Monday, June 25, 2012

I hate Mondays...

Especially when I overleep AGAIN, and from the moment I walk in the door at work, no less than 3 people tell me in a span of 30 seconds that the internet is down. 

(Guess who wishes she'd never admitted she knows a little suttin about computers!)


Another M-F blogger this weekend, so I'll have to triple up with Project 365 today!

Saturday was supposed to be a bridal shower an hour away - it ended up getting CANCELLED because the bride had/has a HORRIBLE infection from a bad dental filling and had to be admitted overnight to a hospital for IV penicillin!  (She's home as of last night, and resting - all good news... lesson to take away - DONT MESS AROUND when it comes to your mouth/teeth!)

So my Saturday completely cleared up, only to be immediately filled with helping the in-laws move into their new house (which is, of COURSE, alot closer to us than their old house. at least it's not just 3 blocks! lol)

When E and I finally got home, neither of us felt like cooking... Ok so HE didn't feel like cooking - I NEVER feel like cooking.  So we went to an awesome BYOB place near us for dinner - at 10pm.  We were home and asleep by 11:30 - I know, party animals on a hot Saturday night!

The recent HOT-AS-HELL weather broke and Sunday was absolutley gorgeous - perfect for a lunch date with some girlfriends!  Outdoor dining, yummy frozen drinks and FRIED PICKLES - a tantalizing trifecta! =P

Last night we had dinner at E's cousin's house - the couple that we're really close with, and she and I always joke that we would have been friends even if I hadn't married her cousin - we would have met in SOME bar SOMEwhere.  (This is the friend that last week said, "Just tell me to shut my pie hole if I'm talking too much about the baby!") I seriously <3 her.

Speaking of said baby - her 2 month old is so FREAKING CUTE!! I have never been jealous of her pregnancy (she got pregnant a few months after we started TTC) and was never envious of her baby - just all around genuine happiness, which I'm grateful for.

And because of that, I had a great time with them last night - I held Baby B for hours, easily quieted him when he started to fuss, and got him to smile SO MUCH! It was so cool when J told me that he NEVER calms down so quickly or smiles that like except for her and one other person. 

Just call me the baby whisperer.

We also sat down, just us gals, with some of their HOMEMADE Merlot - SO YUMMY!
P365 (skipped) Day 6
 Honeymoon Italy pictures - but wine is wine! =)

And she started asking me about the mmc and TTC again and was like, "Let me know if you don't want to talk about it, I don't want to  upset you - but I don't want you to think I'm not interested and care about it and you!"

I never once thought she wasn't concerned, but it's still nice to  have friends ask and then want to talk about it all. 

So I told her - I considered us officially TTC again. 

I have seen and heard so many different answers to the "How long do we wait" question.  My doctor recommended waiting "1-2 normal cycles."

Well.  Last month, I ovulated around the same day as the previous cycle (CD20) and AF came 12 days later - pretty normal to me. 

I also think TTC again will help mentally and emotionally.  Limbo is hell to be stuck in...

And since I've got slightly longer cycles, I'm using my nice long follicular phase to (between AF and O) PUMP *clap* IT UP!

My uterus lining that is. 

POM juice and OPK's and green tea, oh my!
P365 (skipped) Day 7
It's BabyDance time!
*insert HammerTime jig here*

So to come full circle, I overslept this morning.  The internet's down.  Lunch at work, though free, sucks today.  And it's rainy and gross out, perfect weather to be sitting at home, curled up with a book (or Nook!)

BUT - we're back in the sack!

And without any appropriate Gettin Busy pictures:     P365-Day 8
Hey, I know it's a Blue Whale or whatever, but for today?
Pretend it's a SPERM WHALE!

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  1. BAHAHAHA I love the sperm whale reference! If you need a laugh, watch Jim Gaffigan's Mr. Universe on netflix. He is super funny throughout the whole show but he talks about the sperm whale and why it was named that.

    I love that you and your cous-in-law are such great friends and that she's a great person to talk to about TTC!