Thursday, July 12, 2012

Live, Laugh Love...

Exhausted today for some reason - the lawsuit at work, the pregnant coworker, the obsession over my chart this month.  Got a load of laundry on spin-cycle and two more in line, and my DVR queued up - I'm ready for a lazy, but clean clothed Thursday night!

Quick P365 from a dinner date last night with two great girlfriends and one great 2 year old who lasted until 10pm without a single hint of a tear or tantrum. (dont judge - it was a a once in forever get together for his mommy!!)

 Enthralled by Phinneas & Ferb

So my friend's grocery list is forever gone, but clear evidence of a great night:

Works of Art and

and NEVER forget to

Live a life of passion

Laugh out loud

and Love unconditionally

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