Saturday, May 21, 2016

5 Months... Holy 'ISH

Can't believe this girl is...

Eating: no more 100% boob juice... she's a mean-eating-machine! While she still gets 3.5oz bottles (three each day) sent to daycare, and will eat anywhere from 1.5 to all 3 bottles, she's also getting two meals a day of Banana Oatmeal cereal (2-3Tbsp) and an oz or so of a fruit or vegetable (our repertoire so far includes apples, bananas, peaches, carrots and avocado - tonight we'll be trying butternut squash!
 (and I recently got those cool freezer storage "jars" to make our own food - not to say "boo-store-bought-baby-food" or "we're so crunchy-hippie" but more to save money!!! A jar of baby food averages $1 each, but I can get a bag of carrots/butternut squash/peas for the same price, boil/steam and puree them and get a large batch of baby food made!)

(I still have Wednesdays off, so then and weekends we still nurse on demand! (averages every 4 hours during the day around food...)

Sleep: her naps can be hit or miss (she took a great 2-hour nap recently at daycare!) and I think eventually she'll settle into a nap schedule (thanks to daycare) but nighttime?? Three consecutive nights she recently slept 11 straight hours!!!! (And then followed that up on the fourth night with three wake-ups, the first she was rocked back to sleep... and the fifth night with two wake-ups, again the first she was rocked back to sleep for another 3.5 hours before waking to eat... It's like, I know now you can make it 11 hours! Growth spurts aside, you can do it little girl!!! SLEEEEEEP!

Weight: no clue right now, next doctor weight is at 6 month appointment (AGH! SIX MONTHS NEXT?!?!)

Length: same as for weight...

Wearing: size 2 diapers (daycare had her in 1's the other day, which resulted in a huge blow out. lol) a few larger-brand 3M onesies, like when Mommy is in denial that she is moving up a size, and still wants to get wear out of that cute pair of 3M pants/outfit... (she can only wear 6M sleepers or larger, and 3M pants are definitely too short. lol)

Hates: getting dressed/undressed, hates having her nose/face wiped

Loves:bathtime (non-stop feet kicking and splashing!) and loves to watch her big brother and doggies play, loves being worn (ring sling, moby, ergo - it don't matter!)
Doesn't mind getting her nails did (still filing, haven't tried clipping yet!) and likes to play with her feet (happy baby yoga pose!)

Milestones: Can pretty much grab toys/hands/mommy's coffee on the first try, and with determination! She also reaches out and plays with her carseat toys all the time!

1. When you nurse, you get all kinds of crazy - kicking feet (still) to grabbing and playing with my necklace to making sure the other boob is still there...

2. Your hair has recently gotten long/thick enough to make some really cute hairstyles (As we also saw in the very first picture of the post)

 3. Your baptism is this coming Sunday, and I cannot wait to see you in the cute white dress and bonnet! (complete with monogrammed bloomers... lol)

4. You and I love to occasionally go to a Saturday ballet class together - you snuggle tight in your carrier and usually snooze out a few minutes into class!

5. You love your foods! Each meal time we get you situated in your MamasPapas chair and bib, and you intently watch Daddy or Mommy prepare your food, and as soon as the spoon's airborne, your mouth is baby-bird-wide open!

Button has been having a blast at daycare, enjoying things like Monarch butterflies visiting and getting ready for the summer camp: water play, yoga, FitKidz - we're ready for the warm weather to come with it!!! (Swim lessons possibly soon!)

Thursday, May 19, 2016

damn you text-predictor...

I was trying to type a text out on my phone this morning, something about "walking" somewhere...

and my phone text-predictor kept changing it to "waddling"...

perhaps I shouldn't have skipped my hot yoga last night...

Except - it was skipped for good cause! I still have Wednesdays off work ("the better to nurse on demand, my Dear!") and yesterday E took off as well - to do "something on our family day" and that something was LEGOLAND!
(We took this green-screen picture, hopefully I can get it loaded onto Photoshop at home and have some fun with editing...)

There was a station to build and race cars (E's car won, but Button took second place out of three cars!)

