Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Alive and Allergic!

Because our power went out before the damn storm even started, the last two nights have been filled with Scrabble by candlelight with E (who I eeked out a win over), attempts EVERY TIME I walked in the bathroom to flip on the lights, 5 dogs and 11 adults in one house for meals and kinect entertainment (they had power, obviously...), allergy attacks in family houses that have me sneezy, stuffed and miserable, listening to A.M. radio for news of the Jersey Shore - it's been a crazy two days...

Seaside Heights is nearly no more...

If you remember, Wease and I partied there in August

E's surprise 30th was there in July...

We partied and paddleboarded there in late June...

How I'll remember it:
How it is now:

End of the 2008 summer season:
End of the 2012 season, and Sandy's destruction:

Thoughts and prayers to all those living in areas with severe flooding, damage, power outages, and memories destroyed...


  1. OH man. This is so so sad. My heart goes out to all those people.

  2. That is sincerely devastating... I can't believe how much damage there was. I hope that rebuilding starts soon because that was an amazing place to visit. FX that there isn't much damage (if any!) to your shore house!

  3. It makes me want to cry. I saw how much damage was done there, and in Atlantic City, somehow Wildwood was spared that, but I am so upset.
    Ocean City, MD had some serious damage too, but nothing like Atlantic City of Seaside Heights.