Friday, November 2, 2012

My paradise...

Everyone has hopes that, post-storm/disaster/whatever - citizens unite, supplies are shared, efforts are joined, and it's time to REBUILD.

Well, the reality is passing a gas station, one of only a handful in the ENTIRE COUNTY that is currently open and pumping gas, to see a line of people on foot lugging as many gas jugs as they can carry, cars queued for MILES around blocks, under overpasses, through intersections - unaware that the gas station is enforcing a $10 ration for everyone (given today's gas prices that is UNDER 3 gallons).
Reality is an ambulance on standby at said gas station because people are pulling guns (this particular incident yielded no injuries) and throwing punches at line-jumpers.

Now's a perfect time to escape this reality, if even for a little, and consider today's NaBloPoMo prompt:

"If you could live anywhere, where would it be?"

I would live in ITALY  and have an apartment in each of these two towns:


We visited both of these places on our honeymoon (these are actually my pictures) and it's what makes up MY paradise.

I could look through all of our honeymoon pictures (OVER FOUR THOUSAND) over and over and over , reliving each boat ride through the canals of Venice, each sidewalk cafe where we learned more and more Italian (una bicchiere de vino rosso was quickly memorized for wine requests), each hand painted Carnivale mask... and each hairpin turn as we drove down the coast to Positano, each market and lodging carved right into the side of the mountain, each crystal clear blue lap of water...

Our largest worries were: at which market would we get dinner for that night... and would we eat inside or  al fresco... would we roll our pantlegs to go wading in the Mediterranean or don swimsuits and large floppy straw hats to sit poolside on a roof, overlooking paradise.

As much as E and I are people that like to be constantly experiencing new things, I would go back in a heartbeat, and still hope we get to revisit our paradise for a big anniversary - hey, hopefully we can celebrate our 10th there, with new worries such as - Do we bring the kids to the beach, or take them to the Isle of Capri??

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