Wednesday, November 14, 2012

NoMo and sketchy news...

I spoke to the nurse yesterday about my dentist wanting me to take amoxicillin for a root canal.

First thing she said?

"Do you HAVE to take it?"

ummm..... not very reassuring...

She said they usually recommend AGAINST antibiotics during very early pregnancy, but that an x-ray is perfectly fine, so long as my "tummy is covered."  (I'll still be making them use double aprons...)

So I haven't called the dentist yet with the no-antibiotics news, and I'm wondering what he's going to say...

As for finally getting back to NoMoBloPo (...or is it NoMoPoBlo... I can never remember...)
they ask today,
What's the best meal you've ever made.



Yeaaaa -  I've caught taco shells on fire. (These flames were a good 3-4 inches... go me.) I've boiled a pot dry and ruined it.

In other words, I don't cook, and thank god I married a man who enjoys cooking.

On the rare occasion I DO cook,  I need an exact recipe (none of this "weeelll, I usually use flour, but if I don't have flour I'll use a pinch of this, and then SOMETIMES I use this instead of oil" MOM!)
I also usually knock it out of the park (ok it's usually just bland, but at the very least, edible.)

The big whopper for me is Baked & Breaded Scallops - brings my man to his knees everytime.  (And by everytime, that means the one time I actually made it for him, and by knees I DO NOT mean he's paying tribute to the porcelein god!)

I get very (over)ambitious snipping recipes from magazines, clipping them from soup cans (Cream of Mushroom is apparently a cooking staple...)

They're all recipes that I PLAN on trying (like make-your-own fruit pops!) but that I'll never get around to... I'm very comfortable with pasta and sauce, thankyouverymuch, or the pre-seasoned meats from our lovely butcher that only require an oven set, bake, and serve! Betty Crocker I am not.


  1. Ummm actually I recall you making some pretty badass banana bread (I still need that recipe btw).

    I am impressed with your ability to burn taco shells. I feel like there's a story behind that. Good thing your husband fights fires!

  2. You sound like me. I'm not a cook and never will be. My poor kids are going to live on easy to make things until their daddy comes home from work and can make them something good.