Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday, Bloody Sunday


It's CD1 here.  And I'm ok, this time.

Because CD1 means 1 more post-d&c month under the belt, and that means more healing time, more time to bounce back and less chance of this happening again (in my mind.  built up uterus = better implantation!)

And CD1 means that I get to drink at E's surprise birthday party, which is TWO WEEKS FROM YESTERDAY.  *gulp*   (That also means I'll prob be O'ing shortly after that.  COME ON LUCKY 30!)

And CD1 means that when my new BIFF comes to visit from IA, we get to SERIOUSLY party.  Not just people watch, fun as that may be.  (in Seaside Heights - it's NEVER a disappointment.) ((*And I have a feeling you could probably throw us in an empty garage and we'd have a blast...))

So there.  I am ready for this month, to catch the elusive O and bang, baby, bang!
 BD = bunny dance.  

As I do every time E is gone overnight, I fell asleep on the couch last night - TV on, popcorn half eaten and dredges left in the wine glass.

But I got to catch up on all my girly stuff that E never wants to watch - cleared out 15% of our DVR! (and only 15% because we have a GINORMOUS amount of space and it was barely 50% full with 20+ movies and miscellaneous shows - Smash season finale with my girl Karen rocking out Marilyn Monroe is a top fiver!  That may never be deleted...) 

And must not forget a little sugar to go with the eye candy that is Ryan Gosling in Crazy, Stupid Love

I would SO cheat on E with him.  
Just kidding.  
Kind of.

Went to brunch this morning with SIL to plan some more for E's surprise birthday party - I am starting to feel like we're gonna pull this off like the NINJAS we are!
I got the most incredible BananaNut Caramel french toast that only would have been better served with a cold bellini but alas, our county cannot serve alcohol before noon.  #firstworldproblems.

So I straight-lined two cups of coffee and we got cracking - alot accomplished for Project 30 Ninjas!

I realized when I got home that a bomb apparently went off:  in my kitchen, living room and bedroom.  Now I have one clean kitchen, scrubbed sinks and all.  And one clean living room - I even wiped dog hairs off the coffee table!  And one clean bedroom (THAT hasn't happened for a couple of weeks, as I love to leave a running pile of must-hang-as-soon-as-there's-space clothes.)

It's time for this girl to rock out some self-accompanied karaoke after this productive Sunday!

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  1. Boo to CD1! But I'm glad you see the silver lining of us partying BIG TIME in Seaside Heights! I'm so freaking excited!!!!! Seriously... it's not even funny! We are going to have a blast and you're so right that we could totally rock out a fun time if we were locked in a garage!! I can't wait :)