Tuesday, May 7, 2013

*pant Pant* I'm here!

bullets - because it's MAD CRAZY in life right now...

Item - I fired my assistant Friday (had been building  up) so, the replacement started yesterday (hence craziness in training, AND trying to get my stuff done during a busy time of the month)

Item - bathroom is coming along nicely (I will post pictures soon, promise) it's time to tile (going tomorrow night to pick it all out) and install new windows (installer is coming Friday night) and to clean out the nursery (E started the other day, all his tools are officially back in the man cave work bench in the basement).  We still need to pick out paint (for both bathroom and nursery...)
We.  Will.  GET IT DONE!

Item - Found a crib we both liked from BRU.  It's discontinued.  There's not a model to be found at any BRU's....

Item - we found a different crib we liked (a very close second anyways) from BRU.   It's ALSO DISCONTINUED.... mother f*#$cker

Item - After being reminded by a friend that her friend works at Pottery Barn Kids and gets 40% off, we found a THIRD crib (fingers crossed) that we like (ok that I like, E probably doesn't care at this point...) I just need to go in person next Tuesday to pick between the oyster (antique) white and natural pine...

Item - E is insisting on the Baby Basics class... so a "professional" (what the hell gives them that status?!) will tell us their opinions on how/when to do this/that... (Can you tell I don't think we need this class?) And it's not pride getting in the way - I definitely think there's alot to learn, but while the "professional" is telling you it's best to say, let them cry it out  - maybe your baby has colic or something that needs treatment!  (Off to class we go tonight...)

Item - I'm a bridesmaid in a friend's wedding, and the fBFF is one as well - and she's insisting on doing everything tacky and cheap-as-possible (ugh) and is complaining about the price of things (like $50 for shower invitations, and then chipping in for the bridal party gift of an iPad - split between 8 girls...) seriously?! 

So, we're doing good - me and baby boy... busy, but we're here and still good.  Just being a horrible blog-commenter... Hopefully things (at work at least) will calm down soon and I can catch up on blogs when I should be working (as usual.)

OH - also, 7 years ago today I played doggie-midwife to my parents' Jack Russel Terrier, and was introduced to this fellow - HAPPY 7th BIRTHDAY ROCCO! (My true "first born." lol)


  1. Happy B-day Rocco! At least you've gotten a lot checked off on your list. I can't wait to hear how this parenting class goes... (groan - I'm with you here) but I'm sure you'll learn a lot to say the least!

  2. Wow, it sounds like your life is insane lately! I hope it calms down and that you find a crib soon! Have fun at the baby class :)