Monday, November 19, 2012

Never listen to a tutu...

 Holy wow the weekend went by fast... which is good because today I finally get results of beta from Friday, and which is also bad - cuz who likes Monday?!

I had fBFF's baby shower Saturday morning - to which she invited women that she barely speaks to (tacky!) like E's cousin... But oh well, more people to sit with and bitch about how long she took to open gifts, bad food, and stupid games (creepy baby dolls in ice cubes that you had to melt - "any way possible" - and then yell "MY WATER BROKE!")

Her mother and MIL did awkward hugs with me saying hello, asking "how ARE you?" in the way that makes me think they see me as some pitiful broken wretch sitting at home... HA!

We sat (me and my gals) and gossiped about how big fBFF's butt had gotten (almost as big as her belleh!) and the gall of her family to not serve even WINE at the shower (this is where I secretly whewed as I dodged THAT bullet...)

Then it was time to go (finally) and I went to hug fBFF's mother, who's standing next to her sister and cousin - and she grabs me to ask AGAIN, how are you? You're trying again, right?? It's best, just try try again.

The gals and I got together that night to bash the shower  watch Twilight and Breaking Dawn Part I together, when I told them what she said... they couldn't believe it either...

And then the best part - our friend's new wife (the wedding we partied at a few weeks ago) blurts out, "Well, you know - she WAS wearing a tutu*...  Who the hell would trust/listent to anything she says!"

We all started cracking up - and that was that.  My gals got my back.

*and she, a 58-year-old-woman, most definitely wore a tutu to the shower:

*Heard from nurse about Friday's beta - her first words on the phone were, "Well, you ARE pregnant."

Thanks, as if the 7 days of tests, with a darker and darker second line, weren't a clue...

15dpo beta was 300.  According to this chart, the median is 139.

Me = Happy Panda.

Redraw tomorrow (19dpo)...

also - send tons of love and good vibes to apGriswold who got a beautiful BFP on Saturday!!


  1. Wtf is she wearing??? And she's 58??? LOL

  2. At least in the back of your mind you know that you are pregnant and there's no need for the "just keep trying" lecture. I wish you could have told her off though. A tutu... really!?

    I can't wait to hear the results of TODAY's DRAW.

  3. hi from iclw...WOW a tutu??? Congrats!!!

  4. Hello, I thought perhaps you meant the fBFF was the one in the tutu, but at a second look I see she ain't got the requisite belly nor ass! How pleasantly smug you'll feel in a few months once they realize you were indeed pregnant at the baby shower. And by the way - those dolls!? Eeek.

  5. HAHAHAHA I would say that sounds like a horriable time except it sounds like it was a blast! :D