Thursday, April 25, 2013

Dreams and Dialtone....

So I had a nice day out of the office yesterday (at a seminar, so not quite "off" of work, but out of the office!) and got home 30 minutes earlier than normal - YAY!

So the dreams. 


I don't have remember a large amount of my dreams, but last night's consisted of:

1. hot sex with DH (which, dammit I wish the libido would transfer to real life!) after which I go to the bathroom
and have just a single wipe of bright blood, and dream-think, "Period's coming ok... WAIT - wasn't I pregnant?!"  ...(and I don't remember the rest of the dream...)

2.  I think Mr. Bean was my boyfriend?!   'Nuff said.

3. A little backstory before this dream:  In life B.E. (before E) I was taking a stretch limo to Boston (used to live in MA) with a bunch of friends.  I was drinking out of a beer bottle and the girl next to me swung her arms out wide, knocking into the bottle.  When I checked, I had a teeeeeeeny-tiny chip on a front tooth*, small enough that I considered it cosmetic - you could barely see it and I figured it was fine (didn't need dental attention.)  
*Not the "two front teef for Chrithmath" but the one next to them...*
Well fast forward about 4 years and lo and behold, that tiny chip caused some kind of opening and the tooth needed a ROOT CANAL.  So I have a crown on said tooth, and have kept an eye on teeth coloring because my natural teeth will color (over a long period of time) differently and the porcelain crown WON'T, so it's something I check on in the mirror (and in pictures) every so often...
So the dream - I was looking in the mirror and the tooth was PURPLE. like, eggplant purple! I'm all, WTF?!
After these teeth dreams (I've had multiple dreams where I start to lose my teeth in crumbles, and then I'm dreaming within the dream and dream-me wakes up and is like, WHEW! but then they start loosening again!*)
*Did you follow that? true inception style...
After these dreams (and after I've REALLY woken up for real), I just sigh in relief when I look in the mirror and all teeth are still there, snug and NOT eggplant purple...

And if I thought dream-me was a doozy, real-life-me seems to have abandoned her brain long ago...
When I got home from the Texas trip, somehow in the unpacking I remembered carrying around my tooth brush (in its hot pink travel case) while dropping stuff off at appropriate places around the house (like travel toiletries in the closet, but other toiletries down in the guest bathroom that we're still temporarily using until our bathroom is done...)

And then it vanished.  That very night, I go to brush my teeth and could. NOT. find the damn toothbrush (in its HOT PINK CASE) anywhere in the house.

I mean I checked kitchen cabinets (you never know lately) and the REFRIDGERATOR, but it's like the entire case got sucked into the void where single socks go...

I wrote it off.  Found a new toothbrush (which I actually like better than my old one!) and figured 1 - either some ninja came and stole it, 2 - the dogs got ahold of it (at least they'd have minty fresh breath!) or 3 - it would turn up SOMEWHERE.

So yesterday, after accidentally leaving the outside hose on the night before (and subsequently flooding out underneath our deck - it was fine, it's all rocks, but E wasn't too happy... I think his words have been "You CANNOT rely on your brain anymore!") I was getting ready to head out for the seminar, and was looking through my shoe pile (currently stored in the nursery closet...) and bust out laughing...

I spy....



  1. HAHAHAHAHAH that is the best! I think it's best that husbands just do all of our dirty work from now on, including but not limited to, ensuring our personal hygiene items are located where they should be :)

  2. Awesome! My poor husband can't handle my pregnancy brain right now. It's awful.