Thursday, April 11, 2013

GoodNews / BadNews

Good News:
  25W today! Baby is the size of ... cauliflower?!
*see the unpacked suitcase on the left? It's still sitting there this morning...
and pardon the travel-fatigue, it was 10:30 at night...

Baby Boy measures between 13.6-14.8 inches, 1.5-2.2 lb
While he's growing more fat and hair, he knows which way is up and down - we boogie regularly!

Bad News:
In case you missed that - that's 176 NEW EMAILS waiting to greet me this morning...

Good News:
One of the emails was all "KATE KICKED ASS!" for a 2011 cost report that drew a desk audit:

Bad News:
I left three very minimal assignments for assistant while I was gone... the first being to file some folders (I estimate under 15 minutes of work...)
See that pile hiding under a binder on her desk this morning?
The second assignment was to file a measly 15 or so invoices... Nope, those too are still sitting in the file tray behind my desk.
The third assignment was to copy a number of 2012 invoices for The Lawsuit that I intended to submit today... no CLUE what happened with that, because guess who chose to take today off??
Because "a Friend's Wife is having a procedure done and Friend asked a favor, that (she) sit with Wife because Wife can't drive herself."
I predicted, when she text me this at 10:30 last night, that I would come in this morning to find some (if not all) of the assignments undone...

So on top of catching up on my work, pushing billing out, covering assistant's work for the day and finding time to pee and eat, I will most likely be posting a job opening soon!!

*Pictures and Texas stories to come still...

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  1. Ick Ick ICK to the bad news parts...

    Whenever I go on trips - it sometimes takes me a week or more to unpack! You just got back, I'm not judging you :)