Tuesday, October 2, 2012

To be or NOT to be... what IS the question!?

more like - To be pre-O or to be in ye olde 2ww... THAT is the question!

I'm THIS CLOSE to crossing over into the 2ww and I am FREAKING EXCITED to be approaching O at CD19:


CP: Open & Soft


Ok, so still technically waiting on the last one - but the second line is DEFINITLY darkening, which given the other indicators - we are MINUTES FROM IMPACT!

And then I start to think of the agony the next two weeks will be...

Where I am now, there's actions I can take that I know (believe?) help TTC such as drinking lots of green tea for some nice fertile mucus (the "M" word as my husband calls it) to catch those swimmers.  Such as drinking lots of POM juice to help thicken my uterus lining and make a nice cushy bed.  Such as eating pineapple core right after ovulating to help the implantation into said cushy bed. 

After you chow down in that nasty, chewy core - there's nothing else that can be done... (besides sit on the couch like an invalid, according to my husband...) You know you've done everything you can do help those swimmer reach that egg, and to help that *hopefully fertilized* egg implant, and you sit and agonize over every pinch and cramp and sore boob (probably because you manhandle them so much to SEE If they're sore in the first place!)
so The Question is:

better to be Waiting to O or Waiting to KNOW?!


  1. Waiting to KNOW is better. At least for me. I never know WHEN I'm going to O so that wait is hardest but at least after I O I know I'll have a countdown until I can test and know for sure... and see if that bitch AF comes back to haunt.

    FX you're heading towards the 2ww!

  2. Hi!! I was snooping around ICLW a little early! and found your blog! I love it! Excited to be following along!

    1. Welcome! =) I love that so much has already come out of ICLW and it hasn't even started yet! also, i'm throwing a little party - I'm YOUR 100th follower! =)