Monday, July 21, 2014

The Good, Bad and downright UGLY...

We'll save the good for the end - because after this crappy Monday morning, it'll look all that better, and will get me through the rest of the day/week!

**Well, we'll bookend with good:

First - awesome weekend - BEN'S FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY!!
It was epic.

Will hopefully get through pics tonight! (For now, some scrapbook-editing my SIL did:

 First, on his actual birthday (Thursday) I had IL's over for cake, coffee and gifts (since, with 50+ people coming Saturday! we wouldn't be opening gifts in front of everyone.)

He got such fun stuff!

a drum set, a guitar, a power-wheels Spiderman quad!

(The hat was from daycare - he wore it the entire day, the car ride home, and all night...)

And just a party-teaser:

We spent all day yesterday recuperating, and this morning I could have slept another 4 hours...

Monday morning continued FABULOUSLY:

1. I went to head to DD to pick up breakfast (and only food - I pay my receptionist weekly to pick me up DD coffee every morning with the order she places for multiple co-workers) I discovered I left my wallet at home.
so no breakfast.

2. I get to work, walk in and see a replacement receptionist.  (reminder - see above re: coffee!)
so now I have no coffee, no breakfast, and no wallet to go hit up DD!
cherries on top - the receptionist is asking me if [program A] on the computer - have I noticed any downtime this morning?
uuuuh I JUST walked in, haven't even gotten to my office or a computer... Derrrrrr

3. When I do get upstairs, I realize I left some notes at home that E wanted me to type up and send to a patent guy for some brilliant invention we have going. (more on that once patent is pending!!)

4.  And then I noticed someone stole my stapler.

I hate Mondays.

But- but but - the Good amongst the Bad (no breakfast) and Ugly (NO COFFEE!) :

E's new company (he switched jobs back in April) is having a party on July 31st to celebrate their success.
A party on a PRIVATE YACHT.

in NYC Harbor.

WOOHOO!!! A chance to get all dressed up and wear sparkly heels and a fancy dress!

(Another more every-day silver-lining: we have a new free-lance marketer who looks like this:)

(with black hair (he's from South America))

but DAMN can the man wear a suit...

So he comes in a few times a week, and it's usually unannounced - he'll just breeze into the office...

So I've started wearing lipstick.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hump Day Hula

Hopefully you gals remembered - Husbands never want to hear about Mucus Plugs...

But an awesome update to that story:
Dee had her BABEEEE!!!!
so her 'plug came out Monday afternoon, no contractions had really begun until laaaate that night.
Tuesday morning (around 5am) she and hubby headed into L&D with very strong contractions, only to discover she was 3cm dilated.  (somewhat disappointing, but allowable at this point)

Except - this "point" lasted for the next 19 hours or so... she kept contracting, and never dilated past the 3cm... and then apparently baby C's cord was wrapped around his neck - so they got the heck into an OR and got that baby out safely via last-minute emergency C-section at 12:49am, July 9th!
(Which I thought was really kinda funny - the fact that of 4 women in our close group (and another 2 in the outer circles!) who have delivered in the past two-ish years - EVERY.SNGLE. one of us has had c-sections... and here I thought they weren't that common!!)

Anyway - E and I ran over on Wednesday's lunch break to see the little peanut, who wasn't really little at 9lb and 20" - big beautiful baby boy!
With a slightly rough next few days in MotherBaby Unit (fever for Momma that almost resulted in an 8-hr no-baby quarantine, followed by elevated BP for Momma that almost delayed discharge) the new family headed home Saturday evening, the same day that I ran my:

If you remember, some of the recent Buggy List 'ish was to hard-core train for this baby, which I kept up with for all of about 2 weeks.  And for which E predicted I wouldn't be able to do a few of the obstacles with my wimpy girl arms... well this chick KICKED-ASS and TOOK NAMES!
(We of course had to prep the boys with matching 'hawks:

we went through small mud ponds with OverUnderThingies (that was the official name on the obstacle map. ha! not really...) *Note - these images are all from previous mudruns hosted by Rugged Maniac

We crawled under barbed wire (it should be noted that ours was much lower than what is picture!!)

We walked across slippery 2x4's:

We scaled cargo nets:

We carried sacks of - well, not sure what exactly - but something heavy! (25lbs to be exact - and E was right - us "mommies have this! It's like toting a toddler!") *actual pic from our MudRun

We clamored up walls, and leapt over mudpits and fiery embers!

And the ONLY obstacle I did not FULLY complete was the rings - I swung once and fell in the water... lol

But dude - we ended on a kick-ass 2-story water slide: (these pictures are from our mud-run Saturday!)

 Ben kept entertained at his DIY water table

We partied at beer tents afterwards (one free beer with completion of the MudRun!) and overall had a pretty kick-ass day - WHEN'S THE NEXT RUN?!?!
(A Nice little "Before" shot followed by our MACHO MUSCLE MANIAC - aka "AFTER" shot!)

Tonight I'll be baking - a smash cake for Saturday's party, cupcakes for daycare tomorrow (although those must be store bought to easily provide that they're nut-free!) and 1 cake for tomorrow night's family bash as we celebrate  (OHMYF&*%CKINGGOD HE'S) one year:

and here's your WARDROBE WEDNESDAY:
 (and don't forget the pink lips - a rarity for me since I tend to never wear any lipcolor!)

Monday, July 7, 2014

Mucus Plugs and Husbands

so if you're not the one pregnant, don't ever mention a mucus plug to your husband.  (You know, even if you are the expectant mommy, he may not want to know the details of it falling out...)

