Tuesday, October 21, 2014

the Time When...

Some more of the Missing Month:

The last weekend in September brought gorgeous NYC-weather and so Button and I packed up and headed into Brooklyn for some of the most delicious food and drink!

We feasted on some wrapped up piggies:

We enjoyed some yummy LOBSTAH!

After a quick romp in the grass (where Button approached every stranger that was seated there with a wink and a wave:

We adventured with some sticky rice and Mango

We then packed up and, complete with a caramel&seaSalt cookie-IceCream-Sandwich that oozed and melted and made our fingers sticky - strolled on to try our flea-market hand in Williamsburg. (Our hands found success - this awesome vendor was where I got a birthday gift for E's aunt!)

We quenched our thirst with some "artisan" sodas (I'm not even sure what "artisan" means - but there were flavors like Hibiscus, Cinnamon & Clove... and Apple & Ginger (delish!!)... and Watermelon & Tarragon... so yea. I'm going to call them "artisan"...)

And then we really quenched our thirst with a good beer while this guy napped (for over 2 hours!!)

and THEN - I was able to break in my K-Tan wrap (boo, no pictures - but he loved it! as did I!) as we walked through Brooklyn, stopping at a playground for some sliding and screaming before we caught the subway back up to Muffin's apartment on the UpperWestSide.

*Oh god I just remembered that whole trek - so it takes a good hour between waiting for trains and switching to get from Brooklyn to the nearest stop to her apartment (approx 3-4 blocks) and we both had to pee before we even got on the train in Brooklyn... While on the train, Muffin needed extreme distractions to keep her from leaving a piddle on the train seat. 
I did my best, and we arrived at her stop - we sprinted up the station stairs, and into the nearest friendly restaurant where she blew past the hostess and made it to the bathroom just in time.

Meanwhile, I'm all, I can make it - I can distract myself enough, there's been more urgent times that I've totally made it to a bathroom! We've got this, I can wait til we get to your apartment Muffin!


I made it all the way into her building foyer (nothing fancy, really just a small entryway that has the wall of mailboxes and a teeny stairwell for her walk-up.)

I started the Pee-Pee Dance as I said to Muffin, "GO, just go unlock the door (I'll get Button out of the stroller) JUST GO UNLOCK YOUR DOOR!"

Aaaand as I took the stairs two at a time, slinging Button in my arms, I could feel it - I started peeing myself, and couldn't stop...

I banged into her open door, pee seeping into my jeans and down my inner thighs (YUP, that happened...) I set Button down (who apparently then toppled over on his bottom, having not been steady when I set him down - and he started SCREAMING)

I didn't even get my underwear pulled down - I scraped my jeans down over my hips, and sat on the toilet and peed straight through them.  Did you ever do that when you were little, and couldn't get a wet swimsuit down fast enough?

No? Just me?

Ok then...

And that was the time when a grown woman peed herself.

And had to come home commando in Muffin's PJ bottoms...
 (she gave me the pants - I still owe her another pair...)

Monday, October 20, 2014

Making Things Mondays!

You're gonna laugh, thinking "This girl is going to start a new series when she can't even keep up with the existing ONE?!"  (ok ok, like, 4 series I've "started" and failed to either keep up with or continue... I still have every intention of finishing continuing the Tour Tuesdays!)

But I've recently done a few crafty things I wanted to share!

We finally got the quarter of the basement completely finished - carpeted, walled, lights and sockets installed - and so were able to work more on Button's playroom!  We get his "artwork" sent home from daycare monthly or so (and by "artwork" - I know that it's stuff the assistants and teachers mostly do and slap the child's name on it - but they've been creative with hand- and foot-prints at this daycare!)

The walls in the playroom were really bare and empty, and so I got this great idea to frame his stuff!

There's a bunch more artwork that I have to frame (A Foot Minion!) and will probably rotate pieces out of a few other frame-collages (so I don't fill the walls, corner to corner!)

More Updates on the Missing Month (lol!)
A late Friday in September we stopped for pizza  after work (instead of hot yoga... bad Kate!)
Ben loved the rice balls and pepperoni!

The next day he got some more goat-action! Our town holds an annual [Town] Day, complete with jump houses, petting zoos - and the local girl scout troop selling cookies! (ahem... only two boxes of Samoas purchased!)

And Button did not lick the green cow fence.

He did not lick it three times.

Ew ew ew ew ew

What I'm wearin...

*I utterly fail at scheduling posts...

last Wednesday's:

oh Wardrobe Wednesday.

I <3HEART<3 clothes... (did you SEE my closet in MasterBedroomTourTuesday??)

What better way to share that than in my random Wardrobe Wednesdays?! =)


(yes, my actual feet - no matter the g.oogle combination, I couldn't find a comparable set of shoes!)

*Dress - from street fair : $8
*Cardigan - probably thrift store...
*Shoes - JCPenny, probably under $20... (and the heel looks shorter than it is - they are hot shoes!)

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

**Waves Hands** - I'm still here!

First and foremost, the reason why I've been so crazed and too busy to blog - the assistant (not sure if I ever mentioned her, she sucked, was a little crazy, etc) "resigned" last Wednesday... so I've been in charge of the whole office.  (Hence, the music.)

