Tuesday, October 9, 2012

PSA for Parents of babies/young children!

When your childless friends invite you to dinner, do not refuse - TIME AFTER TIME - because your 2month-old has to be put down at 7pm exactly, and in his own bed, rendering you unable to maintain friendships and lives.

When your childlress friends invite you to dinner, and to see their brand new house (ok, 10 month old house), DO NOT tell them, THE DAY OF, that dinner has to be at YOUR house because it's just EASIER for you, and your 2year-old.
When your childless friends decide, FINE - let's just go to their house, DO NOT tell them that they better hurry up and get over there ASAP if they want to see the baby because its getting close to 7...

WE WILL NOT TAKE IT WELL, and will now wish that we never made plans in the first place.

P.S. It's 6dpo and the universe wants to play mind games by giving me the kind of cramps that make any sane TTC brain scream IMPLANTATION!!!!
And if you'll remember, my thoughts on hope aren't exactly Cheerful Charlie:
"...hope is the worst... Hope is a setup, a bait and switch, an illusion..."

I don't want this sky high hope, this feeling that THIS cycle, it will work.  
The higher you build up your hopes, the farther up the mountain you get (cheesy I know, go with it here) . . . . the farther you fall...

PLEASE don't let this end in a fall...


  1. Child havers beware. Your selfish attitudes will render you friendless ASAP.