Friday, November 14, 2014

The Power of Word...

not really in the biblical sense, or in the Microsoft Office sense, but in the "Get Free Shit" way!

I hope you readers are around the right age (or at least in the same age RANGE as me) that you remember this movie??
(OMG I just aged myself. lol)
If you do know the movie, you'll remember the scene where someone's sunglasses broke, and so as a writing project the entire class wrote letters of complaint - and because they were well written (I use that term loosely!) they received a large box of free sunglasses from the manufacturer!

Well - I get a BirchBox monthly.  And when you leave a quick review for any or all of the 5 products you receive, you get 10 BirchPoints.  Every 100 points you earn equals $10 off a purchase.  And once you hit 500 for the calendar year, you become a member of the Aces Program!

I got an email recently with a subject line of "November UnBoxed" - which contains, according to the subject line, all the November products and the links to leave reviews (for points!) So I avoided opening until my November box showed up - I hate spoilers and love the surprise of opening the box!
Well I opened the email this morning - it was for the OCTOBER products, and the time frame to leave reviews FOR POINTS has passed. BOO!

Queue up the Well-Written Customer Service email...

AAAAAAND I got my 50 Birch Points! =P

the power of Word!

(I suck at blogging, this I know.  work was crazy, psycho assistant left (thank god!) and new person started - who is AWESOME SO FAR!)  Week days are Lather,RinseRepeat with Ben, daycare, work, daycare, home... I live for the weekends, not to sleep in, but to party with this animal:
(Wacky Wednesday at daycare!)

All this to say, I'll do my best to stop avoiding posting because it's been too long - because then it just gets to be longer, and then I feel even worse and avoid it more - it's a vicious cycle!

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  1. I was just thinking of you and wondering if there was going to be a blog update soon! As soon as I read this, a commercial for Birch boxes came on. Glad to see all is well :) Love his hair, by the way!