Monday, December 12, 2016

Marathon Catch-Up

This is like, the third passing of the baton in this marathon\relay race of a Catch-Up...

I think I left off with Halloween - owls, pirates and Superman, Oh My!

The next weekend, the girls (my MIL, E's aunt and cousin, and my 3 SIL's) went to Atlantic City for a much-needed girls' night... (plus, my MIL got a free comp'd room! jack pot!)
We got a great room (one king size bed, one L-shape couch, and then got an air mattress delivered. which promptly "popped" on the nightstand handle.... see dead - deflated mattress in hallway waiting for pick up! LOL!)
And then on the first sweep through the casinos, I put $10 or so into a slot machine and hit big! I pulled the lever a few more times, and then cashed out at $90, and put that voucher away!
I jumped at the chance for an outdoor-hottub soak (complete with drinks!) before we headed out for dinner and drinks.  (This is moment I discovered roulette... #newAddict... (not REALLY...) but seriously - started the entire trip with $150 to "play with" and came home the next morning with almost $190 - pretty successful trip!!)

Two days before Thanksgiving, Button came down with a stomach bug... (diarrhea. of course.) so E and I had to do half days at work (one of us worked the morning, then we tagged the other in to be able to work the afternoon).
 (I took this to try to show E a scratch/bruise Button had)
instead, I got a picture of the world's worst haircut, 
and a poor sick boy, complete with purple bags...

He was feeling better by Thanksgiving (and finally had his appetite back on the up-swing) so we had a great time my IL's.

The Saturday after Thanksgiving, we decided last minute to go to the annual local Fire Department Holiday parade...
(Past years,  E has been in the parade with his previous fire department - boozed up in either makeup, tights, or both...)

And then Black Friday I had work (yay healthcare...) and E had his annual NHL game with the guys, so he dropped Ms. Mack off with me at work around 4pm and she helped me clean up and file...

Let's bookmark it there (work is calling...) - at least we're almost into December!!!

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