Monday, October 29, 2012

Hatches: Battened Down!

We're getting ready for hurricane S.andy to hit in T minus approximately 5 hours...

Water - CHECK
Flashlights, Nooks, cell phones and tablets charged - CHECK
Candles - CHECK
hamburgers for propane grill - CHECK
Sweet potatos  - CHECK

WAIT. what?!!?

Poor little Zoey ate wet dog food at my inlaws' last night (she is on a strict dry-dogfood-diet only!) and has the squirts...

I've been told that sweet potatos, cubed and boiled, are the best thing for doggie diahrea - binds 'em tighter than a summer-camp braid...

It better work - she's only 8 lbs and all I need is a Zoey-kite once the winds pick up and she still has to be pooping every 30 minutes!

So buckle down, keep inside and stay safe all who are experiencing Sandy's wrath! (She must be one scorned b*tch!)


  1. Please stay safe and indoors! Call if things get scary and you just need a distraction... I'm glad you have taken all the necessary precautions to get yourself ready for the worst case scenario!

  2. Sending many vibes that you stay safe and your pup-pup solids out!

  3. I hope you came through all right and the little Zoey is feeling better. (I can't stop picturing her as a kite, though, like Piglet in the windy day Winnie the Pooh story.)

  4. Hoping you all made it through unscathed! We are fortunate to be far enough from the coast that power outages seem to be the worst problem for most. Thanks a million for the Liebster-- promise to get on that post asap.