Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The number of the day is..... ONE!

I got the email this morning... the one from BabyCenter that's all,


Your toddler is ONE!

And "your toddler likes to stack and sort!"

I'm sorry, you must be mistaken.  SHE'S STILL MY BABY!!!!!!

But... she is one year old today....

  one year ago (give or take a few days) I was walking and shopping and eating hot wings (I HATE hot wings! I cried because my lips burned... lol) trying to get Ms. Mack interested in meeting the world...

 And on her own time table, out she came... (albeit a little rocky..)

And now this girl is enjoying birthday muffins at daycare today with her birthday twin (a "classmate" born on the same day!)

Button got to head to the baby room and wish his little sister a Happy Birthday....
(can't tell if he's eating her muffin or kissing her hand.... LOL)


(12-month appointment tomorrow, stats to follow!!!)
ALSO - big birthday party post to come!

Monday, December 12, 2016

Marathon Catch-Up

This is like, the third passing of the baton in this marathon\relay race of a Catch-Up...

I think I left off with Halloween - owls, pirates and Superman, Oh My!

The next weekend, the girls (my MIL, E's aunt and cousin, and my 3 SIL's) went to Atlantic City for a much-needed girls' night... (plus, my MIL got a free comp'd room! jack pot!)
We got a great room (one king size bed, one L-shape couch, and then got an air mattress delivered. which promptly "popped" on the nightstand handle.... see dead - deflated mattress in hallway waiting for pick up! LOL!)
And then on the first sweep through the casinos, I put $10 or so into a slot machine and hit big! I pulled the lever a few more times, and then cashed out at $90, and put that voucher away!
I jumped at the chance for an outdoor-hottub soak (complete with drinks!) before we headed out for dinner and drinks.  (This is moment I discovered roulette... #newAddict... (not REALLY...) but seriously - started the entire trip with $150 to "play with" and came home the next morning with almost $190 - pretty successful trip!!)

Two days before Thanksgiving, Button came down with a stomach bug... (diarrhea. of course.) so E and I had to do half days at work (one of us worked the morning, then we tagged the other in to be able to work the afternoon).
 (I took this to try to show E a scratch/bruise Button had)
instead, I got a picture of the world's worst haircut, 
and a poor sick boy, complete with purple bags...

He was feeling better by Thanksgiving (and finally had his appetite back on the up-swing) so we had a great time my IL's.

The Saturday after Thanksgiving, we decided last minute to go to the annual local Fire Department Holiday parade...
(Past years,  E has been in the parade with his previous fire department - boozed up in either makeup, tights, or both...)

And then Black Friday I had work (yay healthcare...) and E had his annual NHL game with the guys, so he dropped Ms. Mack off with me at work around 4pm and she helped me clean up and file...

Let's bookmark it there (work is calling...) - at least we're almost into December!!!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

11/12ths of a year...

I simply cannot believe today is December.  The month that this little girl was born, a year ago...

(pretty sure this was at the Double-Ear-Infection doctor appointment...)

While party planning is ramping up (i.e. I've received daily Amazon deliveries for the past week of supplies and decorations...) we've been enjoying this little almost-walker!

Little Ms. Mack has been taking independent steps the last few days!!!!
As in, she'll be standing at her table, and then turn and take off - only to face plant... -_-

Anyways - back to her 11-month stats!

Weight: 17lb6.5oz (last weight taken is as of 10/28 when we went in for her ear-check... of course, she was wearing (clean) diaper vs her usual butt-naked... but still! up like 12oz from 2 weeks prior! (yes. as much as I've gotten away from counting every ounce, once a counter - always a counter. lol)

Height:(last measured at 9m - 27.5")
((12m appt booked for Dec 22nd!!!))
Eating: The last few days she hasn't been very enthusiastic about solids (except bread. lol) - she'll still eat her purees or Stage 3's though... (they also still keep a back-up stash at daycare, but she's great at eating their food!)
Can use pretty much any of the sippy-cup styles we have now, and we don't need to use the little rubber spill-proof inserts! Girl already mastered how to tip the cup back down when she wants a break!!!
Still nursing morning and night... I thought the other day we'd start to wean in the morning (it was Monday - we totally overslept (by like 30 minutes!!!) and I was all set to make that day 1, except then she was a crank-face while we were getting ready, and while I was trying to get her shoes on, I just yanked down my shirt and let her have at it... -_- ) oh well.