My friend Dee is about to give birth!! (Some of you may be thinking, wait - didn't she JUST get married last fall? I mean, what was that - exactly 9 months ago?! Oh those lucky bitches that are all, "I can't wait to get pregnant on my honeymoon!")

Well - yes, she did get pregnant basically on her honeymoon.  But here's why it's all good:

Six years ago, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. 

At 25 years old.

And then tested positive for the BRCA gene (which confers high risks of breast and ovarian cancer) and was basically informed that, while it was currently only present in one breast, she had a very high chance of recurrence in the second breast.

So she had a double mastectomy.  Followed by months in pain as expanders prepared her muscles/tissue for reconstruction. 

Her hair fell out from the chemotherapy.  (I was so proud of her when she first went out sans wig, even if it was just to the liquor store across the street from my apartment on that hot sweaty August day.)

She bears long scars on her chest, which impacted her wedding dress shopping - certain strapless styles revealed too much of the jagged scar.

But there she was last September - absolutely breathtaking in her long mermaid gown - and grinning from more than just wedding-day-giddiness. 
She had just hit 5 years' remission, and was cleared to TTC!

The type of breast cancer she had prevented her from ever using any type of hormonal birth control again, so she and her brand new DH had been TTA the good old-fashioned way (no not abstinence! They'd been together for over 10 years! lol)

So they pulled the goalie.  And we drank together at our favorite Malaysian restaurant when Cycle 1 ended in a bust.

And then she came to my house towards the end of Cycle 2 with a grin on her face, that dead gave it away when she turned down a glass of wine.

I felt like I was pregnant all over again as I ticked the weeks off the calendar with her (she was only 6 weeks when she shared the news) and celebrated a good NT scan.  We cheered to our boys growing up together after her A/S scan.

Last week her EDD passed. 

Well finally today - her mucus plug passed as well!

So back to what I was saying, your husband most likely does not want to hear about ANYONE'S mucus plug, even if it's yours....

Me: D's (tmi alert?) mucus plug fell out
lmao felt funny typing that - but she's starting to cramp - sounds like labor's begun!
E wtf
 just say she's goin into labor
Me:  hahahahahahahah sorry
E i dont care what her fuckin mucus plug does
Me well it could be a looong time (like, 24 hours)
how's ur mom's anal sphyncter

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Seriously REALLY "Full Circle"...


No, not the movie (which is SO TRUE about wait-staff! and  the restaurant industry! I mean - anyone work at a restaurant and NOT have an underage hostess that the creepy older manager hit on?!)

It starts with Waiting to O.  You're chasing those elusive CH's - wishing the day away til it's temp time again and you can see that nice post-O temp to confirm.

And thus begins the dreaded 2WW.  14 days (Or 11 if you're like me and like to test slightly early - my LP averaged 12 days anyway! OR 8 days if you really like to test early - I tried to avoid this as any BFN I got I'd be like, but it's fiiiiiine because it's waaaaaay too early for this test to be accurate! and then the awful hope would be prolonged...)

And then, a different kind of 2WW last summer - when, because he was a scheduled C-Sec, I had a set 14-day countdown... (which got cut short - NOT due to my impatience, but due to his impatience!)

And lo-and-behold, I was nonchalantly procrastinating at work (sh!) and was Bumpin' and saw this:

14 Days...
a 2WW until this guy is

Hola1 Hola2 Hola1
His favorite: "Squishy"                              He's beginning to <3 Mickey!                        Mommy and Me

Some fun from last weekend DTS:
Hola1 Hola2 Hola1

Kid couldn't get enough of the beach... (literally. He made multiple attempts at SANDwiches (HA! get it?! SANDwiches?!) that, yup, went in the mouth...)

Hola1 Hola2 Hola1
He also LOVES LOVES LOVES the water - and thankfully it was a decent temp for him to play in...
(and holy ZOMG to E's farmer tan right?! He saw this pic and was like, TELL ME I DIDN'T LOOK THAT BAD! *I'm looking closer now, and that pic is just so not flattering as he does not have the beer gut that he appears to possess in the pic... lol*)

And after a long day at the beach (where I slathered SPF 50 on Ben every hour or so because, #badparenting - I forgot his rashguard shirt thing, as well as an umbrella - we had to rent on the beach!) these boys were tuckered out:

We'll be spending Friday (hopefully) at my IL's pool (forecast of rain?! boooooo) followed by a big family BBQ in CT on Saturday (here's hoping we can time the drive with Ben's morning nap!)

Happy 4th!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Physically Sick...

Because what world do we live in where a parent would ever leave their child in a closed car on a warm day for hours, not only accidentally - because that is tragic enough - but possibly INTENTIONALLY?

I am angry, and literally physically ill at this story...

And the beautiful innocent... (above linked article has a photo that will make you cry - don't view at work, like I am - sitting here trying to hide the tears from coworkers and office-mate)

If the homicide theory proves correct, I'm going to strongly suggest they reinstate the whole Salem Witch trials method:  He deserves to burn alive.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Hey Hey - WHAT DAY IS IT?!

And here's your wardrobe Wednesday:

Top from Express ($10 on sale!)
bottoms from Express ($15 on sale!)
shoes from... probably NineWest (had them too long to remember! and again, just an approximation - couldn't find more accurate pic...)
bracelet from Express ($4 on sale! and also apparently sold out...)

*Can you tell- Express had a big sale, extra 50% off clearance items (last week) and the package arrived recently... =)