Thursday, October 4, 2012

By the Skin of our teeth!

we ease into the 2ww... (I think.)

FF is being stingy with CH's (I know, they need 3+ temps in a row that are elevated, blah blah) but I'm pretty confident that I O'd yesterday at some point.  And I know I would have given my left foot (won't say firstborn - ain't giving that up for ANYTHING) for a +OPK a few days ago, but now I want them to be negative again... END SURGE! I can't take any more BD right now!
1 reason why BD needs to end - I think I'm getting a UTI, and it's just faaaah-bulous.  Of course, I'm nearly floating in cranberry juice and its starting to work, so I'm going to be "That Girl" who freaks out and calls the doctor first thing in the morning, and by lunch - symptoms have abated... speaking of appointment, will have to rush the end of this post, gotta leave for said doctor's appointment soon!
2nd reason why - I think DH is getting tired of it too... I know, guys are "never tired of sex!" - and let me say, even when we're falling down, can't speak DRUNK, he has never had "a problem."
but last night, I think it turned into a mental block for both of us... in the end, deposit was made and I've got toes and fingers crossed that the temp keeps rising...

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  1. FF is kind of a dumb bitch at times, wouldn't you say? I can't wait to see those CH's and FX for a BFP!!!