Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Kudos to a Kardashian!

BUT JUST THIS ONCE!! it's your freebie, Kardashian Klan.  I otherwise think anything you ever do is ONLY with your career in mind (hello 72-day marriage??)

Understand - I pay so little attention to most things "reality" - unless my boss gets free magazines and gives them to me.  Let's face it, a 67 year old man finds NOTHING of interest in OK Magazine...

This week's has a quick one-page article featuring Khloe and Lamar - and their *gasp* infertility!

All sarcasm aside - I was really impressed to see this for multiple reasons, the first being that for TWO YEARS she's completely lied and said they weren't really "TRYING" but just that she was excited be a mommy.

Ok, here's my stance on infertility amongst celebrities and all their twins at 40+ years old...

I hate the fact that they portray pregnancy as something easy to achieve.  From Britney Spears' little sister getting accidentally knocked up (Bristol Palin anyone?!) to Marcia Gay Harden having twins at 45 - it's either an oops, that was so easy, or look at me - 45 and still so easy!

Yes, there were probably (almost DEFINITELY) difficulties conceiving for MGH in her mid-forties.  I'm sure she's so grateful to have the twins, and I'm not saying celebrities should be forced to reveal that much of their personal life. (They already get caught in their skivvies ducking out for a gallon of milk at 6am, sans makeup or hair brushed!!)

But MGH - and Jane Seymour (Dr. Quinn) twins at 44, and Beverly D'Angelo (Ellen Griswold) twins at 49, and Geena Davis - twins at 48! I suspect they all had the help of IVF.  And again, I'm glad they found success and have beautiful children (everyone except J-Lo... they were kinda funky looking as babies).

But they're causing two things to happen:
The first is that women stay wholly uneducated in regards to the TTC process :
YES, there's only a 24-36hr window during which you can get knocked up.  YES, I know you think your period's "late" but it could be you ovulated at a different time than "normal."  NO, you do NOT need to do a kung-fu headstand after sex to get the swimmers "up there!"


The second is that it seems to validate people's feelings that infertility and miscarriage and assistance such as IVF are so TABOO!

I didn't realize - I had unknowingly joined a secret club after my mc!  1 out of every 4 or so women I know told me they had very similar experiences as me.
Yea, I know it would definitely be awkward to introduce people at a BBQ - "Hey, this is my husband E - he's a firefighter. I'm K, I had a miscarriage at 12w in May.  And are these your kids?!"

But why is it all considered so socially unacceptable to talk about??

So KUDOS - to Bethenny Frenkel for "coming out" about her miscarriage.
This shit happens - to more women than you'd think.  There is incredible support amongst women who have already experienced loss - but what about support you could receive from friends who may not even know of your loss?? So mad props Skinny Girl!

and KUDOS to Khloe (though it certainly took her long enough and I have to say I'm in no way surprised) for coming out and admitting she and Lamar are having trouble TTC and are starting IVF.   I don't think this is something to feel ASHAMED about!  Infertility is something 1 in 8 couples suffers from - but it's not some contagious DISEASE.  It shouldn't be so taboo anymore...

P365 Day9 - PROPS for the ladies from my niece!

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  1. YES! It's a terrible club but no one owns up to it! That's why I think it's great to talk about it openly when you feel like you can. When the pain is so fresh, it's really hard to talk because you just want to cry and people NEVER know what to say! If more people come out with their experiences it becomes less taboo!