Friday, November 9, 2012

WHAT morning sickness?!

For anyone who's seen Two Weeks Notice with Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant, you know the scene where he congratulations the big lady, who's NOT pregnant, on her future baby, and she's all:

No, REALLY, what baby!?

Well that was me at one of the wakes for E's grandfather...
One of the firefighters, an old creepy guy that no one really likes, hugs me and asks how I'm doing, I say fine, yada yada.

Then he says, "So any morning sickness?"

... I'm all

and then

And finally he figures out I'm NOT pregnant, and I'm wondering why the hell he thinks I am (as no one in the firehouse knew of previous pregnancy, us trying, etc)

When I mention it to E later, I find out that he told him, at a wedding 3 weeks ago, that we were planning on taking a HPT very soon and had high hopes.

And of course, former BFF was there at the wake - and the only silver lining to that was that I got to witness my awesome and loyal SIL pick on her for being "SO BIG already, and ZOMG you're not due til Christmas day?!"

I think fBFF is getting that alot these days as she seemed to have a canned response of "Due on Christmas, but I'm ready now!" all quipped and spewing out fast... Her shower is in a few weeks and I finally checked out her registry yesterday - the girl is registered FOR EVERY SINGLE THING in BuyBuyBaby... 4 different car seats, each $200?!?!?

anyways... Somehow, with the storm, and wakes and funerals the past week, I've zoomed to 8dpo...
And I must be trying to fool the universe - I had two glasses of wine at the repast on Wednesday...
I'm basically a drink-til-its-pink kinda gal, but when phantom/real symptoms start messing with me, I tend to cut waaaay back - but I must be trying to fool the universe into thinking, "Oh look at me, all blase - obviously not trying to get pregnant, drinking a glass of wine and all (but universe, really, I think I'm in denial that I'm so close to testing - PLEASE I WANT A BABY) but you know maybe I'll just open a beer with my FIL because it's ok (but universe, I'm not really drinking it - I just want you to THINK I am, because it seems that you give babies to people like the irresponsible nurse at my job who's had 2 abortions, this will be her third child with a third babydaddy...)

I'm not sure I'm ready, whether positive or negative outcome, for 12dpo to arrive...

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  1. I can't wait for 12 DPO for you either! FX that it's positive and you have to put away the beer for 9 months!

    Also, creepy firefighter guy deserves a nut punch. Just saying! How freaking rude!