Monday, June 29, 2015

What goes on Mondays again?

oh yea, "Making things!"

and um... either I've stopped documenting all the Making (which is partly true) or I've totally stopped making as much (which is mostly true) but I've got a few old projects I never shared!

and I mean old - like, Valentine's day goodies for Button's daycare class
(check out the first pic - version.1 of the strawberry jelly heart pops for the teachers... something with how I re-rolled the dough for the top hearts, and they shrunk back in size after I cut them... lol
the final product came out much nicer, and looked great wrapped in plastic and tied with ribbon!)

Or how about the boot cuffs I crocheted this winter (and even though it's almost July - they can nearly be worn again like when it's almost 60 degrees and rainy on Sunday)

Or more interestingly, the cowl I just finished crocheting for this coming winter (as I layer my few maternity tanks and tees under cardigans) - no pictures taken yet, but it looks pretty AND warm!

And I'm actually working on the first panel for a baby sweater!!! And it's in cream, so it'll work whether the tech was correct in her prediction or not! ;)
I've never made actual clothing before, or anything that had to be pieced together - so I'm hoping to get alot of input and advice from my mom next week -

we'll all be together in CO for a large bi-annual family reunion for my dad's side of the family!

*And we all?
entails:  Parents, Sister (and family - husband + 2 girls), Brother (and family - wife and 21month old)

aaaaaand we're all sharing a house!
Should be veeeeery interesting, considering SIL is the crazy one from Christmas time who wouldn't let bubbles touch her daughter's skin, and who pulled a honey nut cheerio from out of her daughter's mouth because she didn't want her eating "high fructose corn syrup"
(also - they're pregnant again as well and due exactly one month before us!!!)

what's convenient is that they (brother and SIL) are renting a 5-passenger sedan while there, and parents are driving up from TX with a 7-passenger van, so between the two vehicles we can seat all 10 adults and 2 carseats (which is really awesome - because for us to rent a third vehicle would cost over $400!!!)

except now - it may become an issue because, even though bro and SIL are flying in a day earlier than everyone else, they may spend a day during the reunion week to go visit friends.  In their car...


we'll walk to the hotel for reunion festivities.

or run shuttles with the parents' big van...

now I'm purposefully being the laid-back one when bro and SIL are crazy uppity "DON'T FEED MY BABY HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP" people...

very interesting indeed...

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