Monday, March 30, 2015

Spring Cleaning Continued!

My Blogger spring-cleaning continues this Monday - remember that old series about making shit that I once started and continued quite sporadically?
(P.S. I will never not think of Cher in association with "Sporadically"... Never.)

I've discovered (like, last fall discovered) this fabulous place called Pinot's Pallette.

Get this - they provide the aprons, the paint brushes, paint and canvas (and the cleanup!) and then let you DRINK while learning to paint trying your best to replicate the instructor's artwork!

I've gone once on a Girls' Night (for which we brought a small buffet of food and half a case of wine...)

What's really awesome is they walk you through, step-by-step (as seen in pictures) so you too can paint like the pros!

I loved my first visit so much, that I dragged E back for a date night (after which, he totally admitted he really liked it!)

It was a perfect seasonal canvas - of which we now had two of... (der, didn't really think that through...) so we gave one to my SIL!

After hibernating all winter, I'd learned that Pinot's has begun Brunch Sundays - they provide not only all the materials and instructions, now they provide the bagels and Orange Juice! (must bring own champagne!)  And so Dee and I have a brunch date for Sunday March 29th had a date YESTERDAY to paint this lovely beaut:
(which, if you haven't noticed, is going to match my living room perfectly!)

I didn't LOVE this painting as much as I thought I would...
And even though it matches the living room, it's a shame I don't really love it (I mean - the three "two-petal" flowers on the left look like they have teeth...)

I DID sneak a photo of a painting in the bathroom that I want to try and duplicate on my own... having been to three classes now, I can understand a lot more about the "layers" that may make up a background, and the mixture of a few basic primary colors to get all different shades...
(also because - there's supposedly only "Four ((3 now!)) tickets left!" for this class, and I'm not sure who I can get to commit to come with me... working hubby now for a brunch date!)

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


you know - I try to convince myself that I don't know why I'm testing.

I got my period for fuck sake, and so I totally expect the test to be negative.

But, then, I'm totally lying to myself.

Because, why else would one take a pregnancy test, other than that they think they might be (even the teeniest weeniest possibility of being) pregnant?

So I sat and watched the minute hand slowly tick through 5 rotations on my watch, and secretly hoped I was That One... The One who "got her period and didn't think she was pregnant."

Alas, we ended the night watching Sunday night's Walking Dead, toasting a wacky cycle and a wacky AF with some hard cider.

C'est la vie...

Monday, March 23, 2015

Wall - Meet Head

I want to do this:

Because even after (I think/thought) AF arrived, I'm still wondering if I might be KTFU...

(right? who does that?! I am NOT some newbie!!)

It all started .. one dark rainy night... (haha just kidding)

It began when (What I thought was) AF arrived way early, with a random splotch of pink spotting one day, and CD1 the next. (I guess it barely even meets "CD1" standards of needing a tampon or pad - because this cycle never really did reach its usual heaviness, I only really used panty liners...)
"AF" has now continued 3-4 days past its usual length, with random brown spotting the entire time...

Next thing I noticed was a very high cervix still (like, O-time-high) on CD26, about 8-9DPO (the day of pink spotting).

Today, ye olde Gate to Uterus is still very high, very closed.

And of course anything I read says that "CP before menstruation is very low, dry and sticky."


What's more - I've had weird acid bumps on my tongue for a day or two now - like, all over.  and a little bit white-ish.  Which led me to discover pregnancy(hormone)-related oral thrush.


And then, during snowboarding with bestie-Dee yesterday (awesome-ness complete with beer, shots* and girl-talk (*shots because, Hello - AF, right?!?!)) she said something that I still hear ringing in my ears:
 that she "had a few glasses of wine the night before her BFP (for her 9-mo-old son) and only because she had thought she had gotten her period and didn't think she was pregnant!"

*Not what someone in my position needed to hear...

Add to that crazy-mix the fact that I fell asleep Saturday night on the couch at 9:30 (pretty early, even for me - but not totally surprising after CKO kickboxing at 8:15 that morning...)


