Sunday, November 11, 2012

A little crazy goes a long way...

Especially at 10dpo with symptoms out the WAZOO.

(Yea, wazoo... mom's from Georgia originally and says it alot - must a southern thing... you know, kind of like "Bless her heart" and it translates to "what a bitch" - well wazoo translates to ass. so symptoms out the ass.)

I've gotten over 11 hours of sleep the past two nights, and have still been able to crash on the couch at 10pm...

Like yesterday - E had his annual Gore Fest - his guys, gory movies*, and good drinks.. (*and by Gory I mean ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING - like Human Centipede disgusting...)
And after shopping with the female inlaws (cha-ching on $5 boots!!!) and shopping for fBFF's baby shower (btw fucking hell being in B.uyBuyBaby where everything I looked at from the registry got the reaction of "this is so fucking stupid, who needs this?!" - and yes, pregnant women are SMUG!) I stayed in for the night, rented Breaking Dawn Part I (which Fios somehow had for just $0.98 - how could I not?!) and fell asleep by 10:30. (tell me I'm not living the life with that kind of Saturday night...)

And I proceeded to sleep til 10am this morning (minus the temping at 7:05 - which is still up... and speaking of temps - I temped again at 10, just for shits and giggles because I realized I was asleep again for almost the three required hours - it was up 0.5 degrees from the 7 temp, and how I would love if that was my real temp because then I'd continuously chart-stalk myself and be like, SQUEEE you're triphasic!)

That combined with the same  slight headache I had for 2 days before my last BFP, and the lovely (but imagined?!) "I'm-gonna-vom-or-eat-my-left-arm-if-I-don't-get-breakfast-soon" feeling when I wake up... My body is driving me crazy.

I hate that I've nearly convinced myself this is it - and because I have, I'm terrified to POAS.  I had thought I'd be ready to start testing this morning... but even if it's BFN, I'll do the stupid "but silly girl, it's way too early to really know! ignore that negative! It'll be positive tomorrow...
So, the plan might be to wait as long as I can(even though my temps don't reliably drop right before AF because, you know body, that would be a nice headsup...)

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