There was a station to build towers and test their strength against simulated earthquakes!
 There was also this really cool giant Lego Man... =P

My favorite part (aside from Lego Friends karaoke... LOL) was Miniland and all of the miniature NYC/NJ landmarks (like Rockefeller skating rink, and Statue of Liberty (complete with Ellis Island!) and Giants Stadium (boo Giants) and Empire State Building (complete with a climbing King Kong!)

They even had One World Trade Center (I only have this "nighttime" shot - the daytime was more impressive...)
Left most building: Empire State Building
Center building with silver spire: Chrysler Building
Far right building (turquoise lights): One World Trade

Little Miss hung out in my ring sling the whole day, just quietly taking it all in (we even nursed in it, twice!)
 both kids were done and worn out!

Button conked out nicely at bedtime, while Little Miss Mack fought it a bit - she arched and fussed so much, we tried gas drops, and were about to try tylenol for possible teething, when E pulled the "Maybe she's still hungry" card... to shut him up, I put her on the boob - but 5 sucks in and she was LIGHTS OUT!

 "How many sucks does it take to make a baby fall asleep??"

(She then proceeded to wake up at 12:45, when I rocked her back to sleep pretty easily, and she next woke at 4:45 to eat... closer to getting back to STTN, which she did three nights last weekend!!! we're talking 11 straight hours!!!)

Friday, May 6, 2016

water in my hair... I don't care...

I swear toddlers walk slower in the rain...

As water is pouring in the back of my trench, down my neck, Button is all strolling down the walk to the car... hooded rain jacket, what does he care?? OOO look a puddle to splash in!

Anyways - we had our pictures taken last weekend, and they came out SO FREAKING ADORABLE...

It is by far the best investment we'll ever make (at only $50?!?!) especially when Button's daycare asked for a family picture to go on their Family Tree, and I looked... and looked... and looked, and could only come up with a badly lit picture of the three of us from Cancun. Taken LAST YEAR...

And one of my favorite (I have probably 50 "favorites" from the 500+ pictures taken that day!!!)

Also - Ms. Mack has been sleeping in her crib now almost a week, and I do think it's helped! the last few nights she's gotten down to 2 wake-ups (and feeds)... the going down can be a little rough (last night we tried from 7:30-9pm, then I brought her down to her swing, and then she chilled in E's arms until I went to bed at 10pm and brought her up, nursed her to sleep (I KNOW... ugh) and put her in the crib...) but two nights ago was smooth as buttah! (in the crib at 7:30, asleep by the time I left Button in bed at 8:30)

All that to say - last night she slept 10pm til 2:45am (relatively awesome for us!) and then til 5:15 - and at this point I usually bring her to back to bed with me, for fear of her waking up Button mad early (and him waking US up...) but I put her back in the crib, and they were both fine in the nursery until we all woke up at 7:40 - YAY!!

So her first night spending all night in the crib, I feel rested (probably because I woke up between REM cycles as opposed to during one) but hopefully this chick starts to get the idea of STTN!

She's been eating enough for sure - 3Tbsp at a time of cereal, plus a fruit (banana, peaches or apples) and I think tonight we'll try avocado! (She has this at breakfast time and dinnertime with us...)

(maybe we'll try avocado... we might be too crazy, as we'll be flying around (as usual) after work tonight, to take the kiddos to Open Swim at the local indoor pool... maybe swim lessons for Button soon!)

((also - I get to attend Button's daycare's Muffins with Mom for the first time in three mother's days! MIL is down with a stomach bug today, on the day she usually watches Button, so I used that as an excuse with work - "I won't have to call out, but I do have to leave early to get him from daycare, they didn't originally have him on the schedule for today..." hee hee - I'll leave early and have Mom Muffins with my kiddos!))

To the mommies with babies in their arms...
to the mommies who hold memories of their sweet babies in their hearts...
to the mommies who hold dreams & desires for babies in their whole being...

Happy Mother's Day...

Friday, April 29, 2016


Is that enough acronyms for you?!

Let's start with the first one: PTSD.

