retail, which is about what I paid for it) but each time I check it out, hanging in the guest bedroom with my SellStash, I like it a little bit more and more... and can see it with some brown boots and a sweater this winter... so.
I might keep that one... UPDATE: just got an offer on this an the blue Nicole (below!) woot!

and then, I found the MotherShip... er - the MotherGroup? -  a BST group on ThatFacePage now brings me giveaways, clearance sales, bargain bins, going-out-of-business blow-outs (seriously - with so many consultants "on-boarding" (joining the craze) the market is going to be SO saturated very soon, so I'll take advantage of any kind of sale - any way to avoid paying anywhere near retail!)

About the time I made my first purchase from the page, I won a giveaway!!! (I never win anything! I even repeated that to E 10 times in bed one morning upon waking and checking my phone (yes. first thing I do. sigh) and seeing my name tagged in a post announcing a winner!)
ohmyGAWD sorry for the sideways/slant. lol
I won a Lindsey - their loose-jacket-cardigan. As you can seen, I've worn it once, and recently photographed it to list and sell... those things go for $48 at retail and I honestly have a striped long cardigan (as well as a million other cardigans) and, well - as you'll see below - I could use some money back... lol

Around the same time, I cracked open the vault of LLR-craziness...
The first, the best discovery of all time, is that beautiful maroon (color is funky in picture) Amelia: zips up the back and has POCKETS you guys... (also - I've seen ways people wear it BACKWARDS for nursing access!) I also haven't worn it yet, it being a dark fall color and it still being 90 degrees at the peak of the day here...
The next was a used Nicole I found for $28 (retails for $48!) that, because of the low price, I jumped on it thinking I'd at least flip it if it didn't work for me... well, it didn't quite work, and I can't quite flip it for profit, but I do have an offer on it currently with the teal arrow Cassie skirt - hopefully I can just get back what I paid!
The third item, yes - that's another Lindsey that I found for wholesale - only $19 (it retails for $48!!!!) a pretty heathered peachy/pink, it goes with everything! I love wearing it with a big B&W striped tank and skinny jeans (any color!)
The second set of leggings I bought were these lovelies... I have not worn them yet (again - too hot, and too fall-sy) but I can't wait to pair them with coral, or teal, or green - they'll go with so much!!! (I totally shamelessly paid retail + $3 shipping for these...)

And so, once the flood gates opened, so did my wallet:
I got another Amelia (black with a light teal print, not pictured here - and I'll be wearing for the first time tomorrow to a funeral (distant family uncle on E's side) and then on to work...)
I got a black printed Cassie (which I purchased with the intent of pairing with a B&W striped shirt, but it looked way cute with the orange/cream stripes!) I also purchased this one with the intent of wearing it as a scarf (YUP you read right, a SCARF!)
The next two Cassies (B&W polka and black-lacy) were bought with intentions of flipping (selling for profit - ssshhhh LLR world hates flippers... but it's usually people that buy hard-to-find legging prints at retail and then price gouge, selling them for 4-5 times what they paid...) but the polka-dots are a medium so I'm debating keeping (especially after seeing this cute outfit)
I also now have a pending sale on the lacy Cassie (for about what I paid for it - at this point, I've realized it's a little silly to purchase with intentions of flipping - market is QUICKLY becoming over-saturated...)
The last item in that round of purchasing (all from one consultant, so boy did I see the money spent...) is an Irma tunic, which is made of that awful 1980's ribbed polyester material... got it at a big discount, didn't realize it was ribbed until I got it in the mail... blegh
but I found a consultant to do an even exchange with me (since it still has the tags on) for a plain grey Classic T... yay!

At this point, the frenzy started - browsing TheFacePage every twenty minutes (even keeping it open at work!) for FOMO - fear of missing out - on something that I "JUST HAVE TO HAVE!" because it's "SUCH A GOOD PRICE!"
I did wise up a bit and switch to more solid colors for the two Julias I got... (grey is medium, blue is large - figured I'd fit both sizes like I do in small and med Cassies... large is actually too big, but it's pending in the same sale as the lacy Cassie!)
(love my knotted Julia in the middle! it's just a hairtie done from the inside!)

I also got two pairs of leggings for which there's no pictures - one's a pastel pair (after I saw my sister in a pair that was super cute with a pastel oversized Tshirt!) in kind of 80's splash print, and the other is just solid gray. Buttery soft and GOES WITH EVERYTHING!

um... at this point, I had 20 items of LuLaRoe...

like I mentioned - I got smarter at shopping, no longer buying-to-flip, and sticking to solid colors...

and got picky - if I didn't love it? Go find another consultant to check out!

and the best are the "Destash" posts where people (unless they're flipping and price-gouging) just want to dump their stuff they don't wear... like a coral Amelia with a ROSE GOLD ZIPPER (for only $38! they retail $65!) ((also no picture... boo...))

