Sunday, October 21, 2012

First ICLW!

Hello to all from ICLW!
Welcome to the Buggy List!

In a nutshell - I went off bcp in May of 2011, went through a few months of no charting, and wonky cycles (14-16 days for a while, no FUN!) had a saline-sonogram in February (all clear), finally wizened up and started charting, and got pregnant the next month...
After a missed mc at 11weeks in May of this year, I decided to take the time that we were advised to TTA and work on a "Buggy List" - things I wanted to do before having a baby/getting pregnant...

While sweatin' it out in hot yoga, and flying a Cessna with my husband (wedding gift redeemed TWO YEARS later...) and starting photography classes - we have been back on the TTC crazy train since July and hope it's our turn soon...


WHAT A WEEKEND.  WHAT A WEDDING!! (I need a vacation before work tomorrow... )

Rehearsal and dinner were Friday night, where I got scolded by the priest for not knowing how to genuflect before miming the reading I would do the next day... I guess no one told him he had a born-and-bred Methodist in the church!
"Hunnie, this is NOT tae-kwon-do!"
"Mr. Priest, I am NOT Catholic!"

Whether the restaurant was BYOB or not, the groomsmen, led by my classy husband, the best man, really kicked off the festivities with shots of Jameson, and from there - let's just say it was aaaall downhill.

Through blood, sweat and tears (yes, literally blood - from a groomsmen - which required lots of gauze, some duct tape and more Jameson): the groom cried as his bride made her entrance, the happy couple emerged from the church through clouds of bubbles, speeches were made, food was eaten, boogies were danced, and they all lived happily ever after through the night.
God bless the prepared and well-equipped wives (lord knows that's not me) who had the foresight to empty out their local pharmacies...


  1. since it is now monday... good luck!

  2. Hello from ICLW! I love your idea of a buggy list - too funny. Sounds like you've had some great adventures in the meantime. I'm so sorry about your missed miscarriage - I had one too and can understand how devastating they can be. It was such a sense of betrayal by my own body.