Saturday, April 6, 2013

A funny thing happened..

..on the way to Texas.
(Please tell me SOMEONE gets the reference.. lol)

Had my first baby shower this morning - a little early, yea, but almost the latest I could fly here to Texas.. will post massive amounts of pictures later when I get home of all the awesome stuff I got.. (the hostesses got me my Graco swing!!)

But I just wanted to post quick about funny/notable things that happened on the trip to Texas..

1. My mama bear instincts were tested for the first time when going through security- I requested a pat down, and the agents were trying to convince me to just walk through the scanner: "its perfectly safe.." and "its just a metal detector, you know, that right?"
To which I responded, "yes. I am well aware. Id still like a pat down please. Bitches."
Ok so I just now added that..

2.  The first flight, I was smart enough to pick an aisle seat at the front of the plane.
The second flight put me at the window, with a big huge biker dude in the middle who threw his arms out, fell asleep, and snored the entire flight.. *sigh* it sure was fun trying to wake his ass up when I had to pee..

3. At the end of that flight, the attendant comes around to collect garbage and I hand her a stacked cup with an empty Starbucks green tea latte, which she then bobbled and splashed neon green tea in the hair of the guy seated in front of me.
When he didn't flinch or notice it, the flight attendant and I just looked at each other, shrugged and started laughing.. he never did notice the green drops on his shoulder either. :)

I'm in Texas and detached from electronics and work until thurs so I will be back with loads of pics, loads to catch you readers up on, and loads of commenting to catch up on..
Have a great rest of the weekend!!


  1. I can't wait to hear about your trip!!! :) :)

  2. I had the same thing happen when we flew to visit my husband's grandfathers at Christmas. They pretty much refused to give me the pat down. I actually had to threaten to speak to a supervisor AND "play the previous loss card" before they would do it. Grrr...

    I can't wait to hear more about your trip!

  3. I'm afraid I don't get the reference :(

    I love that the biker dude was so out of it he didn't realize he'd been spilled on! It's not like you could wipe him up without risking your life hahah! I can't wait to see the pics from the shower!