Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Movie Review Wednesday!

For our first Movie Review Wednesday:

If you liked Men Who Stare at Goats -

Women Who Stare at Charts

Rated:      R
Length:    between 2wks and 28 days
Category: Drama, Adventure, Fantasy
Directed by:  A. Flo


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Movie Info:   The creative team behind Dude, Where's my OPK??  dives into it again with Women Who Stare at Charts. They follow a group of friends as they chart-stalk their way to possible pregnancies. 

         When temperatures spike, the screen heats up with some steamy Fertile Week ED BDing. The group of women help their friend chase the elusive O - her chart reading like a mountain range;  they help each other analyze and agonize over temperature dips at 5-6DPO;  Fertility Friend joins the cast as the ever-trusty side-kick to this trio of chart-obsessing women. 

        You won't find any babydust or rainbow-sh*tting unicorns here - this gritty tale of woe, emotional upheaval and just plain suckage WILL be worth it when we all get to our finish line! 


  1. Dude, Where's my OPK sucked! I mean, what IS that about? I don't even want to watch a preview for Women Who Stare at Charts... Although I know it'll probably be the only thing I watch in a few weeks.

  2. =P mine might as well start charging, like Pay-Per-View...