Monday, May 20, 2013

I blacked out, what just happened?

Item - Just got back (yesterday) from an AWESOME weekend at Lake George:
Sign of a great weekend - flip flop tans!
Another good sign - pooped doggies (see Rocco way up top?)
*I'll do a L.G. post later, filled with good pics from my GOOD camera (i.e. not my cell phone)

Item - After getting home yesterday, we rocked it: I got 3 loads of laundry done, and we primed (first coat) the bathroom (pics to follow...)

Item - I feel like I had a bunch of things to post this a.m. and now my brain's farting. 

So that's kind of it - got a crazy week at work coming up, but mostly free (so far) evenings that I'm sure will quickly fill up with things like glass-shower-door-guy coming to spec out, and painting (bathroom and nursery) and getting invites mailed out for a bridal shower that I'm a bridesmaid for (shower is just two weeks before EDD - we'll see how THAT goes... lol)

ok, one last item - how trippy is this?!


  1. Ahh, I just saw your ticker. When did you get to be 30 (almost 31) weeks ???
    I love flip flops tans, good weather hasn't arrived until I have nice ones.

    1. I think that every.time I see my ticker - WHEN DID I GET HERE?! =)