Sunday, October 28, 2012


so if you live in the east (from FL to ME) you've probably heard of this thing they're calling Frankenstorm...

well it's coming.

E is getting prepared with both the fire department of our new town, and the fire department of our old town (where we get a TON of flooding, and where he will probably be spending Monday night on call at the fire house...)

And on top of this all, his grandfather is still very sick - hospice is visiting every day, his mother and aunt (daughters of the grandfather) are barely sleeping, and they are trying to face the possibility that he may pass while ambulances and funerals homes are unable to get to their house...

We spent most of yesterday there (E came a few hours after me).  At one point, I was sitting alone with Pop, keeping him company and thought - Oh my gosh.  Please know that I'm the only one in the room, you can't die now - I can't be the one, the only non-blood relative in the house, to have to go tell your daughters that I think you stopped breathing - please...

I hope that doesn't come across as selfish, thinking of only my own feelings - it was more along the lines that your daughters, your grandchildren - they should be the ones here when you take your last breaths, holding your hand...

But this morning, my mother in law called to say he sat up at one point this morning, gave a big smile and said, "Hugs! Look at everyone here, I want hugs!"

So as soon as some preliminary pre-storm prep is done, we will be going to give some big hugs.

 Quick light side note: I can't tell you how freaking awesome it is to talk to your mother on the phone, and have her say, "Hey so I saw pictures from the wedding last weekend and OH EM GEE your pregnant bff? SHE'S EFFING HUUUUUUUUGE!"

And then to have her explode with laughter when she hears that the baby's middle name
is going to be after the mother's all-time favorite movie and character
(even HE is dubious...)



I love my mom.

Also, thanks to all ICLWer's who came by, thank you for your comments - and tell all your friends to come and join next month!! 

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  1. I love your mom's comments, and I love that you used a gif from Degrassi! ha :)

    Stay safe in the storm!