Saturday, May 25, 2013

Rain, Rain - I guess you can stay...

...because otherwise, all I'd do today is attend BBQs and sit and suntan.

But because its raining and BBQs are no fun in the rain, I set my to-do list for today:

1. Get out and buy mom's bday gift
2. Get to post office (by noon) and mail mom's bday gift
3. Tape (a tedious first step when painting) the nursery
4. Get in about 1-2 hours of work (booo -I have a big audit due Monday - yes Monday, don't they know its Memorial Day?!)
5. Get in a 30-min session of prenatal yoga with the awesome DVD my SIL gave me

Aaaaand here's what I've done so far today:

** Had a leisurely breakfast followed by a cup of tea while reading my current NookBook (and browsing through a Benjamin Moore paint palette trying to find nursery colors...)

** Moved some small stuff away from the walls in the nursery and taped - until I ran out of tape (got about half the room done)
(we started to prime parts that didn't need taping the other night, when we had the primer and brush already out from bathroom work...)
And speaking of bathroom: (respectively - the view from the hallway, the future location for our double vanity, and the water-proof red stuf needed for the shower... whatever it's called. E knows all this crap lol)

((tile is ordered and tile installer-people will be here next Friday, so painting WILL be done by then!  We even decided - FOR SURE, because I'm the type to reconsider, and reconsider again - on our colors last night! Then "all that's left" - ha - will be getting the vanity + countertop delivered and installed, having the custom (i.e. $$$) glass shower doors delivered and installed, install toilet, order and install sink faucets + shower head, install light fixtures, and the final touches - towels and accessories! Gee - that's all that's left?! whew...))

**Something else I also got done today - a decision was made to procrastinate on the MomBday tasks... (Her birthday isn't for another week, plenty of time for a very small package to be mailed on Tuesday, right??)
Plus I just don't want to shower and put on real clothes, i.e. not my PJs, right now... You can't quite call it lazy because, hello - I just spent an hour working in the nursery! and will continue taping (E text me from a repair-day at our shore-house in Seaside Heights to tell me we have more tape in the bathroom!)
And maybe yoga, if I feel like it later - And I have a hot date tonight with my bff Dani!

Signing off (otherwise I'll sit and waste hours on the internet and there goes my semi-productive Saturday...) at 31w2d: (*and OMG don't mind the hot mess on, and in front of, my dresser... lol)

((((AAAAND GO Pregnancy brain.  I just remembered the post office trip had a dual purpose... I am getting two of E's fire department shirts made into onesies as a Father's Day gift, and I was supposed to mail them to the E.tsy vendor today.... and the post office closed 3 minutes ago.  F*$!%#))))

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  1. I love your bump! You just look so darn cute :)

    And the nursery/bathroom pics look great! I can't wait to see what colors you decided on... can you believe there's only ~8 weeks til you meet your baby!?!?! SQUEEEEEEEEEE!!!!