Sunday, April 28, 2013

In Memory - Carrying on the Flame

I want to carry the flame on from Stasy for the second day for Q, a beautiful, strong woman from the loss-mom boards we are all members of.  The boards took my breath away with their caring support for Q and her family as they recently went through a heart-breaking diagnosis of several abnormalities that were incompatible with life, and then as they went through the decision to set their baby boy free at 17weeks. 

They said goodbye yesterday...

I know there are no words that can sufficiently express sorrow at a loss like this, but I hope that this flame for Liam and his mommy, daddy and big brother can bring some peace.

Are you a bumpie?  do you blog?  Just want to share some prayers for peace during this difficult time?

from Stasy
to Kate

Carry on the flame...

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