I had a friend half-joke recently that she thought I had PTSD from Button's rocky weight gain... and I had to agree...

(Most likely) Because of my experience with Button, I was/am a little sensitive to making sure Baby girl was/is on a good growth curve.  At the same time, I was damn determined to make BFing successful, and I made the decision that I was NOT going to EP like I did for Button... Having experienced the nursing relationship with Ms. Mack, I can look back and say I missed out on the bonding with him because I was instead hooked to a machine 8-9 times a day, and (mostly) someone else fed him a bottle of my milk...
 Anyways - back to the PTSD and how it affected me this go'round:
Little Ms. Mack's intake was first tracked on apps and on paper: which side she started on, how many minutes for each side, and if a nursing session all of a sudden was minutes less, PANIC ENSUED!
Was she getting enough?!  

The doctor check-ins (and stalled weight gain) added to the tracking.  Now I was also logging pump sessions (at first, once every morning: how long after she nursed, for how long did I pump, how many ounces did I get...) as well as logging a supplemental bottle Ms. Mack got (when she got it, how many ounces she took).

And then I met with an IBCLC and did a weighed feeding, and for 5 days following that appointment, I logged and tracked even more: nursing sessions (which side first, how many minutes) and pump sessions (after every nursing session - how many minutes, how many ounces per side) and supplemental bottles...

On top of all this logging, I was also tracking her weight gain via weekly visits with the scale at our local BF support group... (She only gained 6oz from last week! She gained 7 the week before, SHOULD I WORRY?!)

It was probably around this point that friend made her PTSD observation... (It didn't help that I frequently vocalized my freak-outs to her: "I weighed her this week in just a onesie, and she only gained 4 oz - but last week I weighed her in TWO onesies, so do you think she actually gained more than just 4 oz?!"  (*probably close to an actual question I posed...)

but gradually, the neuroses dropped away... I stopped logging every nursing session and its length in an app... (I then relapsed and was writing on a whiteboard each day just when she ate, and when she had wet diapers - needed to be at least 8 feeds and 5-6 wet diapers!)

And then I wiped clean the white board and even stopped logging those (it probably helped that she kept up a 7oz/week weight gain for about a month...)

Now?  I don't even count at the end of each day the number of times she nursed, nor do I count how many wet diapers she had (a lot!) In fact on our days off I probably couldn't even always tell you the time at which she last ate...

PTSD has faded - if she's hungry? I'll feed her... simple as that... (and the pump sessions at work? I try to barely even look at how much I pump... if it's not enough, that's what the freezer stash (70 ounces!) is for!! and when that's gone? formula!)
t'aint the end of the world!!

And so - the second acronym, EBF:

She has started eating oatmeal cereal (and recently peaches!) and just loves it!  no longer formally "EBF!"  (and also - daycare uses formula to make the cereal - I ain't about to have them make too much cereal and then have to toss that 'ish because she didn't eat it all!)

She has no clear pattern for eating day-to-day at daycare (Tuesday she finished all three bottles (3.5oz) between 11:30a and 4pm! and yesterday, she only finished one entire bottle...) but she gets cereal in the morning there, and cereal at dinner with us and she loves it! She also gets peaches at dinner, and while she makes the sour face from time to time (so freaking cute) she noms 'em all up!

Avocado or banana coming up next!

And last (but not least... especially for the lack of it...) is STTN...

Ms. Mack gave me a few stints here and there of stretches like 10p-4a or 11p-6a, and in just enough consecutive days that I was all, SQUEEEE we're on our way!


Not... she laughed at me as we got back to frequent wakings (like, at least 3 times a night -frequent... two nights ago was around 12:45am, 2:15am, 4am and 6amish (or something like that...))

My theory was that she wasn't really needing to eat at those times (especially because she'd drink for a minute or so and start to fall back asleep... UH HUH) so last night, after waking to eat at 12:30a (she'd last eaten around 8pm) she woke/stirred again around 2a and I thought, NOPE... I gave her the pacifier, sssh'd a little bit (and held the cradle still*) and she totally fell back asleep until waking to eat at 3:45a! And then, she again started to wake/stir around 5am and again, I thought, NOPE! and brought her into bed with me (I know, I know...) and she conked immediately back out until 7:45.

