Wednesday, July 1, 2015

whoa nellie - lots of books!

So the last Reading Challenge check in (two weeks ago I think) had the totals at:
     24 books read
     26 books left to read

The new current count!
(with an "extra" / uncategorized 4 books read!)

I had tried to keep a running total tally count of all books read (I think the last update ended at #29) but I'm not sure that's correct - 24 "categorized" and 3 "extra" read at the last check-in only run 27...
**Ok I found one extra book (#7 in the total list of 29) that I both never blogged about and never logged, not sure what book it was, and another extra book that was double-counted as a categorized book...**

SO the new total count is 36 books read, 30 Challenge books.

Here we go:
#30. Can't Always Get What You Want by Chelsey Krause    #4/50: A book published this year   (fin 6/19/15)
This was a book I just wanted to read, and lo and behold, it was published January 13, 2015! =) 
A cute romance with some hot sex scenes- good, light summer vaca reading!

#31. The Billionaire and the Virgin by Jessica Clare    n/a   (fin 6/20/15)
another book I just wanted to read, based on its free-ness and it was interesting - another light summer read, but the male lead is a brass, curse-like-a-sailor bad boy that I never did develop the "awwww he so deserves love!" feeling towards...

#32. Yesterday's Gone by Sean Platt    #40/50: A graphic novel    (fin 6/24/15)
ooooookay so this isn't technically a graphic novel, as in - there's no pictures... but it IS written in episodes and seasons! (I only finished Season One so far!) 
It's great though - a post-apocalyptic story similar to Left Behind where a number of people have vanished - the people left behind are trying to figure out who these SCARY-ASS creatures are coming after them! And why a few of them have dreamt of the others before ever meeting... Can't wait to dig into Seasons 2-5! (Must. Not. Distract. from Challenge!)

#33.  To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee    #25/50: A book you were supposed to read in school but didn't   (fin 6/26/15)
Alot of my coworkers were surprised when I told them I had been reading this book due to never reading it in school. And to be honest, it wasn't the phenom I expected... interesting ending...

#34. Remember When by T. Torrest    #36/50: A book set in highschool   (fin 6/28/15)
This was a great book - a "throwback" to growing up in the early 90's complete with grunge fashion and scrunchees.  It's actually a trilogy and I'm excited to read #2 - set in 2000 with the two main love interests all "grownup" and in their mid-20s! (And #3 I am going to assume is more present-day, to cover their 30's!)

#35. The Beckoning Fair One by Oliver Onions    #23/50:  A book more than 100 years old   (fin 6/30/15)
I originally had a different (free) book for this category to be read, but it was so freaking dry... (the issue with books written 100 years ago!) this book (published in 1911) was actually a "short story" (at 57 pages) and was a horror story! While it was a slow going for a bit, the ending was a cool curve-ball!

#36. In Too Deep by Tracey Alvarez    #29/50: A book set somewhere you've always wanted to visit   (fin 6/30/15)
(I obviously read this one a bit simultaneously as the scary old book (#35))
This one was pretty good - set in Australia, with a main female character who is a police forensic diver! Interesting characters - hot sex scenes (blushes) great summer read!  (And also part of the Due South Series, so if you choose to, you can read along as all the other main characters fall in love in their own steamy sagas!)

(currently reading Melting Into You (no-category) which is the second book in the Due South Series - I'll cut it off after this one so I can be sure to get on with the Challenge List!)

So there you go - only 20 books left with half the year left!! (And a flight to CO in a few days to read! - yes, Button is still a Daddy's boy when we travel, which lets me read!!)

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

a (late) 14-week bumpdate! (14w2d)

How Far Along: 14 weeks - SECOND TRIMESTER!!

Baby is the size of: a lemon

Best Moments This Week: There have been a few moments the last few days where there's flutters (not followed by any gas!) that I'm thinking are baby!!!

Total Weight Gain: At about 4 lbs gained so far... which at first scared me, I thought I was gaining quickly - but I'm on track with how I gained with Button (and considering I started 3-4 lbs lighter pre-pregnancy than with Button, not too bad!)

Maternity Clothes: So I'm actually back and forth on this one... I wore a regular pair of skinny jeans last week, with the zipper and button totally undone, rocking the hair-tie!  I also wore my maternity (full-paneled) turquoise skinny jeans last week, and they were amazing. lol

Symptoms: feeling kind of human again, regarding fatigue and empty stomach syndrome!

Sleep: I feel like I could always use more, but I've noticed the past week the nighttime pee sessions have ceased! uterus is moving on up!

Food Cravings: I think I've pinpointed an actual craving - but it's still not strong enough to run out the house at midnight - vanilla softserve (or fro-yo) with crumbled oreos.  LOTS of crumbled oreos - Baskin Robbins does NOT give you enough, and a mini-mcflurry barely does the job...

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Not really...