I refuse to work late and miss time with Ben so I've brought work home a few times (and only once or twice neglected to do the work once I finally put my feet up! Tell me why it seems like I'm constantly doing housework while E sits and gets to play with Button!!)

Anyways - so catch up: I made some food.  On Fridays.    hashtag FoodieFriday!
and clothes - I Wore.  On Wednesdays.    hashtag WardrobeWednesday!


No, really.  I think the last I really posted was early September, so we've done a lot! There'll be some regularly scheduled series (back on track with ) interspersed with some updating, and first up:

Back in mid-September, Ben's kick-ass daycare had a birthday party! Their birthday party - they'd been open for one year!  So one Saturday, right as Ben started developing a consistent fever (like, 103.4 at one point!) which led us to discover his most recent double ear infection (again!) we found a break in the clouds as the Tylenol did its work and headed to their Parking-lot Party:
 (He tried to head-butt the goat through the fence...) #truestory

That night was when his temperature crept up... with a cooling bath and some more Tylenol, we called the doctor's line and were told to bring him in the next morning (how cool that there was a doctor in the office on a Sunday?!)

In we went, where we discovered the afore-mentioned double ear infection.  They prescribed a third anti-biotic (as he'd been on amoxicillin before his last ear infection, which was treated with augmentin and I think they just wanted to see if something would be more effective...) so we then trekked to a small Ma&Pa pharmacy that had this anti-biotic in stock.  While we waited for the ($70!!!!!) Rx, we sat and played left a total disaster for the staff in Starbucks.... (sorry guys!)

Then, on the way home we passed it - The Garage Sale! Where I found a K'Tan sling (still in original packaging!) for like, $2! And two potty-training seats for something like a buck each!

And this sweet ride:

He loved cruising in this baby, even with the missing gas-cap and wobbly-wheel.. (what do you expect for $2...)

And then this baby SLEPT.
 Mad Points for the reclining high-chair!!

I'm sure it was the combination of being slightly still feverish and not feeling well... But the good news was that the Rx did it's job - infection was fought and the fever went down the very next morning! (We still split that Monday to stay home 1/2 day each to give Button a chance to really recoop...)

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Music's On....

Pandora's crankin' in the background at work... that's never a good sign.

It means I have 20 hours of work to do in an 8 hour day.

It means I might have to be here til 8pm tonight and miss putting my Button to bed...

It means I can't even take 5 minutes to review with you the past two weeks of blog-silence...

but I'm here... and will probably try to catch up and comment with a few of you ladies during a break when it feels like my eyeballs will fall out and my fingers fall off...

Monday, September 15, 2014

a Funny-a-Day...

Phrases my husband never thought he'd say (during a day at home with Ben while he closes out his battle with a double ear-infection.  ANOTHER ONE...):

"Don't lick the fucking fridge" (to which I said, "E - why did you curse at the baby?!" lol)

"Who's piss is this?" (directed at, I assume, the baby and two dogs)

"Get your fingers out of his eyeballs!"  (poooor doggies... lol)

A Request...

Hey ladies (and any gents!) - I'm coming to you guys with a request...

and I'm going all in because the pages and profiles we've got going have mine and my husband's full name...

So - Here goes:

Eric and I have recently begun a venture that is close to the heart for us, especially with one of us driving Ben to daycare every day, and we’re looking for your help to get it off the ground...

I receive a Parenting magazine monthly, and a recent article told of three different sets of parents who suffered a terrible tragedy: they all had a child die from heatstroke after unintentionally being left in a vehicle.

We did more research, and couldn’t believe the numbers - there had been a total of 21 hot-car deaths so far this year and 38 per year on average.  Looking into the statistics, I recently came across a story that gives me chills:
7 years ago, Lyn Balfour forgot her 9-month-old Bryce in her backseat while she spent hours at work. That morning she was rushing to deal with an emergency at her Charlottesville, Virginia, job.  When her babysitter called that afternoon to check on the baby, Balfour paused her day in confusion.
“Stunned, realizing what she'd done, Balfour ran to her car. She started CPR on Bryce.
The mother's cries for help would be heard on a 911 call later played in court, but it was too late.
Overheated, Bryce died.”

With a total of 21 deaths so far this year, a hot-car death is occurring every 12 days.

Why are we reaching out to you?

We’ve created a product that we think will save lives - an easy-to-use tag that hangs on your rearview mirror during car rides to help remind the driver, as well as alert the public, that there is a child in the backseat of the vehicle.

We’re now on Kickstarter to begin fundraising, and we’re asking for your help in getting this off the ground.  

You can help in 2 ways:

  • Make a pledge to our Kickstarter (and get cool stuff from SafetyBIB!)
  • Share our Kickstarter page, share (and like!) our Facebook page, and share our website with your friends and family
        Kickstarter:     http://kck.st/1qZdZVr
        Facebook:    https://www.facebook.com/safetybib    
        Website:    www.safetybib.com

Eric and I sincerely appreciate any efforts on your part to help us get this product off the ground… THANK YOU!

****Here's the thing blog-readers: The above is our format email we blasted out... and I won't say we don't need your help fundraising, but I'm mostly asking you to just share the information:

Share our facebook page...
Share our kickstarter page...
Share our website... (my awesome husband made it all!)
Tweet about us... (@safetybib)

Just share the word! 

A million thank yous in advance for helping us out!!