Tuesday, April 2, 2013


I'm bulleting/numbering... cuz its just so crazy right now (at work) but I really wanted to get this all out because I go to Texas on Thursday (YAY!!!!) for almost a week...

1. Easter was great - we hosted for the second year, so I was POOPED sunday night, but it was a fun zoo with four dogs (my inlaws bring theirs every time they come over) and 11 adults.

The nests came out great (although it took a trial run or two to figure things out...)

So the nests held Reese's eggs (yummmm - there was a bunch leftover thankfully!), the blown eggs were set out (only two casualties all day and one was me dropping it when I was cleaning up at 9pm!) and we had our china and real-silver-family-heirloom silverwear:

And I even noticed our first bloom of the spring out front!!!

2. My job has an annual (unannounced) inspection by the state and guess who showed up at 7:30am on Monday morning.... so when I got that call (which woke me up at 7:45) it was RUN, SHOWER, GET DRESSED - GET TO WORK! (as a department head, I'm expected to be there whenever The State is there...)
So they're here until tomorrow afternoon, at which point they hold an "exit conference" and we hear how our building fared...

3. Because we were expecting The State to show up again this morning at the same time, I had to be at work by 7:30.  (I normally come in at 9...)
And what is waiting to greet me from my inbox, but an email from The Lawyer.
(loooooooong story short, the owner is being sued by his son for the business - the lawsuit's been dragging on for over 2.5 years with me somehow caught up in the discovery phase - they ask for "X Documents" and I procure and provide them.  It's been HOURS of work on top of my regular stuff, THOUSANDS of papers copied, 30+ huge banker boxes pulled from storage and sorted through...I hate hate hate it with a passion and thought that the last production was the light at the end of the tunnel...)
It wasn't the light.  It was some dumbasss waving a flashlight around... Because they (the son of the owner and his stupid wife) are saying there are still deficiencies in the production - guess who's responsible for making sure the deficiencies are met.  One guess is all you need, promise...

4. As I mentioned before, I'm flying to Texas on Thursday (at 6:30am... I guess I'll sleep never this week...) for a long, much needed vaca to visit ma familia. Also, my mom's friends are throwing me a shower on Saturday SQUEEEEE!!
BUT - traveling Thursday means I have 1.5 work days left to get my every day duties done, the duties for the next week or so to cover while I'll be gone, anything the building needs for The State, and all The Lawsuit crap.

add to that:
5. My 24w appt tonight (2 days early due to the whole will-be-traveling-thing) so I can't really work late (unless I come back after the appt - I hate that that's a possibility...)
6. I chipped a molar (badly) last night so I'm hoping and praying I can get into my dentist for at least a temporary filling before I head out of town for a week...

7. My lucky number... so one perk of getting up at the butt-crack of dawn - you get to see DAWN!

And I couldn't help but remember a damn near identical view that I stared out at as I waited for a Wondfo to show darker-than-yesterday lines on 11.15.2012 (the third straight day of testing)

11.2012 sunrise

I couldn't help but cradle my hands around Baby Boy and his bump, and whisper "The same sun is still shining, and here we are 4.5 months later...I can remember when you were only THIS BIG*, and look at you now..."

*I'm sure the first of many times I'll be saying that to him! =)


  1. So many things to say!
    1- The nests you made are ADORABLE! I wish I had some reeses eggs right about now :)
    2- The freaking lawsuit can suck my balls - I'm sorry you're the one that has to do everything for the ungrateful owner's son...
    3- I love the sunrise from 11-2012. Such a beautiful way to remember that morning of getting your BFP... (tearful smile!!)
    4- How big is baby boy... THIS BIG! Such a fun game :) :) :)

  2. The nests are so cute and the blown eggs are beautiful! I wish I could do those kinds of things.

    I'm so sorry work has been nuts and you've been caught up in a family fight, especially since it's piling more work on you. Have fun in Texas!