Thursday, April 18, 2013

With Arms Wide Open....

Creed being on the radio this morning = me crying on the way to work while warbling out "With Arms Wide Oppuuuuuuunn..."

We're 26weeks today, baby boy - and I'm pretty sure you had hiccups for the first (noticable) time yesterday morning, your momma sure got a kick out of that!  And while I like cauliflower, I'm glad you've passed from that stage/size to an eggplant (which I do NOT like to eat, but it's such a pretty vegetable!)*
and upon further research on the Bump - you are actually a head of lettuce.  Hm.  I think I like eggplant better...

E's still plodding away on the bathroom:
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The floors are down!

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The view from the nursery....Interior bathroom shot - the shower (and knee wall) are framed out!
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The new nursery wall going up...The shower durock (?! you'll have to ask E...) is up!

All that's left to do in the nursery is to spackle (smooth all the seams) and then get painting! (The turqoise is going buh-bye...)  
After all the work E's been doing, I've been (somewhat) sitting around and I'm ready to put on my paintin' clothes!

For the bathroom, we're ready for the tiling people to come in and tile the shower (floor and walls) and the bathroom floors - except I just realized, we still have to pick the tile out... oops!

Then it's time to sheetrock the walls, get those spackled and painted, and we're nearly there!

E's estimated 2 weeks... I had thought I was being generous giving us until April 1st, and I'm going to think realistically and push that back to mid-May...

I am so ready to have the toilet back on the same floor I sleep on!!


  1. I love the progress pics. Any idea what color the nursery is going to be?

  2. I love it! I can't wait to see it all done. It looks great already.