I'll be peeing on things when I get home tonight.

and will later most likely just toast a weird AF with some Redd's Apple Ale (hard cider)

(and then make an appointment to see a dentist about my weird tongue!)

Now excuse me, I have to go pee (for the third time in the last hour - which is most likely because I'm drinking lots of water.


Friday, March 20, 2015


as always, TGIF!

Some catch-up Food-i-ness (because I have this to-blog list that is going back to THANKSGIVING and the fabulous apple pie I made then, but really. seriously.  IT'S SPRING, and I'm spring-cleaning the blog drafts!)

SO - Thanksgiving Apple Pie, bask in its un-cooked amazing-ness:
 (Its amazing-ness is complete with store-bought crust... homemade + lattice-work DO NOT MIX for me...)

And sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas, we I made these scrumptious suckers for breakfast:
1. Crescent Rolls ready for the Egg ring
2. raspberry jelly on MonteCristo RollUps + Scrambled Eggs on Egg Ring
3. Ham+BrieCheeseSpread on MonteCristos and bacon wrapped into the Egg Ring
The Finished Products! 

And while we're on breakfasts, E decided one morning to enter the Breakfast Battle and make crepes!
(Note - we had to toss the Nutella, it was waaaaaaay old. and ended up using homemade coffee ice cream. YUM.)

I couldn't let E have the last word in the Breakfast Battle - I hit it out of the park with some breakfast muffins
(Great for grabbing-To-Go with a toddler!)
Made with pancake mix, I made three ham&cheese muffins, three blueberry muffins, three strawberry&white chocolate chip muffins, and three chocolate chip muffins.

E conceded the Breakfast Battle!!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Spotting Spring!

What better way to celebrate Spring (FINALLY!) than to recall some recent fun snow days...

And to remember the difficulties that Dressing a Toddler For Snow entails:

Or the creativity required for days when we couldn't even go outside:
that would be, clockwise starting from Left:
hanging with a friend during our Superbowl Party(IGNORE the Giants gear...)
Pants-Free Dance Party with a cousin
Look closely into the box.... (we were SUPER bored that day...)

We are SO glad spring is coming here (tomorrow!) (and with it the opportunity to run around a bit sans diaper!) 
Because, as Button's been peeing on the potty for a bit now, we're considering formally starting the potty training sometime this summer...

Happy Official Spring!! 

What are you most excited about for Spring/Summer?!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


(Isn't ratatouille like, the poor man's dish because it's whatever you can find, or whatever is left, in your kitchen?)

Here's my Whatever's In My Mind right now:

1. The silver lining to a short LP - I didn't see a negative HPT this cycle! (no time for one...)

2. to allow (more than) sufficient time for tattoo healing,  I've been going braless for over a week now.  (Not that I ever really needed one, I guess... except when nursing and these babies became Bs! lame.  I know.)
But I just might be on to something.... (that something being Bra-Free Fridays EVERYDAY!)

3. Curse E.L.F. and their great prices - I got an email saying an additional 40% off today, so of course off to their website I went to load up on cheap cosmetics... (I've been using their eyeshadow primer as an under-eye brightener under my foundation - AMAZING DISCOVERY!)

Another discovery?

Something fishy with some (all?) of their Mineral products...

I love me some mineral foundations - mostly from that one time years ago I tried my sister's BareMinerals powder foundation and loved it, so I'm totally not an expert or anything...

So I read through the description of their Mineral Blemish Kit because I am totally in need of a good yellow/green tone blemish corrector, or whatever you call that. (lol told you I'm not an expert)

And curious me, I click on the "California Residents" link (because I've visited the land of eternal sunshine enough, have a LOT of family living out there, and figured - hey, how come they get a special link with a hidden secret message?!

Here's why:

In case you missed that dark red paragraph:

But we're totally safe in New Jersey, right?!


