Wednesday, May 1, 2013

hey, Snuffle-snores-alot!!

Poor E - has some kind of sinus infection (he thinks it's from the bathroom work, getting something up his nose/in his eyes... lol)

but it makes him SNORE. EVERY. MORNING. (he might snore through the night too, but if he does, I'm thankfully too asleep to hear it...)

I feel bad that he's congested, he's on a Z-pack (antibiotic) for it now (and on top of it all, has to get a root canal in the next week, so there's a tooth ache WITH the congestion) but - OMFG, I CAN'T. STAND.  SNORING!!!

(My last boyfriend before E was a snorer, but only when on his side (like, when we spooned/cuddled) so I sacrificed that quickly for a good night's sleep...)

I just hope this Z-pack knocks it out soon so I can have my alarm-snoozing mornings back...

So tomorrow's 28weeks, where, should baby boy come way before we're ready, March of Dimes has the survival rate at 90-95%...
I know Viability (24weeks) is a big milestone that alot of PgALers can't wait to pass, it's crazy to realize that while it is such a big milestone, the survival rate was still not great... like 90% great...

But baby - keep on baking!
yesterday at 27w5d
(I think I've crossed over to the constantly-over-heated phase...)

 Tomorrow morning (at 8am!) is my 1 hr GTT, followed by my 28w checkup (it's actually DURING the 1hour wait for the blood draw) but it's my first appointment in a while that is during u/s hours so I might beg & plead nicely ask mention the possibility of getting an u/s...
Fasting starts tonight at midnight (ugh!)
Wish me luck tomorrow!


  1. I love how the odds increase so dramatically after reaching viability! I want our LO to keep on cooking too but it's a relief to know he's in a good position to make it!

    Good luck with your GTT this morning! I hope you get the results soon :)

  2. I'm sorry E is snoring so much right now. My husband snores all. the. time. On his back, on his sides, on his belly (which I thought was impossible.) There are some nights I just want to smother him with a pillow. (Then I remember, I'd be a single mom. :-P) I hope the Z-pack does its job and you can go back to your peaceful nights.