Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dark side of the Moon

I think that's a Pink Floyd album...

Heads up, I'm in a weird place tonight.

(I guess first of all, it's technically REAAALLLY early morning.)

I can't sleep.

The previously mentioned BFF (pregnant and due 3 weeks after my former EDD and a slight twat about mc) is still not showing, despite her claims to have a bump.

Bitch alert - she was "bumpy" way before she was pregnant.

(Yes,  I'm bitter and b*tchy and yes, this will be THAT type of post.  You've been warned.)

Anyways, E and I  headed to his old firehouse tonight (where BFF's husband is also a fireman) for a 5-year anniversary party.

Not too many people, maybe 20 or so.

BFF did well with a request I'd given her earlier this week - absolutely no baby talk.

Then the other shmucks started drifting by with their congratulations and sh*t.

Cold shoulder #1.

Then a few minutes later, a younger fire "woman" giggles and blurts out" aw, I knew first!!" and mimed belly rubbing motions to BFF.

Cold shoulder #2.

Then a few minutes later, E - MY HUSBAND - was overheard talking to BFF about her baby names.

Cold shoulder #3.

Shall I continue?

Even the woman I was talking to, a new girlfriend of one of the firemen. was in on it.  She mentioned that she went to hand BFF a shot, and BFF said "oh no I'm pregnant" and she (newgirl) was all apologetic, and then asked me how far along BFF was.

I couldn't escape it.

I've been up for the past hour, ironing my tears into curtains and placemats.  (Again, it's currently 3:20 am, and I'll always look at the guest bedroom curtains and remember this night...)

I don't foresee sleep in the near future, either.

No matter how far I try to run, or how loud I play the music, or how much I try to ignore the chit-chat, I can't ever escape it all.

It was supposed to be at least the both of us being congratulated.  People were supposed to chuckle and assume it was all planned, two best friends being pregnant together. 
(No planning was involved in the coincidental close BFPs.  If my ORIGINAL PLAN had succeeded, I'd have given birth back in March....)

Numbness has started to eventually take over, for tonight.  That probably means I'll end up turning the TV on to old Hawaii 5-0 reruns, and gaze at the TV without really seeing anything...

*After note - maybe I'll just pick a few KICK ASS SONGS for now, and just cocoon myself into blankets next to the computer, listening to Colorblind, which just came onto Pandora...

regular programming to resume soon...

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