Movement: See "Best moments" - it's gonna come for sure any day now!

Stretch Marks: Just ones I had on my hips from highschool... lol

Gender Prediction: I have my prediction, the tech has hers as well - trying to keep it all mum as it's only a predicion!! =P

Labour Signs: Too early.

Belly Button In or Out?: In (never turned out last time either)

Wedding Rings on or off?: On

Happy or Moody?: so the horrendous mood swings have been getting better - until I walk into work this morning and feel roaring to go, ready to fight with anyone who even steps in my path! oiy...

Purchases for baby: still none yet... though I've started making the sweater!!!

Purchases for Momma: I got a whole bunch of used maternity sweaters & fall/winter shirts from ebay and - an online consignment store for maternity-wear!!! (I also bought a second pair of jeans from OldNavy - the first (and only) pair I have are bootcut, so I got skinny - I ordered my regular pre-pregnancy size, and I'm not sure they'll fit this fall lol I might have to exchange for the next size up... oiy!)

Miss Anything?: I told a friend, I think it's harder to be pregnant (at the beginning of a pregnancy, vs at the end like with Button) during summer - I'd love a hard iced tea or frozen anything while sitting in the sun...

Looking forward to: finding out for sure if baby will be made of Snips&Snails or Sugar&Spice!! (found that phrase on a blog article, must find a way to use it when we announce the gender!!)

at 14w1d (and of course, at work)
((I only unbuttoned my jeans for the picture to show true bump, and not waist-band bump lol))

Monday, June 29, 2015

What goes on Mondays again?

oh yea, "Making things!"

and um... either I've stopped documenting all the Making (which is partly true) or I've totally stopped making as much (which is mostly true) but I've got a few old projects I never shared!

and I mean old - like, Valentine's day goodies for Button's daycare class
(check out the first pic - version.1 of the strawberry jelly heart pops for the teachers... something with how I re-rolled the dough for the top hearts, and they shrunk back in size after I cut them... lol
the final product came out much nicer, and looked great wrapped in plastic and tied with ribbon!)

Or how about the boot cuffs I crocheted this winter (and even though it's almost July - they can nearly be worn again like when it's almost 60 degrees and rainy on Sunday)

Or more interestingly, the cowl I just finished crocheting for this coming winter (as I layer my few maternity tanks and tees under cardigans) - no pictures taken yet, but it looks pretty AND warm!

And I'm actually working on the first panel for a baby sweater!!! And it's in cream, so it'll work whether the tech was correct in her prediction or not! ;)
I've never made actual clothing before, or anything that had to be pieced together - so I'm hoping to get alot of input and advice from my mom next week -

we'll all be together in CO for a large bi-annual family reunion for my dad's side of the family!

*And we all?
entails:  Parents, Sister (and family - husband + 2 girls), Brother (and family - wife and 21month old)

aaaaaand we're all sharing a house!
Should be veeeeery interesting, considering SIL is the crazy one from Christmas time who wouldn't let bubbles touch her daughter's skin, and who pulled a honey nut cheerio from out of her daughter's mouth because she didn't want her eating "high fructose corn syrup"
(also - they're pregnant again as well and due exactly one month before us!!!)

what's convenient is that they (brother and SIL) are renting a 5-passenger sedan while there, and parents are driving up from TX with a 7-passenger van, so between the two vehicles we can seat all 10 adults and 2 carseats (which is really awesome - because for us to rent a third vehicle would cost over $400!!!)

except now - it may become an issue because, even though bro and SIL are flying in a day earlier than everyone else, they may spend a day during the reunion week to go visit friends.  In their car...


we'll walk to the hotel for reunion festivities.

or run shuttles with the parents' big van...

now I'm purposefully being the laid-back one when bro and SIL are crazy uppity "DON'T FEED MY BABY HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP" people...

very interesting indeed...

(the previous Making Things Monday crafts/entries:)
1. Ben's playroom art wall
2. Jack-O-Laterns, delicious meals, and a shelf  (*STILL NOT HUNG!)
3. Birthday Board Reminder
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5. Crochet has begun: hats!
6. Pinot's Pallette Paint Nights!
7. a Crayon Box for Button

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

the Evolution of Father's Day Gifts

as a child, making Dad these awesome ties (which mom actually made, and just stamped your hand onto...)
(or Dad got what the nursery-school or daycare made with the kids during the week!

And then mom, with a few more kids, ran out of time to make anything, and went with HomeDepot gift cards that said, "Love all of us!"
"Go buy what you really want!"

As kids start to get older, and have a little cash saved on their own, Dad starts to get random shit that the kids think are hilarious, and will sit unused in the back corner of the garage (or back corner of Dad's closet) for years:

As kids grow to young adults and really have some money saved, Dad finally starts to get the good stuff:

and now - the kids are all grown, and you're getting Dad gifts (golf and anything retirement related) as well as hubby if he's a new daddy!
and with p.interest and e.tsy and all those other FABULOUS sites (that sometimes keep me up til 2am...) the sky is the limit!!!
this engraved, that personalized - and some still give the homemade tie look from yonder year!

