Thursday, November 29, 2012

Tis the Season...

Any energy I've had the past few weeks has gone towards getting through the work day so I can get home and crash on the couch...

hence the reason that this simple project, a holiday felt garland, took over 1.5 weeks... but I can finally say it's finished and hanging up... (whew)

the beginnings last week:

The pieces (I added gingerbread men the next night)

Getting ready to string it all up:

Finished product (FINALLY)

And you know, one more - since this entry is so JPEG heavy...
For shits and giggles and because I'd heard LH and HSG are VERY similar, and hcg would trigger a positive (and because I just can't stop this PIAC fetish...) I present to you an OPK at 5w3d: