Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Just when I think they're broken....

... the OPKs give me what I've been asking for!

So of course, during the month that I have aaaall my other ducks in a row (RELIGIOUSLY checking CP and CM daily???) my temperature decides to become a mountain range, and FF decides to give me CH's - SOLID nonetheless, and THREE DAYS AGO. (Ok so I lied - I just went to FF to post my chart, and the CH's are gone.. must have been the nice +OPK I entered this morning...)

And FF is considerate enough to let me know,
"Note: You have recorded a first OPK positive on Cycle Day (CD) 20.
You may ovulate between CD 20 and CD 22."

Gee thanks, like all the EWCM hasn't been a nice clue!
There should be a box you can check on your FF profile that indicates what level of charting you're at:

Just started charting, and wait - you have to take your temperature at the SAME TIME every morning and BEFORE you get up to pee?

Ok, starting to get the hang of it. Temp every morning, check - oh wait - what's CM? YOU'RE JOKING RIGHT?!

alarm at 7am for BBT, check.  Into the bathroom to PIAC for an OPK, check.  Wash hands and check CM, check.  Wait - how come I'm getting dotted crosshairs?! GIVE ME MY SOLID CH'S!

EFF YOU, FF and your "you are now in your fertile window."  EFF YOU for giving, then taking back, and then moving CH's - dotted OR solid!  I don't NEED YOU!
(Ok I do, but only as a graphing app to see my temperature trends...)


  1. Seriously, I am dying. You are so funny! Still sending so many thoughts to you for this cycle.

  2. I think I'm somewhere inbetween intermediate and advanced still hehe!