This year, we (Button and I) got E a simple silver bar tie clip (what he had asked for a few months back) with a simple additional touch...
We engraved the front with his small monogram, on the back (to keep the front classy and the tie clip out of the back of the closet!) a simple:
He loved it - and the only reason it'll sit in the closet unused is because we have no formal occasions that require tie clips until a wedding next summer... LOL

New Reasons, but it's Done!

New reasons not to tell administrator yet, that is...

Last week, I was meeting with her and we were discussing another employee currently out on extended leave of absence after her pregnancy (due to lack of child care until September).  And administrator was all, "you couldn't import some relative to come watch Button! You came back to work!" and all of her non-empathetic bullshit... and then tells me I'm currently doing a fabulous job of handling/balancing Button's needs and my work (which was honestly nice to hear, as I start to feel bad when appointments (mine, his, etc) feel like they're happening once a week...)

and then she says, "you were definitely loopy at the beginning when you first came back, and [something like] I wondered if it would work like that..."

oh you mean - because you called me NINE DAYS after I delivered a baby to work on 'something crucial' and I logged another 40 hours during the next two weeks from home -

you mean - because when I formally "came back" to the office from leave, I actually had not gotten a leave and so I was FUCKING LOOPY?!??!?!

So I put off telling her yet another day...

Monday rolled around and she had to be told (especially because I had told the owner Friday afternoon - he was ecstatic and yet still acknowledged that administrator wouldn't care much about it except for my leave and etc.)

So at the end of one of our daily "meetings" I just blurted it out.

And the first words out of her mouth were simply, "oh I totally knew.   I totally figured it out about a month ago..."

You want a fucking medal?!

No, not a congratulations at all - the follow-up sentence to that gem was, "are you coming back to work afterwards?!"
I know, a legit question yes, but - really?!

Then she was full of shit about, "let's plan this maternity leave together so it goes much smoother than last time..."

 oh you mean - all the planning I did even up until the day I delivered - the training of [the useless] assistant - my last maternity leave was a mess not because you ran around like a chicken with your head cut off despite all the explicit written directions, and phone lists, and instructions that were left?!

Yes.  Let's plan this leave together (she even mentioned hiring someone! INGENIUS! (/endsarcasm)) so I can ACTUALLY HAVE A LEAVE THIS TIME!!!!!!

Because you better believe - I will schedule my last day of work at least a week before the scheduled RCS date.

And I will not be "working from home" mere days after giving birth.

NO, NO, AND NO!!!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

the Fun of Telling (& Stupid Questions)

(oh and also a "Weading" Wednesday)

First thing's first - Button wore his "I'm Going to be a Big Brother!" shirt to daycare yesterday...

Owner #1 didn't seem to notice it as I walked past her in the lobby, and owner #2 was actually walking out of Button's room and so had a full-frontal view, and she started squealing and screaming! (such a great reaction... I loved it!)

And then Owner #1 (actually owner #2's mother) came around the corner and Owner #2 was like, "DIDN'T YOU SEE [Button's] SHIRT?!"
And then there was more screaming and squealing and hugs - and even more squealing when we walked into Button's room and the first teacher saw (and read) his shirt...

and then someone finally remembered Button - he was about to cry! pouty-lip-face and all!

He must have gotten scared with all the screaming, so we had to stop and calm Button down and explain how everyone was just SO EXCITED!

poor guy - but it was such a great experience to have everyone get so excited!! (You'd think I was the first parent there to get pregnant again! lol)

((And another reason why I'm still putting off telling administrator at work - her reaction in comparison to that will be like a wet mop... ))

And then at work this morning - a nurse practitioner (who used to work here full-time, I haven't seen in awhile) came in with a patient question, and was all, "how's your little one? holy cow, almost two years old?!"

And when I started to laugh about how we "cut down" from the big 1st birthday party last year (50 adults) to this year (43 adults. 11 kids. HA) he laughed, and then blurted out, "You're not pregnant again, are you?"

Ummm..... so because there was someone else (a regular employee here) in the office, I felt I had no other option but to blurt out a No... (sorry gummi bear!! Mommy can't WAIT to keep spreading the news!!)
(I guess I'll give this guy the benefit of the doubt - men don't usually realize that there's a large span of time during a pregnancy where the woman MAY NOT WANT TO TELL PEOPLE YET!!!!)

And now a quick Reading Update (I devoured books for awhile after last update, and then got stuck on my current book for the last 4-5 days.... blugh)

And in addition to the 24 books read for the challenge, I've read three other books outside of the challenge (couldn't find a damn category to cram them in.)

