Saturday, November 24, 2012

Mission: Impossible

We just got back from staying over at our friends' house after the birthday party (we conveniently skipped the skating part for anyone curious...)  *We stay with our friends because they live near the birthday girl, who lives about an hour south, and that's just a crappy drive to make late at night...

So we walked into Mr. and Mrs. Friends' apartment last night with our dogs, and of COURSE - they offer us a pre-party drink... *ahem* no, ummmm.... I think I'll wait to "drink" til we get to the bar...

And Mr. Friend, within 4 seconds of us arriving, starts asking about a bun in the oven... JEEEESUS the guy's a hound dog... I chuckled, shook my head no - and made sure to "sip" E's beer in front of him while at the bar later... not sure if he fell for it... OH WELL.

I'm finally really moving along on the BuggyList* online photography class - we're in week 3 and diving into shutter speed and aperture - ISO, white balance, and F-stops - OH MY!

I have 36 hours until the "assignment" is due, so I'm off to be all artsy-fartsy!  (I almost guarantee I'm going to be submitting pictures of Christmas shit, because YES - I'm getting out aaaalll the decorations today - 'TIS THE SEASON!!)


  1. So what excuse did you give for not attending the roller skating part? ICLW-er's unite :-)

  2. Happy ICLW! buggy list - what a fun idea! I loved your doggy pics.
    I am wishing you the best with this pregnancy!

  3. Greetings from ICLW! I've read through a couple of your posts and you are very funny. I'm gonna have to come back and read more!