And while I kind of want to be like, well what did you expect getting cosmetics for a few bucks?!
I also wonder, how the hell can they sell this stuff?!

I'll say it again - 

P.S. I totally called them out on thatsitethatrhymeswithSpaceBook. 
Tagged 'em (and bagged 'em)

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Turrible Tuesdays...

...said in the voice of Charles Barkley...

FF-boycott ended abruptly yesterday (which was 9(ish)DPO - "ish" because I'm only going by OPKs and nothing more exact like temping) after a brief bout of pink spotting at work (that then went away!)

I debated for about 2 minutes, and then flew into FF - (because I always had somewhat of an idea about how many DPO I was and unless I horribly lost count, which was the whole goal of the boycott, I was "Turribly" early for AF...)

I then SQUEE!!!'d at work for the rest of the afternoon, googling "IMPLANTATION BLEEDING!"  and letting my stomach flutter when I read that 9DPO was totally the average time women experienced it! (and 30% of pregnant women experience it! I mean, shit I already fell into some pretty low odds before, why not this fabulous 30%)

And then last night, brown (and a little bit of red) started... pantyliner overnight caught nothing, and this morning it started up again.

so I'm going to go ahead and call it CD1 (tampon in now, will be changing within the hour and we'll see how accurate the CD1 label is for today... *At this point, we all would giggle and say, "Sorry for blatantly telling you the status of my uterus and what's coming out of my vagina..." while we all really know - there is no such thing as TMI on TTC blogs. so no apology here!)

And so started the concerns over my LutealPhase... (today would be 10DPO... very borderline LOW for a LP...) 

(**Reproductive Lesson for those not already in the know! The Luteal Phase is the phase in your cycle between Ovulation and your period arriving. 
 During this phase, progesterone levels (should!) peak and then maintain and support the lining of the uterus for (hopefully!) an implanting embryo.  If your LP is "too short" and progesterone levels drop too soon, your uterine lining will begin to shed, basically not giving a fertilized egg (or embryo) enough time to implant...
Boo, right?? I picture a very sad little embryo trying to find a nice spot, much like Marlin trying to get out of the whale in Finding Nemo... (repeatedly swam as hard as he could against the whale's - what's it called? baleen?)

I've already looked into Fertility Blend, and Vitex, and Vitamin B cocktails (which slightly scared me: apparently Vitamin B to an excess has been found to cause nerve toxicity!)

But from that same website, I've compiled a new shopping list for this cycle:
  • Leafy greens! (Like Kale smoothies!) (Leafy green vegetables are high in the B-complex vitamins- no nerve toxicity here!)
  • Vitamin C!  specifically (and more reasonably available at the local grocer): broccoli, papaya, strawberries, oranges  (Vitamin C is apparently the only vitamin that has been shown to increase progesterone levels in women)
  • Essential Fatty Acids! Let's go nuts - time to start snacking on Walnuts! (Walnuts are high specifically in the Omega-3 fatty acids...)
And as always, the good old POM Juice and its kickin' anti-oxidants (rumored to boost fertility by increasing blood flow to the uterus & promoting uterine lining).

So, there it is.

And if it is really and truly CD1 (can you blame a girl for secretly hoping that it's just more IMPLANTATION BLEEDING?! lol) then we've also got a great next few weeks lined up:
  • more CKO kickboxing! (Saturday mornings for an hour, LOVE THIS CLASS!)
  • more hot yoga! CHEAP! (My studio is offering a "Lucky Leprechaun sale!" classes are typically around $18-$22/class, but if you go in-studio tonight to purchase, you can get classes for $10-$11 per class!!! I'll be getting a 5-class package and will be able to pick back up my favorite Wednesday night Lava class tomorrow night - yay!)
  • Also - MORE FW BDing! (which means that I'm adding some mood-wine to the shopping list!  (note - no I do not have to be slightly inebriated to want to get it on with my hubby... but it definitely helps the mood at 10pm when I mostly just want to curl up and go to sleep... lol)