Wednesday, June 24, 2015

New Reasons, but it's Done!

New reasons not to tell administrator yet, that is...

Last week, I was meeting with her and we were discussing another employee currently out on extended leave of absence after her pregnancy (due to lack of child care until September).  And administrator was all, "you couldn't import some relative to come watch Button! You came back to work!" and all of her non-empathetic bullshit... and then tells me I'm currently doing a fabulous job of handling/balancing Button's needs and my work (which was honestly nice to hear, as I start to feel bad when appointments (mine, his, etc) feel like they're happening once a week...)

and then she says, "you were definitely loopy at the beginning when you first came back, and [something like] I wondered if it would work like that..."

oh you mean - because you called me NINE DAYS after I delivered a baby to work on 'something crucial' and I logged another 40 hours during the next two weeks from home -

you mean - because when I formally "came back" to the office from leave, I actually had not gotten a leave and so I was FUCKING LOOPY?!??!?!

So I put off telling her yet another day...

Monday rolled around and she had to be told (especially because I had told the owner Friday afternoon - he was ecstatic and yet still acknowledged that administrator wouldn't care much about it except for my leave and etc.)

So at the end of one of our daily "meetings" I just blurted it out.

And the first words out of her mouth were simply, "oh I totally knew.   I totally figured it out about a month ago..."

You want a fucking medal?!

No, not a congratulations at all - the follow-up sentence to that gem was, "are you coming back to work afterwards?!"
I know, a legit question yes, but - really?!

Then she was full of shit about, "let's plan this maternity leave together so it goes much smoother than last time..."

 oh you mean - all the planning I did even up until the day I delivered - the training of [the useless] assistant - my last maternity leave was a mess not because you ran around like a chicken with your head cut off despite all the explicit written directions, and phone lists, and instructions that were left?!

Yes.  Let's plan this leave together (she even mentioned hiring someone! INGENIUS! (/endsarcasm)) so I can ACTUALLY HAVE A LEAVE THIS TIME!!!!!!

Because you better believe - I will schedule my last day of work at least a week before the scheduled RCS date.

And I will not be "working from home" mere days after giving birth.

NO, NO, AND NO!!!!!


  1. You know, if she KNEW a month ago then why put you through that spiel about how you were loopy after maternity leave? I've never met her, but based on what you've said I feel like she's extremely narcissistic and a terrible person. Ugh. I'm glad it's over but damn, that's rough.

  2. Seriously. If you and I lived closer, we could be best friends. That trophy is hilarious. Reminds me of this.... (can't post picture in comments, so a link will have to work...)

    1. hahahahhaa I love that meme!!!

    2. (I have a feeling we'd totes be BFF!!!)