*Now the adjusted theory is that she's waking herself up as she drifts from one REM cycle to another because she's in a cradle that rocks and moves when she even slightly shifts... (there's a pin in it to keep it from rocking, but it's just not as immobile as a crib)

SO - Tonight we'll be sleeping in the big-girl crib in the big-girl room (with Button) and see how it goes... Hopefully I can stick to it and not give in, out of fatigue at 2am on the 10th trip into the nursery, and bring her back to bed... lol

Beauty sleep is important tonight because tomorrow afternoon we're finally doing a formal family photo shoot! (mini session, anyways - 20 minute shoot and 5 images for just $50! Even the photographer in me can be down with that! Now to pick out all the matching clothes!! lol)

Monday, April 25, 2016

it's baaaaaack - and we're Making!

a Making Things Monday catch up =)

because, you know - I had all this free time on my maternity leave to make stuff. (HA.... HAHAHA!)

(and of course- let's not forget my biggest MakingThingsMonday - Monday December 21st, I made this!

but really - I got some cute things made in the 5-minute snippets I had free (lol)

things like a pacifier leash (for pacifiers that Ms Mack won't take... she only takes a wub-a-nub at this point, whenever she does take a pacifier...)

and this dress (pinterest inspired!)

(that Ms. Mack wore to our Thursday BF Group's Easter "Party")

And then I finally made Ms. Mack's shadow box (much like Button's, on the left!)

On my weekly trips to Michaels (oiy vey - it's probably a good thing I came back to work! lol) I got these sweets and painted them to girl up the nursery (which she's not even sleeping in yet with Button. LOL)

So that's what I've been up to the past few months...  (I've got some crochet projects I'd like to work on - like wrist-warmers for E's teenage adopted sisters, maybe if I start now they'll be done by the time cold weather rolls around again! lol

Friday, April 22, 2016

sleep training... (and 4 MONTHS?!)

yea no, I'm not talking about sleep training my 4 month old (who slept from 11pm to 6am last night!!)

No, I am in need of sleep training!! Because even when SHE was sleeping, I couldn't sleep through the night and was up at 3am! (Wonder why - 4 straight months of waking... lol)

I'm hoping last night's great stretch wasn't just a fluke/reaction to her shots that she got yesterday morning... She definitely fussed at daycare afterwards - 2 hour nap and some tylenol, she was feeling better and up to eating...

And speaking of - yup, we had her FOUR MONTH CHECK UP yesterday...
I'm almost sitting, Mom!

Ms. Madeline Mack:

Eating: 100% boob juice!  She gets 3.5oz bottles (three each day) sent to daycare - sometimes she will eat 1.5 bottles, sometimes she'll suck down all three by 2pm... (that's more a rarity)
otherwise (Wednesdays and weekends) she nurses on demand! (averages every 3 hours during the day...)

 we like to take morning selfies... lol
(and yes, after her 5/6am nursing session, she still comes into bed with me -
I need that last hr of sleep too bad to risk her fussing and being awake in her cradle...)

Sleep: her morning nap is still decent (yesterday after getting to daycare, she slept 2 solid hours post-shots!) afternoon ones, she likes to catnap about 30-45 minutes... nighttime sleeping is - eh... she most regularly averages a first stretch of 3-4 hours, and then is up about every 2, maybe 3 hours... oiy vey... (last night she fell asleep on daddy around 8:15, woke at 10:30 to eat, and then slept til 6!!!)

Weight: officially - 12lb6oz (butt naked! lol) and at first, that number disconcerted me, but then - she jumped up to the 25th-ish percentile! from the 10th! GO BABY GIRL! (I got a "good job" from the doctors! wooooot!)

Length: 24.5" - 50th percentile

Wearing: she can maybe fit in her 3M onesies if we stretch the snaps... otherwise, this long girl is in 6M (especially feetie-sleepers!) and size 1-2 diapers (just using up the last of size 1 huggies in the house, alternating with a pack of 2's that we have - both fit/hold it all in...)

