Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Chuckles & Chapters!

Let's see if I can somewhat keep this going for Friday posts...

First, chuckles - because who couldn't use a good laugh at the end of along work week??

Go ahead, tell me you weren't already thinking the same thing!

That's all it takes??

And just in case you were contemplating, CONSIDER YOURSELF WARNED:

CHAPTERS! I got this idea from a blogger friend Stasy, who frequently does GoodReads book reviews, and has defintely influended my reading list!

I am currently reading:
"Let's Pretend This Never Happened" (A Mostly True Memoir)
by Jenny Lawson

It's hi-LARIOUS.  I sat reading at the kitchen table last night and cracked up so much while reading just the first few chapters...

She curses.  She makes inappropriate jokes.  She spews story after story of:
...a whacked-out father, a TAXIDERMIST, who thought it fabulous to wake his daughters up with a Magic Talking Squirrel, which the author discovered was really a still-bloodied once-live squirrel-turned-hand puppet.
...high school memories that include artificially inseminating a cow, and nearly breaking her arm "IN A COW'S VAGINA!"
...a Czech grandmother who feigned ignorance of the English language, but knowingly prodded her granddaughters to make peanut butter and sugar smoothies for lunch.

If that sounds like your cup of tea, I really do think you'll like this book (I have the epub version, let me know if you'd like a copy for your eReader! *I don't think this version works on Kindles, unfortunately...)

Directly from the author's blog at TheBloggess:

I wrote a book and it only took me 11 years.  (Shut up, Stephen King.)

And it somehow became a #1 NYT BestSeller the first week out.  
 I have no idea how that happened either.

You should probably go buy it right now, because it’s filled with awesomeness.  And cocaine.  But only if you hollow it out and fill it with your own cocaine.  
I’m not buying you cocaine.  
Because I love you.
And that’s why you should buy my book.  Because I’m saving you from yourself.  And from cocaine.


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  1. I'm so glad you're enjoying Lawson's book. Petra recommended it to me and I'm so happy she did.