Monday, October 22, 2012

Leaves by the Moonlight

I'm going to preface this story by saying, this is SO SO typical of E and I:

We raked and bagged leaves at 8pm last night... in the pitchblack dark...

Because we literally are on the move during all daylight hours, during every day of the week... We joked over two years ago that, FINALLY - now that the wedding is over, we can relax!


Here we are two  years later, and stilling running marathons week to week...
for example:

We got home from a 2-day span of wedding festivities after running around the county picking up our dogs at their respective dog sitters' houses.  We had JUST enough daylight left to leafblow and rake, and as the sun set, we frantically tried to get the TEN BAG'S worth of leaves bagged up...

We literally felt like the walking dead... whiiiiiile vegging out on the couch WATCHING The Walking Dead...
Nothing like catching a bit of zombie brains splattered across the screen to wind down after a long weekend...

*And the 2ww ain't got nothing on the 3WW I have from CD1 to O time... I hate long cycles...


  1. The 3ww is BRUTAL! I hate it too... Mostly because it seems like it's never ending and the poking and prodding of our bodies to try and determine if we have those fertile signs... well it's just the worst.

    FX that it goes by fast for you though!

  2. I hate long cycles too! Totally understand. Currently on Day 39 with no end in sight.

  3. Uuuuug....long cycles. Hate it for you!

  4. Long cycles are rough. Hang in there, sweets!

    (And the raking and bagging at night totally sounds like something I would do.)

  5. I always had long cycles until we started FSH drugs. And you had me at The Walking Dead. My husband and I LOVE that show! =)

  6. Happy ICLW! Holy cow, just reading your account of the wedding and when you got home makes me tired. Good luck on your cycle.

  7. Have you read the Walking Dead comic books, they're awesome (wow, I never thought i'd say that..... but it's true).

    Long cycles are the devil. terrible. Unfair and waaaay too long for words.

    1. I've read all of them that have been released so far! (somewhere NEAR 100 issues...)
      it's so fun to see if the show will follow all of the plotlines from the comics!