Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I Have a Dream...

"...I have a dream that my four [unborn] children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the level of fertility and hormones, but by the content of their character -"

sorry.... got carried away..


I HAD a dream.  Last night.  Ok I had TWO dreams (very vivid - another freaking symptom I definitely had when pregnant...)

And right now I'm split 50/50 on the idea that dreams come true.

The first 50 belongs to this dream:
I was in a bathroom, a large fancy formal bathroom, and took an HPT.  And set it down and backed way away to wait.  A girl walks into the bathroom (you know, a stranger IRL but in the dream a friend) who knows I had a mc and approachs the HPT.  I screech - noooo!! DON'T READ IT, I dont want to know!
She just chuckles and says something like, "Girl don't freak! Check out these beautiful lines!"
Cue swooning and crying on her shoulder and utter freak-out (in a good way but also full of terror.)
Then in walks E (why my husband would be in the bathroom with two girls, don't ask...)
I try to block his view of the test (I assume so I can tell him in a cute way? Dream Me is full of mysteries. lol)
But E sees and gets excited.  CUE curtain.

Nice pleasant dream that I PRAY TO GOD comes true (minus the random girl, but including the really nice bathroom - wait. Universe if you're listening, nix the bathroom because if that's supposed to be MY bathroom, I'M NOT WAITING until my bathrooms are redone for a BFP!!! YOU HEAR ME UNIVERSE?!))

On the flip side, the second 50 belongs to THIS dream (which I had after temping at 7am - yes I go back to sleep for awhole nother hour, aahhh a girl loves her sleep):
There was alot going on in the dream, but the part that I woke up during, and so remember the most, is that I walked into a brownstone style apartment/house, and venture into the first bedroom.  I see E laying against the footboard, naked but strategically covered with sheets - go PG13 rated dreams!  Then my eyes travel up to the headboard and I see the girl he was dating right before we met (more of a friend that he figured, hey let's see if we have a spark. They didn't.  obviously.)
AND THEN, I notice two GUYS in bed with them.  And these aren't IRLstrangers/dreamfriends - these are two kids I knew from highschool!   I said to E something like, "WE ARE SO FREAKING DONE!  WE'RE DONE! I WANT A DIVORCE." CUE wakeup.

VERRRRY bizarre... and like I mentioned, another symptom I get to obsess over...
7DPO.  getting dangerously close to testing time...


  1. I feel like dreams are a great indicator of things to come... when they're realistic that is! I've had dreams where I can breathe underwater, I liken that to E being in bed with other strangers haha! But the BFP is completely realistic and totally possible! FX girl don't let the hope fade!!!

  2. I love your first dream. It WILL happen for you..but maybe not with a creepy stranger you don't know lol. Did you tell your husband about his dream? I'd go ape sh!t on him in the dream. Glad that one was just a dream :)