Monday, November 26, 2012

Failing & Moles...

So I was all so excited Saturday to get going on the photo-class assignments, and then decorating for christmas...


I went outside with my camera to find some nice leaves blowing in the wind for a quick-shutter shot, and when the wind wouldn't cooperate and I got too cold, I gave up and went inside.  After 5 minutes. Fail.

And then - I decided (whether out of sheer laziness or true "It's-still-too-early" fashion) I wasn't going to put up Christmas decorations until it was officially December - my little pumpkins still look so cute with all the fall leaves and pumpkin candles!

So after fighting overzealous crowds to get some Christmas shopping done, I came home and worked on a Christmas garland I saw almost a year ago on this awesome blog (and here I am, yes, a year later, finally getting it done!) *pictures to follow*

And my mom is so proud of me* - I had an appointment this morning with a dermatologist to check out some moles.  *(Her side of the family has a strong history of skin issues like basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell.)  And you know - I'm hitting that weird age when health care professionals, DOCTORS, are my age - and they walk in and I'm all, "Aren't you a little young to be a DOCTOR?!"
 So she sits and asks all the questions - that I ALREADY ANSWERED on the paperwork thats sitting RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER in my file...
She notes the only medications I'm on - PNVs - and I wait for the question, wondering if she's asked patients before and gotten no's because it takes a good 5-6 minutes: "ARE you pregnant? Or just trying?"

When we discuss the removal of the mole that's bugging me, I ask if the shots required are safe during pregnancy - she says one isn't, but they can do the removal without it - good news.

So while I'm laying back, holding my shirt down and thinking Thank god I shaved my armpits this morning!, she asks if this is my first pregnancy - no.  And then she asks "So how old's your first?"

But doctor didn't get all awkward when I told her, oh no - it ended in a miscarriage.  She was very quick to offer a sincere "I'm so sorry..." and move on to the task at hand. 

So now I'm mole-less on my right ribcage, and the photo-class assignment is officially late (not that the class is for credits or anything that requires a "Pass") so tonight I'll be changing bandages, trying to get assignments done, finishing up the Christmas garland that I'm not ready to hang yet, and moving onto the fourth and final week's photo class at the same time... typical.

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  1. Oh I totally know what you mean about docs being our age! That's crazy! Like... ummm... you're 2 years YOUNGER than me? Are you sure you should be holding a scalpel?

    I'm glad you got it checked out though especially with your family history.