Friday, November 23, 2012

The bewbs are back!

Sore boobs that is - woke up this morning and (grope here, grope there ) - YUP.  Still most definitely tender.

And - I made it without POAS.  Officially.

And (as evident by last night's turkey-coma-post) I am on an emotional pendulum... Today I feel better, and calm about everything because, hey - que sera sera.

I believe that whatever's going to happen with this pregnancy, is already written in my story.  So I will keep calm, eat everything in sight, sleep for waaaay longer than is normally healthy, and enjoy each day.

Because I'll probably be back on the other side of that pendulum any day - heck any hour now...

So around these parts (image that in a red-neck mountains-of-Virginia accent) Thanksgiving Eve is a big party night to go out and hit up the bars/clubs.  For the past 5 or 6 years, we've had a party because, well we're just lame and hate fighting crowds and waiting in line to pay $6 for a bottle of beer...

So Wednesday night, E went with his guys to a local hole-in-the-wall bar that we've all been going to for years... In fact, E and the guys started reminiscing, waxing nostalgic, about the fact that it's been awhile since they were all last at the bar... One of our friends said, "Actually (ironically?!) I think the last time we were all here was when you and K told us you were pregnant..."
E told me this story the next morning (and not when he got home that night, because I was assed out on the couch) and said to me, "You know how bad I wanted to respond with something like, Well HMPFH - isn't THAT funny, because guess what?!"

We'll just have to remind our friends of that night when we finally tell them...

I also completely forgot - tonight's a roller-skating party for a friend's birthday (no she's not 10 - she's 31...) after which there will be lots of booze.

So dilemma 1 - I'm an active person, was a college athlete, am somewhat coordinated - I should be ok roller-skating, right?
And dilemma 2 - our friends know I enjoy a lovely adult beverage every now and then (oh, who am I kidding - lots of adult beverages every now and then... I am the current IrishCarBomb champion amongst our friends...) 
So for me to not be drinking at all? Is like lighting up a neon marquee:

We had devised a plan for Thanksgiving dinner - I would keep a glass of wine close to E's plate, and he would covertly drink out of it so the glass would eventually be empty, and meanwhile I'd be just touching it to my lips, pretending to sip.
I'm thinking its our best option, if we can pull that off with beer at the party...

For anyone who's had to deal with "keeping a secret" - what worked best for you??


  1. Sorry, I'm no help, never had this problem before (about the drinking)...I always blamed it on watching my calories (which if you see me, makes total sense :)

    How about say you twisted your ankle cleaning the house today or something? Or while Black Friday shopping? Nothing major enough to have you off your feet, but you just don't want to tempt fate.

  2. Congratulations on the pregnancy. You could always get a soda from the bar and then use one of those little straws to pretend its a mixed drink.

    Visiting from ICLW.

  3. Hi, visiting from ICLW #19. Good luck keeping the nerves at bay - pregnancy after loss is scary!

  4. Whoo-hoooo! You made it without a pee stick!!!! So proud of you.

  5. here from iclw- best wishes and stay positive

  6. Hi from ICLW - have you tried apple or some kind of juice in the wine glass? (just don't share haha)

  7. Tell them you recently had blood work for lethargy and your liver enzymes were high. Your doctor told you to abstain until they figure it out. This was actually a true story for me once (ended up I had some sort of virus from traveling that did a temporary number on me.)

    Visiting from ICLW (#7)