And I found a solid grey Nicole with every intention of wearing it over one of these pretty thangs with some soft brown boots and a scarf this fall...

 I also got this fun Randy - which I am debating exchanging/selling, as it's too casual for work -but, I know it'll be fall soon and I'll love wearing it on the weekends =)

so now I've had about 8 different styles, but only 1 skirt and had been anxious to try a Madison, Maxi and Azure... well what did I find on good sales???
 why yes, that would be a Madison (for $11 off of retail!) and a Maxi (I have no recollection what I paid, most definitely under retail lol) and an Azure (not pictured, but used for only $15!!!)

By now, I'm thankful every day that I get home before the husband so I can clean out the multiple packages in the mail box...

and what were hopefully my last purchases of LuLaRoe (aside from exchanging that gross 1980's Irma for a grey cotton Classic T!) I had to get the most recent release, a Carly - and again, solid color, on sale!
(come to mama... over-the-knee light brown boots, chunky scarf, maybe long sleeves underneath.... OOOOOO I can already smell the pumpkin spice latte!)

I also impulse-bought TallCurvy leggings in a cute red-heart pattern thinking I'd rock 'em for V-day, but they're a little too big, so they're sold to a good friend for what I paid ($18!)

and my very last most-recent still-waiting-for-arrival purchase: 

yes, it's not a solid color... but how pretty!!!! 

and that's my LuLa-Wardrobe Overhaul on this Wardrobe Wednesday (ha - I'm not wearing a single piece of LLR today either! lol)

also - if you were keeping count, that's 27 pieces of LuLaRoe... not including the pieces already sold... 

"Hi I'm Mrs Buggy and I have an LLR addiction..."

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

a Birthday Splash Bash!

Just to cross it off the list of what needs to be posted about:

Button turned THREE YEARS OLD (ahem - um, 43 days ago...)

I can't even believe...

three years ago, sitting at work, wondering if my water leaked the previous night...

that same day, this little guy was born, weighing almost 7lbs exactly...

Now? that big guy weights 34lbs12oz (apparently they still mark the ounces at three years old... or maybe they rounded to 34 for charting purposes and I was like, isn't he closer to 35?? lol)
That weight puts him at the 50th %...

And we are still in the mid- to high-90's % at 39"
(yes, this is downward dog... what, you don't know any 3-year-olds that love and do yoga?? lol)

He has been sleeping in his own big boy bed since April of 2015 (shortly after we found out of his sister's existence!) and will sleep from 9pm-7:30a (sometimes longer)

He's a pretty decent eater, with dinner being his weakest meal (unless we're having sushi, then he's all about the "eh-da-mommy" and the california rolls...

He is still such a daddy's boy (and will 100% prefer him over me if there's a choice - good thing my little Mack is such a mommy's girl!) and loves their weekly special treat of ice-skating on Friday afternoons (soon to be weekends once the school year starts and open skate changes times!)

He is slightly afraid of thunder, although afraid is a strong word - once I explain a little what it is (and and it must be a pretty scientific explanation, he wants FACTS!) he will settle down for the night...

He is totally day-time potty-trained, and I would say almost totally nap-time trained (summer time and trying to stay hydrated, so we slap diapers on him for now "just in case")... nighttime we've gone a few nights in a row with dry pants, only to have 3 mornings in a row of SOAKED sheets... so, diapers are worn then too...

He surprises us daily with the stuff he says... "I guess he's downstairs..." (when wondering where his lost Batman was...)

He knows all of his colors (and loves to sing the color song (to the tune of Frere Jacques)) and can count to at least 30 (THIRTY!) and will be starting in the big pre-school room at daycare in just a short week from now!

He got so excited as the week wound down to his birthday party, totally able to answer how old he was (2) and how old he was going to be... (3!)

His party was nice, low-key and casual : A "splash bash" in our backward, complete with SpiderMan sprinkler, Slip'n'Slide, and splash pools...
The boys of summer...

Ms. Mack kept me company that morning while I ran around getting balloons (one escaped it's string in the parking lot, and wouldn't you know that $1 Store charged me for another balloon...) and cake...

And then she had her first date:
also! an older man!

which must have been emotionally exhausting:

Button had been practicing all week, and performed perfectly:
also - he sang to himself. lol

He got the biggest Pooh he'd ever seen... (no, not that kind of "poo" - Winnie the Pooh!)

Happy third birthday to my little man!!!