Thursday, October 18, 2012

Moving down the list

So, I've just added "getting caught up on dental work" onto the Buggy List, as its something that really should be done beFORE getting pregnant...

And being someone with a horribly low level of fluoride, getting caught up most likely means weekly appointments for a month or so...

And a new regimen from the dentist this morning (after he pulled out a loose crown, reposted and recrowned, in under 70 minutes... GO DOC!) :
  • floss daily (duh) (*but NOT the tooth with the crown)
  • brush twice daily (duh again - ok so this ISN'T a new regimen, please know I already do this! lol)
  • regular listerine in the am: 20ml for 30 sec
  • enamel-restoring listerine with fluoride in the pm: 10ml for 1 min
Next up: extraction of my last wisdom tooth in a week (ugh) and replacing some old fillings...
Hopefully they don't ask me EVERY TIME before an X-ray, ARE YOU PREGNANT??
(*Also - since WHEN did dentists start asking for every single medical history detail?? Like if you have herpes?? Not that I checked yes on that one... It just definitely sucked to have to check no under the pregnant box... and the date of LMP being two days ago...)

on the "TMI" front, aka TTCAL - I've officially had the weirdest AF ever:
(precursor - I used to have a 5-day AF, with decent flow for at least the first 3.5-4 days... post-loss its been around 3-4 days of light-med, but steady, flow)
Monday night was very slight spotting
Tuesday, basically only one tampon was needed, and then not even panty-liners...
Wednesday, after there being no flow for almost 24 hours, again only one tampon was needed.
and now, NOTHING - no flow, no spotting, not even tinged CM since last night around 8...

After aaaall the POM juice I drink - that's it?! that's all you've got uterus???
A thought popped up: maybe I'm pregnant and just think I got AF - I can start to see how people may really not realize/think they're pregnant!

And another thought: I know I've read about "the nurse of a friend of my neighbor's husband's aunt" that got negatives for a week (or weeks) and finally found out she was pregnant...

ha.  yea right. 

"If you want an interesting life, you need to be interested in it!"
-FireShaper Hot Yoga

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  1. Yes, I understand it's super important that you should disclose if you're pg for x-rays and such but it's redic to keep asking over and over again. I hope you tell them next time that you're trying and BUH-LEAVE me they would know if you were!!!