Sleep: We head upstairs usually around 7:30 to get into PJ's and nurse... she then sleeps through until about 7:30-8am (depending on if Button wakes her up...)
She is definitely following in her brother's shoes when it comes to napping.... a typical day is one midday nap, usually about 1.5 hours... (of course, on the weekends we're too busy running around that it's usually 1-2 naps per day, about 30-45m each while in the car...)
ohmygosh she sleeps just like her brother... <3
(Button as an infant!)

Wearing: Size 3 diapers still... mostly 12M clothes... I'm in a vicious cycle of putting her in a certain size (like 9months) when she'd be more comfortable/not have cropped pants in a bigger size, but then when I moved her formally to the bigger size (i.e. I clean out her drawers) then she only truly fits in that size for like, a month.  So then I leave her in that size for longer than I should in order to wear all of her cute pieces, and - rinse/repeat... I need to suck it up and get her cleaned out of 9month clothes...
She's also wearing size 2/3 shoes! Yes, shoes every day - it helps keep her feet warm, too =)
And if I thought I'd have a problem with clothes for a girl, lord help me... she's already got like, 8-9 pairs of shoes in her current size...

LOVES: still loves baths, loves being tickled (her "tickle button" that never fails is her actual belly button! =P )

loves cruising on her walker, playing in baskets (and taking clothes out!) and hanging with "friends"

(this is her birthday-buddy at daycare! they were both born on December 21st!)

HATES : her new thing is she'll sometimes stiffen up if she doesn't want to be set down, or put in her highchair... like, she literally won't bend at the waist if I'm trying to sit her on the floor with toys while I get ready for work, so I end up laying her down in the midst of her "tantrum" (oh yes, I think they're starting with her this young... she knows what she wants!!)

Milestone: Ms. Mack's started to copy-cat a lot: sounds, faces, sticking out her tongue... : P
 ohmyGAWD ignore my FILTHY mirror.... (just finally cleaned it last night, BTW)
right before Button brushed his teeth - 
which, after watching, totally made sense why my mirror was this dirty...

Nicknames: Bug (? don't ask lol) , Mack, MadGirl, Maddo, Maddie, BabyGirl

This girl - you can see she's going to be a force to be reckoned with!  If Button takes a toy, boy does she let you know she's pissed!
She is learning to "talk" and will non-stop babble sometimes when E gets home from work (sometimes she yells!)
She's still my little cuddly-shadow-bug, but will happily squeal and squirm for Daddy when he walks in the door from work (I get home first, so am responsible for picking up kids, letting dogs out, feeding dogs, getting dinner going... etc. UGH)

I know I'm a week late on the 11-month update, so a lot of these happenings are around, on or right after she turned 11 months....
But we also got rid of the Jump-a-Roo... kind of like the car seat, this was one that both my kids played in!!! (after watching below, you can probably see that Ms. Mack was fine with ditching the jumper! poor gal, got all shook up!)
And also.....
we have a WALKER!!!

HA - no, no, no - not that kind of walker...
(although - speaking of TWD... given last week's episode, I'm kind of glad there's only 2 left in 2016...)

No, we have a WALKER!

It started as one or two "I'm falling/running but let's pretend I'm walking!" steps between E and I...

and then a few nights ago, she was standing there, looking at me - I could SEE her gears turnin' - and she deliberately toddled, one... two... three steps before falling on her butt!!

And now?

This girl is getting more and more confident - and not in a good way!!! LOL

She'll be standing at her table, or the coffeetable/ottoman or the couch, and then just turn around and take off - only to face plant 3-4 steps later...

I've gotta give it to the gutsy girl - she'll definitely be cruising everywhere by the time we head to Texas for Christmas time!

Oh boy... four highly mobile toddlers under the age of 4....


(One last photo dump...)