Hates: waking up. lol first thing in the morning (her 8am ish wakeup) she fusses and cranks for about 5 minutes, and then is as happy as a clam...

Loves: when you shake your head side-to-side and make CRAZY noises. (lol)

Milestones:More laughs (best sound EVAR) and rolled over (from tummy to back) in her crib Thursday morning! (we need to do more tummy time, I know, so hopefully we can get some more of that rolling soon!)  Also got cereal (Oatmeal+Banana) last night for the first time!!! While the concept of eating off the spoon is (obviously) very new and foreign, she liked the taste and by the end was opening her mouth wide!

Hanging at the park on Wednesday in the beautiful weather...

and thank goodness it was nice, cuz Little Miss Mack decided to blow out her diaper (which was impressive - I got her out to change her mere SECONDS after I heard it...)

Since we were on a walking path, I'd only carried some wipes and diapers and left the spare clothes in the car

And so, we rode toga-style the rest of the walk!

1. It might take me longer in the morning to decide what YOU'RE going to wear, than to pick out my clothes for work... "what color bow with this?" or "are there matching leg warmers clean?!".

2. You wore a romper for the first time last weekend, and it was the cutest thing ever - I cannot wait for really warm weather to come and stay, so much fashion!

3. I said I would NEVER co-sleep (how dangerous! You'll never get them in their own bed/room!) And now, I have a hard time imaging you sleeping on your own in the crib in the nursery! (Of course, not until you sleep through the night more consistently either!)

4. You are the happiest baby - we stopped by the lactation consultant's office to return the Medela Symphony pump (PISA now at work!) and to weigh you, and you just held her finger, and watched her as she and your momma chatted... she even asked, "Is she always this good?"

Big Brother!
We took a walk earlier this week in the gorgeous weather (as Daddy had a dentist appt after work)
Button loved it, as did Ms. Mack!

We also went and visited E's old fire house! (Last time Button was there was... well, take a look!)

we've got a busy weekend coming up (tomorrow I have a dentist appt at 10am, we have a kid's birthday party at 11:15, and then I have a long-awaited-for massage at 2pm... AND THEN - we head into NYC to meet up with my brother-in-law who is out from SoCal for a Navy class this weekend - we'll be bringing the kids, so we're going to have a LOOOONG day... (I think the kids will be fine, it'll be Mom and Dad that'll be worn down! We can hopefully spent Sunday recuperating!))

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

One time...

(Spring Cleaning Post)

... I spent two hours at Walmart.  I was only returning two pairs of shoes for Button (we needed a bigger size!!) but I was blissfully ALONE in the store... (ha - this mental note was made BEFORE having two kids, when Button was just a year old! LOL)

I spent those two hours just wandering the aisle, appreciating the quiet and empty cart, not worrying about what little hands can reach and pull off the shelves...
(I might as well have been frolicking through this field...)

~ * ~ * ~ * ~      ~ * ~ * ~ * ~
With each holiday that passes, and with it cute little glitter clothes pins and colored paper straws and personalized metal buckets/cups/bags, I am more and more afraid I'm becoming That Mom...

The mom that other moms roll their eyes at, when she arrives the day of the Valentine's Party with homemade heart-shaped personalized cookies for all the kids (and teachers!) or rolls up the day before Christmas break with  handmade mini-thumbprint ornaments for all the teachers... 

But I love to make!

 I love to craft! 
 (do we all remember how crazy I went for Button's first birthday party?!)
also - HELLOOOO Making Things Monday (aka series that I totally dropped the ball on...)

While I might have totally lost the free-time to shower now with two kids, I hope to always be That Mom that comes up with cute things like pink Rice Krispie treats (made with pink marshmallows! Also - that was my lazy holiday... with a newborn at home, it was thrown together last minute!) and personalized Christmas gifts that show the teachers/directors how much they mean to us!
Because I love to be throwing this shit together at 11pm the night before, and then watch the teachers squeal with delight over their salt-dough thumb-print ornaments...