Monday, November 12, 2012

JINX you owe me a baby!

I was at the dentist this Saturday morning, getting a root canal (thanks mom for the really crappy dental genetics) and he had just finished "cleaning out" the root, and wanted to take an x-ray to make sure it was all clean...

So as the assistant got the heavy led apron ready and asked me, "You're not pregnant, right?"

I kind of froze - and tried to, around a numb left side and gauze stuffed into cheeks, explain how I *might* be pregnant, but I wasn't sure yet (alot of waving hands and head shakes/nods).

So the dentist comes back in, with a little grin on his face and rubs my shoulder like, oh they grow up so quickly! I wanted to be like, dude - dont be congratulating me - she said I'm not sure yet, right?!

So he prescribed the amoxicillin for the slight tooth infection I had, and said - ok so if you find out next week you ARE pregnant, call your OB/GYN and get permission to take these... and then I want written permission to take ONE X-RAY for this root canal...


I leave the office thinking, ohmigod I hope I didn't just jinx myself and I have to crawl in next week and sheepishly say, x-ray me up doc - you can take as many as you want...

And then yesterday morning I sat in the shower and gave Rand McNally a run for his money - examing and pouring over body parts (breasts, belly, thighs, arms) for the road-map-like veins that come from increased bloodflow that comes from pregnancy - "Is that I-80 right there? Runs from East to West across my thigh!!"

So this morning, after waking up at 4am to pee (slightly unusual - my bladder can usually make it to around 6) and temping (BEFORE getting out of bed of course) because I had no clue what time it was, and then somehow passing back out after tossing and turning trying to will myself back to sleep so I would have 3 hours down by my regular temping time of 7:05, I got up and decided to POAS (or more technically PIAC for some Wondfo strip &dip)

I waited til E had already left for work, because if there's anything worse than seeing a BFN yourself, it's having to tell your spouse that we're looking at another month, another cycle, another FW...

I started the timer on my phone, and purposefully hid the Wondfo in the bathroom while I began to get ready for work in the bedroom.  And the timer went off.

And I thought to myself in a panic, OHMYFUCKINGGOD - WHATIFITSNEGATIVE...

I creeped into the bathroom, heart pounding out of my ears, and peeked around the toothbrush holder to check out the pink-pee-strip...

and fell to the bathroom floor sobbing. (I told you I would, come good or bad.)

There's something I have wanted to say again for the past 5 months and 28 days...

I'm pregnant...


  1. Who hoo! This totally made my morning!!! Much love from blogland!

  2. AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH!!!!!!! SO SO Happy for you. I LOVE the way you wrote this post to announce. Seriously, so happy for you!

  3. Congratulations!!! I just saw your post on the bump in the PgAL thread and then remembered seeing your blog on weasles last post!! I am so excited for you!!!

  4. This story gives me chills. I can't wait to hear how you tell E!