Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Genuis : LOST!

I came up with the best, ever blog idea - snark, wit, humor abounding.

The only problem was I thought of it at 11:30 at night, while laying in bed reading about poor Demi's heartbreaking divorce (ragmags are great falling-asleep-reads) after having been assed out on the couch earlier post-hot-yoga...

Soooooo, the Great, Best Ever Blog Idea has vanished.  Probably never to be seen again...
*Note to self, starting making notes to self.

Yesterday I DID come up with this, a silver lining to "long" cycles (and it's "long" not just plain old long, because I know its all relative and I'm sure some of you may have read previous posts and been like, pshaw - girl, that ain't long!)

So the silver lining is this: I get a sanity break every 32 days!!

With FW not coming until around CD17, I can comfortably step back, on CD1, from ALL TTC OBSESSIONS - temping, charting, OPK'ing, brewing green tea, gulping down POM juice, chart stalking, twinge-and-cramp analyzing.

I CAN STOP it all for a blissful 10 days.

But alas, my vacation is coming to an end - Amazon will recommend once more the combo pack of Wondfo OPKs and OPKs I have previously purchased.  DH will once again, get the CranberryPomegranate juice which is sweet of him, but AGAIN, the wrong thing - "Hunnie, STRAIGHT POM JUICE!"  I will once again be squinting, bleary eyed, at the BBT at 7am and trying to commit to memory whether it's 96.9, or wait - is that 69.6? Is this thing upside down?!

So to all those embarking on a(nother) new cycle - GOOD LUCK, Happy Humping, rainbow farts and babydust-squirting-unicorns!


  1. Ohhh you have to be super clear with husbands and grocery lists. I think I went with the hubs and showed him the stuff I need. And i was like fuhgetaboutdaprice, it's worth it!

    Cheer's to being pre-o and having coffee/wine/and doing "dangerous" TTC activities. Skydiving?! haha

  2. Wishing you lots and lots of luck this cycle! Get ready for the crazy!

  3. Good luck on this round of TTC!

  4. I hate when this happens....good luck this cycle!

  5. Good luck!

    And yes, you have to write out EXACTLY what you want or the husband will mess it up; even then, he still might. :P