(we left off on total Book Number 23: Gone with the Wind, for which the sequel will be downloaded and read for my happy ending! And it won't count towards my challenge. DAMMIT!)

24. Feels Like Home by Evelyn Adams     n/a for Challenge List   (finished 6/2/15)
   Just a cute book I got for free (or cheap - less than a $dollar) during lunch one day at work (I love to read while at lunch... so if I don't have my current book/nook with me, I download another cheap/easy read! hence, so many books not on the challenge list!)

25. Sweet Valley High: #1 Double Love by Francine Pascal     #49/50: A book based on, or turned into a TV show    (finished 6/3/15)
This series became a TV show from 1994-1998 - basically my tween-into-teen years, and perfect reading for me then - a really light read I did in about 2 hours (when I was supposed to be working. SSH!)

26. Irish Thoroughbreds by Norah Roberts     #15/50: A popular author's first book    (finished 6/5/15)
Can you really get any more popular than Norah Roberts? (Longevity speaking here too... JK Rowling and Suzanne Collins and Stephanie Meyer aside...) This was just a light love-story, and you can actually tell it's her first novel... more poorly written then some of the free romances I get from B&N...

27. Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro     #7/50: A book with nonhuman characters     (finished 6/7/15)
So the non-human characters in this (somewhat spoiler alert, the narrator lets you in on this secret pretty much in the first chapter) are basically, well - 95% of the characters.  They are "copies" created based on real humans, and they are created solely for organ donation... *I didn't realize, until I started reading this book, that I had already seen the movie (starring Kiera Knightly, Carey Mulligan, and Andrew Garfield).  Good movie, great book!

28. Room by Emma Donaghue     #11/50: A book with a one word title     (finished 6/9/15)
Oh this book... a novel written from the POV of a 5-year-old little boy, born into captivity - his prison? a one-room shed, hidden from the public by a man who kidnapped his mother 6 years ago...
So incredible a book, I was so so so so excited to find out its movie is supposedly in post-production status!!!!! I can't wait for this to come out!!! Highly Recommended Read!!

29. Hollow City: The Second Novel of Miss Peregrin's Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs   #17/50: A book a friend recommended   (finished 6/10/15)
So this is more of a sequel to a book a friend originally recommended, but I decided it fit enough into this category... The first novel was pretty cool, and the second novel definitely met expectations (I in in fact, and for once, let lots of time pass between reading the first book and reading the sequel, but I did pretty well throughout the first chapter or so, to go, "oh yea! oh YEA! Now I remember what happened (mostly) in the first book!"

And I am currently days into reading Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird and it's dragging only because I'm deciding at night to crochet a cowl instead of read...

Monday, June 15, 2015

Getting ready for NT scan.. (12w) UPDATED (12w5d??)

Today's NT scan is at 3:15 (ET)

I still haven't told work, so I'm pulling a "daycare called, gotta go get Button" around 2:45...

I was mentally preparing this morning to tell my administrator along with a, "BTW I have to leave early today for the big appointment" but my PGAL brain has me chickening out...

PGAL brain also has my stomach slightly churning with nerves because - I had wanted to use the doppler this morning (or even last night) so I could walk into the MFM office with at least a little confidence (as opposed to extreme terror) but I didn't get a chance to...
(also why I chickened out of telling administrator today... I need to either have this appointment or have used the doppler more recently to feel comfortable...)
(Friday was the last time I used the doppler... I calculated FHR at about 155...)

Oh another reason why I'm reluctant to tell administrator (everyone else at work I'm excited to tell) is because on Friday, a coworker brought her 10-day old granddaughter (OMG SQUEEEE I HELD HER, I couldn't stop saying how tiny she was!! and how I did NOT remember babies being this tiny!!)

And upon being asked if she wanted to see her or hold her, administrator literally uttered the words "I don't do babies..."
and she walked out of the office.  (a little background, so you don't think I'm being a horrible person, she might have had losses, etc - she's in her early 60's - divorced x3 and only does pets...)

So pardon me if I expect a less-than-excited reaction, or more specifically a first reaction of, "so how long of a leave are you going to take?!"

Anyways  - NT scan. 

In a little over three hours...

send good vibes!!

Nuchal went AWESOME (of course,  E got there late, in fact after they called me back and had started.. (they couldn't wait, they said, very short-staffed))

And after all that drama of measuring 4 days behind early on,  I'm now measuring 5 days ahead!!! So I'm going to have to ask my OB if they'll be adjusting the EDD, since they'll most likely need to schedule a RCS at what's truly 39 weeks..

Heart rate was 176, Nuchal measured 1.5-1.7... we even got a 3D/4D peek!!

Aaaaaand the tech gave us a gender prediction, which she said she rarely does.. let's see if I can keep it a secret on here until confirmed.. (we already spilled the probable-gender to all our family! Lol)