Saturday, May 11, 2013

More Items than a shopping list...

Item - my older dog, the lovely just-turned-seven white terror, is PISSING ME OFF by pissing all over the house.  Like on my vaccuum.

Item - I went to... perform some tweezer maintenance, if you will, on a small mole I have on my chin to keep myself from looking like my grandmother...
...when I discovered a blonde hair... at LEAST 2 inches long.

Item - I played it safe last night, eating vodka sauce wearing a *gasp* white tank top, and wore a towel as a bib.  Except the one square centimeter I didn't get covered, OF COURSE, got slopped with sauce.  f*ck me, right?

Item - My lovely OB/GYN office is a "NoNews=GoodNews" kind of office, so I'm assuming, having not heard a peep since the 1hr GTT over a week ago, that I passed... Except I still have the lovely bruise from the second blood draw:

Item - going to see my lovely Muffin in NYC today and it's raining, so no sun-bathing in Central Park - BOOOOO

Item - had (still has??) 50% off maternity and I got the following LOOT (for all under $50):
Click Click Click
Click Click Click

Item - Yesterday finally started to calm down at work: new assistant is showing alot of long-run potential and I actually walked out of work before 6! Aaaand then I spent all night dreaming about work.  In particular, that I came in the day after firing Old Assistant and she was back and I yelled at her and was like, GTFO!

So, it's Saturday - life is crazy as always.  The spackler is here (for day two of) bathroom spackling.  We're placing our tile order today and are waiting for quotes from tile-people (professionals to actually tile the bathroom because 1- E is ready to hang up his tool belt after 10+ weeks of doing it all himself, and 2- we don't want to mess around with tiling things that need to be waterproof like our shower...)
We'll probably hit Home Depot soon for paint... (maybe Lowes - "maybe both, I don't know - I don't know if we'll have enough time..." **10 pts to who can guess the movie quote**)

And one last item - my SIL's friends have two boys (6ish and 3ish) and they just gave us BAGFULS of 18mo-3T clothes... so much that I don't think I'll ever have to buy pants or shorts for baby boy until he's 5!

(and here's a peek at baby boy, 29weeks...)


  1. I love reading your updates and love you even more for the Old School reference. I feel like I use that at least once a month if not more :) Pretty nice little Saturday - Frank the Tank is the best!