Monday, April 22, 2013

Oh Deer...

I wish weekends were longer...

We had a 1st birthday party on Saturday - NINETY PEOPLE were there.

I don't normally judge (ok that was a blatant lie, I just don't do it so obviously...) but c'mon...

NINETY PEOPLE?! Mom and Dad had invited people they barely knew or talked to - friends of friends!
whatev - free food, free beer (for E) and free soda (for me) and while it was slightly cheesed up with NY Yankees gear (and guests were requested to wear their favorite baseball attire) it meant loads of that yummy popcorn and crackerjacks....
"Take me out to the baaaall gaaaaame...."
then we went to our friends' place with a few other couples and played Farkle... (look it up, it's AWESOME... I may dedicate a whole post to it at some point...)

Sunday dawned beautiful - I stuck to my plan of yard work: raking out the beds, pulling weeds, trimming back the dead stuff from last year...

I LOVE the Spring Blooms! (perennials? annuals? whatever, they're so pretty!)
Click Click Click
(Dead stuff still in the 2nd and 3rd pics, but the beds are nice and cleared out now!)

And, you know - I eat venison (rarely, but if it's presented - like our friend who hunts and made venison jerky at that one BBQ - I'll eat it...)   I eat veal, I love a good medium-rare filet mignon...

I also cried (hello, um - I guess spoiler alert?!) when Bambi's mom gets it... and cringe whenever I see the mangled deer in the middle shoulder of the highway...



  1. Seriously deer!? Common. I DO cringe and feel bad when I see a deer on the side of the road, but I'm totally cool with people hunting them for that exact same reason. I know that hunters at least will eat the deer!

    DEER, eat other food darnit!

  2. I love Farkle! My husband bought it after Christmas and my grandfathers, dad, him and I played it on New Years Eve. We had a blast.

  3. 90 people? For a one-year-old? Good grief!

    The deer are bad here this year, too. I haven't started my garden yet, but I'm thinking it would be a waste this season. They jump our six foot fence all the time. I'd put up an electric one, but knowing me, I'd electrocute myself and not the deer. :P